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$737 pledged of $8,000 goal

Clarification on the Xbox One & Nintendo Switch Ports


Hello all,

I'd like to share some important information regarding the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch ports, and what the stretch goals mean.

First, we intend to launch on these platforms regardless of whether we hit the stretch goals or not. Here are the details:

Xbox One

We're on the ID@Xbox program and have gotten our game working on Xbox One with no major performance issues. (I think it ran at just under 60fps or so with no special optimizations.)

The biggest potential roadblock here is probably Microsoft themselves, since we haven't released a game on one of their consoles before, but I'm rather optimistic about our chances.

Nintendo Switch

We're "Nindies" who have developed for the Wii U and worked with Nintendo before, but porting this game to the Switch depends on a few factors.

Luminous Plume is not a terribly intensive game and we're trying to optimize things as we go as much as we can, so I think with the right work and support, this should be feasible, but there's always the chance we can't get a certain piece of the tech working, or some other issue pops up, so like anything else in life, it's not 100% for sure.

While it can admittedly be tough to work around issues that are out of our control, the Switch port is definitely a top priority, since we really like our handhelds over at XenoHorizon and would be ecstatic to play Luminous Plume on the go.

Purpose of the Stretch Goals

Porting a game to any platform comes with some level of extra cost. Whether it's dev kits, software licenses, publishing fees, the cost of the actual programming/porting, assets specific to a console, or something else, it's not free.

The stretch goals will help alleviate that cost that I (Masroor, the lead developer) planned to cover out of pocket, allowing me to focus on the ports themselves, and hopefully get them out around the same time as the PC release.

In other words, if we hit the stretch goals, that means the financial side of porting should be covered, and that increases the likelihood of a successful, timely port.


In short:

- An Xbox One port is looking likely
- A Nintendo Switch port is a high priority, but depends on a few factors.
- Hitting the stretch goals increases the chance of getting a port out/makes it easier for us

If, for any reason, we hit a stretch goal but do not hit a platform, you can always choose another platform to receive the game on, and we will do our best to make it up as best as possible, so that everyone who backs the project is ultimately satisfied.

Also note that, we have chosen not to aim for PlayStation 4/Vita ports because we don't think they are feasible at this time.

We don't just want to list off every console without thinking it through, and having done some research, it's not really in the cards right now, so while we're open to it in the future, we don't want to make any empty promises or risk overburdening our very small team.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding the ports or anything else, and thank you so much for your support thus far.

Best Regards,

Director & Lead Developer

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