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XBAR | FLYT home gym: The world's most versatile and travel friendly personal workout and fitness training system
XBAR | FLYT home gym: The world's most versatile and travel friendly personal workout and fitness training system
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    1. Sebastian Ivergård 2 days ago

      it is possible to get a refund?

    2. Damian Sanders 2-time creator 2 days ago

      Hello everyone,
      We sincerely apologize for the extended delay. We are working hard on an update to bring everyone up to speed. Expect a major update shortly.
      XBAR Fitness

    3. Benjamin Sager
      2 days ago


    4. Missing avatar

      Hassan Al-Hamar 3 days ago

      We need an update?
      Quiet is not ok

    5. Tom Monroe
      4 days ago

      In my experience, nearly all kickstarters are late delivering. That said, I can tell you that every single one that I've participated in and has actually has delivered has maintained regular contact with their users. Once the originator stops keeping their customers up-to-date, it's pretty much guaranteed that they've mentally checked out, and they just want to keep what's left of the money and they want you to go away. Mark my words. I'm guessing that Mr Sanders wasn't doing very well with V1, and V2 is essentially a ponzi scheme to see if he could stay in business. I hope I'm wrong.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brenda Catano on May 30

      Hi any updates?!

    7. Mathias Dedoncker on May 27

      Can we get an update.. this takes forever..

    8. Patrick Tenney
      on May 27

      Just follow their Facebook, they keep advertising and saying they're writing an update and then completely ghost. This is really not the way to build a happy customer base.

    9. Missing avatar

      Owen on May 23

      Risks and challenges

      The good news is, this is not our first product so we have our manufacturing and shipping locked down. We have already produced and shipped almost 10,000 original XBARS so it’s safe to say, “this isn’t our first rodeo” ☺

      Nonetheless, there are always risks in getting a product to market. Some of our components require complicated tooling and very detailed sub assemblies… we have completed almost every element of the design and engineering in the prototyping phase… But going into production requires higher volume tools that may have longer lead-times than we have anticipated. We have given ourselves a buffer and we are confident we can produce the XBAR | FLYT in the time we’ve quoted.

    10. LocksmithArmy
      on May 18

      Its over been a month since the last update...

    11. Carson Sexsmith on May 14

      I have the original xbar and I couldn’t be happier with it...unless I could split it in half for travel purposes. I hope the flyt lives up to the quality of the original and I expect that it will. Unfortunately, this is a very disappointing experience.

    12. Missing avatar

      Augen on May 13

      I would like a refund please.

    13. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on May 5

      Hello backers,
      We are very sorry for the delay in communication. We understand it may feel like we are ignoring this page but we are doing our very best to avoid repeat updates until we have good news to report. We are still here and still working on this every day. Currently we are working with our manufacturer on final pricing. It’s a very thorough and detailed process but it is coming along. Please bear with us and as soon as we get news we will update immediately.

    14. Reehan on May 2

      Hi Damian

      Any updates ?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Shaughnessy on April 25

      It's been almost a month since we heard anything, is there anything new going on? It would be nice to be kept in the loop!!!! Thanks, it would be nice to be updated more frequently, instead of months on end or monthly.

    16. Mike V.
      on April 24

      Asking a question about the stretch goal. It was not unlocked during the campaign but are there plans to develop the app in the future? Looks like a great idea.
      BTW - I was on the original X-Bar roller coaster ride and fully understand delays in production and quality control. A short and succinct update with the issues as they stand would be very welcome.

    17. Missing avatar

      Gord Mashinter on April 13

      Where is this guy?

    18. Missing avatar

      Felix de la Cruz on April 10

      Important announcement to your backers. Darkness is not a good sign. What is happening? Please at least include an update the progress of what is ready and what is not.
      Maybe this formmat will help in your updating process.

      XBar Flyt Situation Report

      Line 1 Your assessment of situation regarding product readiness and shipment readiness.
      Line 2 Summery of any changes of remedies or fixes implemented in last report.
      Line 3 Summery of current remedies or fixes that have been effective.
      Line 4 Summery of allocations of funds use in remedies or fixes.
      Line 5 Summery of any future planning regarding this product.
      Line 6 Your assessment of tentative suspense time (deadline date) for Early Bird Release to backers.
      Line 7 A hard time for next report.

      Just trying to help by giving you an outline on a brief update. All we need is to be kept in the loop.
      Thank you.

    19. Missing avatar

      Shannon Cabrera on April 6

      Two weeks have passed since you met with the team. What are we waiting for again? Personally, I would rather just take the regular Xbar and all the extras I paid for and be on my way.

    20. Missing avatar

      Felix de la Cruz on April 4

      I get that 84 grand has been spent and tied up with the project, but you need to appreciate deadlines. Independent fund raising such as 'kick starter' frees developers from the restrictions of corporate rules and regulations that may kill development of projects. You have many backers here are current customers of your original product and believe in it and you. I am one of them. I get a lot of use of your product and Bodylastics bands. We just need to have a better information flow. Even if it is a post on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or here. As information is given to you, you should be able to release that information in a timely manner and not try to dump it all at once. So far all I understand is that there were some modifications need to the prototype and the production has stalled due to that fact. We do not know if it is a tooling issue or fabrication issue. What was done to fix the problem. How are you holding the manufacturer accountable? These details would mean the world to us. I believe in this product because the first version is very effective. I know this one will be better. Thank you

    21. Missing avatar

      Gord Mashinter on April 4

      Can I have a refund please?

