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Xander Smith's 1st Solo Album's video poster

Xander Smith sets down his electric guitar and grabs an acoustic (and a few other odd-sounding instruments) to create his 1st solo cd! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on February 12, 2012.

Xander Smith sets down his electric guitar and grabs an acoustic (and a few other odd-sounding instruments) to create his 1st solo cd!

About this project

Hey, kids! Xander Smith here, and guess what? I'm making my 1st solo album! No, I'm not leaving my beloved band, but this music just isn't Run Run Run-ish. It's wistful and melancholy and will tear your heart out – hopefully in a good way. These songs were originally written for my own personal catharsis, but I'm now (nervously) ready to bare my soul to you all. Will you help me??

THE PROJECT: A full-length cd, including such titles as

  • Down
  • Promises
  • Moving On
  • One in a Billion 
  • Sunday Afternoon 
  • Lost Along the Way
  • plus more original songs, and one unexpected cover!

THE GOAL: $2000 to offset my $10,000+ in expenses

Recording is expensive, and that's just the beginning of the costs. Your generous pledges will go toward:

  • Recording at a professional studio
  • Paying the indispensable Mike Harrison to produce the album 
  • Paying talented musicians to contribute to the songs
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Pressing the album
  • Artwork and photography for the album
  • Promoting the album
  • Making music videos 


In exchange for your generous help making this record, I'm ready to fork over some pretty cool sh*t, such as:

  • Digital and physical copies of the album
  • One-of-a-kind Memorabilia (see below)
  • Guided tours of Disneyland or California Adventure
  • House Parties
  • Co-write a song with me!
  • A Mustache-Shaving Party (see below)


Here is your golden opportunity to own some super-cool stuff! Everyone who pledges $150 or more will qualify for one of the prizes below. At the end of the campaign, I'll ask everyone to tell me which items they want the most, and then the winners/prizes will be matched at random. YOU COULD GET...

  • My lucky Tetris socks (washed or unwashed) which were worn at every Run Run Run concert in 2011
  • Run Run Run Hug-a-Bear, which is mystically empowered with good vibes and sunshine
  • Moscow Nike Tshirt, worn at Red Square with Run Run Run. Both kings & queens will want this awesome prize!
  • Free entry & backstage pass into a TranzKuntinental show: Come into the dressing room and watch a queen get into drag!
  • The hand-written DRAFTS of all the songs on my album! Can you imagine if you owned something like this from Lennon?? 
  • Free entry into the Mumiy Troll/Run Run Run concert on March 25 in San Diego, with a personal introduction to the MT band
  • My Beatles Monopoly: everybody wins when they play with the Fab Four
  • A rare Chalk Circle cd: hear my first band! These cds are no longer in production and are very hard to come by. I will personally autograph it, too, making it EXTRA rare!! 
  • The Rescuer's on Vinyl: Own my favorite bedtime story - happy dreams included
  • John Denver's Greatest Hits on Vinyl: See how happy John is that I'm making a solo album? I think he would have liked "Sunday Afternoon"
  • Spice Girls Tshirt: a really awesome find that I bought at a truck stop during Rx3's Have Rock Will Travel 2011 tour 
  • The Danny Bonaduce wig I wore at a Halloween party one year... where I met the real Danny Bonaduce! Includes photo of us together 
  • 1st Rx3 Tshirt design: an XL long-sleeve Tshirt, in fashion day or night (pajamas?) 
  • Disco Duck on Vinyl: What music (or Disney) collection is complete without this classic??  Yes, I have sung along to it :)
  • My Chucks were made for Rockin': and that's just what they did, all the way to Russia!
  • My Monte/Tommy/Warren setlist, which was taped to the back of my guitar and played every show we did together. Even has my guitar notes, and I'll include RRR, Monte Pittman, and Tommy Joe Ratliff guitar picks. 
  • Hello Kitty is Good Company: my much-hugged HK doll is sure to make you smile every time you see her. She's GoodTimes!
  • Hello Kitty Activity kit and coloring book straight from my personal collection. These items can be played with, worn and eaten, AND I will autograph specifically for you! 
  • Xander Smith's Genuine Hello Kitty Backpack: This one of a kind item has transported my show clothes to play with Tommy, Monte and Warren, but then was made to stay at home after rumour spread that fans wanted to steal it for their own!  However, thanks to kickstarter, it now may end up as YOURS. 
  • Run Run Run Master Media Set:  I'll send you (SIGNED) the RRR full CD and DVD set which has all their releases (5 cds/1 DVD) including the rare "Endless Winter" EP, which is out of print.
  • My Only Official CD "single" for "I Could Never Be Wrong" from OtherStarPeople. This promo item was sent to radio and landed on Kroq, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and many other TV shows. I will sign this and kiss it goodbye since its my ONLY copy. 