    22. Missing avatar

      Brenda Catano on April 4

      its Wednesday past April fulls!!! Yet another week, any updates?!

    23. Mathias Dedoncker on April 3

      Is it possible or will it be possible to order any extra's.
      Right now my pledge includes
      4-pack of resistance bands - 5 lbs / 8 lbs / 13 lbs / 19 lbs

      But i would like the 30 lbs band to.
      I live in belgium so it would be better to get it in one shipment..

    24. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on March 31

      Hello everyone.
      First, thank you all again for your patience. I realize this delay is taking its toll and I sincerely apologize. Our next update is very very important and will clarify everything. Unfortunately we were not prepared to release it this past week, as there were a couple things that still needed approval. I know I keep asking for more time, but please bear with me for just a little longer. We will get you updated shortly.

    25. Mike V.
      on March 31

      The full progress update?

    26. Missing avatar

      Mike Shaughnessy on March 31

      You have 477 backers, I'm confused as to why it's taking so long, 477 x- bars should not be that difficult to provide. If you were talking Mass production I might be able to understand, but less than 500!!! This is starting to feel like a scam, I hope I'm wrong, very frustrated.

    27. Missing avatar

      Travis Liebl on March 31

      This is the first Kickstarter project that I have backed. I had high hopes, but unfortunately it appears that this project will likely not be completed. I feel I am an understanding person and can give people the benefit of the doubt, but we have not received any kind of meaningful update so far in 2018 (have not seen a single update that would suggest that any kind of even rudimentary production has occurred or is taking place). I have no problem with issuing promises of an update regarding the status of the project, but at some point a line needs to be drawn as it feels we are just being strung along at this point. I am not familiar with the policies/procedures...are refunds of pledges allowed or possible? Just wanting to explore my options.

    28. Missing avatar

      Nitzan Dalitzky on March 29

      What about sending it there is any thing new ?

    29. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on March 29

      I'm very sorry and I understand your frustration. I'm right there with you. I promise we are working on it. All I can ask is to please give us just a little more time. It's coming.

    30. Patrick Tenney
      on March 28

      Update: decided to change colors to red! Please wait another 6 months.

    31. LocksmithArmy
      on March 26

      Hopefully itll say its shipped and we should get em by friday!!!

    32. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on March 26

      Yes, we met on Friday with the team and we are now putting together the big announcement that will clear everything up. Expect that early this week.

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Gulya on March 25

      It looks like few days past. What is the big news? Or you are still figuring out?

    34. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on March 16

      Sorry to go dark. We have some big news that we will be updating everyone on very shortly. Please hold tight for just a few days while we figure this out. No games, we just need to make sense of a few things before we announce it. Thanks for working with me.

    35. Missing avatar

      Gord Mashinter on March 16

      Are you guys as excited as I am to hit our first pledge anniversary. I am a couple of weeks away. Year one is “paper” does that mean we get our money back?

    36. Missing avatar

      Guesdon on March 6

      Alright! We all get that there is some delay. But could you tell us where we are on the schedule? Which stage we're at? What you're actually waiting for?

    37. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on March 6

      I know this sounds like the run-around and I completely understand your frustration. And we totally agree it’s taking way too long. The reason I showed you different bars is we kept getting new fixed parts and they were usually a new color for one reason or another. The reason this video was with the yellow bar is because we sent the orange bar off to the manufacturer. I agree, the yellow looks cool. We are seriously considering going with that color. We are long past testing prototypes, everything works perfect, I just hadn’t showed anyone the close ups of how the new parts function and wanted to fill you in. We are still waiting for good news to update, that’s why that last update was just a holdover. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that it’s taking so long. Believe me, I stress my self half to death anxiously waiting for something positive to share. The second I have an update I will let you all know. I really appreciate you all working with me.

    38. Patrick Tenney
      on February 24

      Are you just recycling the same prototypes at this point and recoloring them for photos?

    39. Missing avatar

      Shannon Cabrera on February 24

      I sincerely hope you are not still testing prototypes at this point. A 3 month delay is already a poor showing.

    40. LocksmithArmy
      on February 24

      I think the blue accents on update 9 looked really cool.

    41. Missing avatar

      Mike Shaughnessy on February 24

      Update 11 it was orange, update 12 it was red, now update 13 it's yellow, I hope this isn't the reason for the delay in shipment. Just pick a color and ship out the xbars, please. Getting frustrated!!!!

    42. LocksmithArmy
      on February 22

      You can give an update without that news, then another update when you get it... more than 1 a month isnt a bad thing.

    43. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on February 21

      Yes, so sorry to go silent. We are preparing an update for this week. We were waiting on news from our manufacturer. Please expect that update by tomorrow end of day.

    44. Patrick Tenney
      on February 21

      Ever feel like delivering on this?

    45. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on February 12

      Hello George, and all,
      Expect a new update this week to fill everyone in on the status.

    46. Missing avatar

      George Heck on February 12

      Damian, what's the update on delivery?

    47. Missing avatar

      Brenda Catano on January 19

      Thanks for the update! The App. would be a great bonus gift! Hint hint 😉 have an amazing day.

    48. Missing avatar

      Brenda Catano on January 19

      Yay, Waiting anxious on that update!

    49. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on January 17

      Update coming late tonight. Sorry for the delay.

    50. Damian Sanders 2-time creator on January 7

      @mathias and everyone,
      Yes, we are working on an update now so expect it very soon.

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