(PS. For just $50 more, you could go on a Guided Tour of Disneyland with me)

(PPS. Disneyland is super super fun)

(PPPS. So is California Adventure)

(PPPPS. So are...)

HOUSE PARTIES!!! Did you see that part about choosing a cover song together? Let's pick something everyone can sing along to! I always look forward to getting together with friends (you) and I don't mind traveling to do it. 

Any Parisian fans out there??

Since I still have a little space, let's talk more about a prize I'm really excited about:

CO-WRITE A SONG WITH ME! There's nothing quite like expressing yourself through music - it's so rewarding when an unshaped idea turns it into a tangible piece of art. Let's capture that mystical moment together and turn it into something you (and I) will treasure forever. 

(PS. Did you notice that Disneyland is INCLUDED?)

(PPS. Did you notice that a House Party is ALSO INCLUDED??)

(PPPS. Did you notice that I'm somewhat attached to my mustache???)


Are you Team Save-the-Stache or Shave-the-Stache? Should I keep my cool, or give it all to art? Will you shave me while the world watches (via Youtube & Twitvid), or will the hair be spared?? The decision is in YOUR hands! (and so is the razor... EEP!!)




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    1. HUGS!

    Thank you so much for helping me make my 1st solo album! Let me proclaim your awesomeness to the world by listing your name (or username) on my website and giving you a shout-out on Twitter or Facebook. I'll also send you a ((HUG)), which you can redeem anytime in the future - no expiration date :)

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    Pledge $5 or more

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    2. MP3!

    Be the first to download “One In A Billion” and hear the story that inspired the song. It's a sneak-peek of the album and maybe a side of me that you haven't seen before. [plus Reward 1]

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    Pledge $15 or more

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    3. DIGITAL ALBUM! I am so grateful for your faith in me - it's because of you that this album will be born. These songs are my babies – I truly cherish them. Please let me know if Xander Jr. & Alexandra have found happy homes! [plus Rewards 1-2]

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    Pledge $25 or more

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    4. SIGNED CD!

    Get an autographed copy of the cd, personalized to you or a friend. The album will include amazing artwork, all the lyrics, and maybe a surprise! Great to have in the car or give as gift. [plus Rewards 1-3, International orders, please add $5]

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    Pledge $30 or more

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    For those of you who will be in LA on the morning of Feb. 12th, please join me for bagels & OJ (and lots of coffee) to celebrate (I HOPE!) the successful end to my Kickstarter campaign. I will serenade you with songs from my new album and redeem some of those promised hugs. [plus Rewards 1-4, International orders, please add $5]

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    Pledge $50 or more

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    6. XANDER SMITH BRACELET & SIGNED PHOTO! Be my "One in a Billion" by wearing a black 1-inch debossed Xander Smith Eco Band (very cool). I will also include a personalized, autographed 5x7 glossy photo from my upcoming photoshoot.. [plus Rewards 1-5, International orders, please add $5]

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    Pledge $100 or more

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    Let me show you my eternal gratitude by listing you in my album liner notes, however you want to be known. It could be your real name, your online name, a nickname – even someone else's name! Maybe you want to remember Grampa Joe or list your organization or cause? I'll also send you a special hand-written thank you letter, which I will include with all your other goodies. [plus Rewards 1-6, International orders, please add $5]

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    I gots stuff, people – GOOD STUFF – rare, one-of-a-kind items you can't get in any store! For example, you could become the proud owner of my lucky Tetris socks (washed or unwashed), which were worn at every Run Run Run concert in 2011. Who wouldn't want those?? For a full list of prizes and the way to get them, see “Memorabilia” to the left. Who knows how valuable these items could be one day... [plus Rewards 1-7, International orders, please add $5]

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    Back by popular demand (your demand, not mine, lol), let me take you and up to 2 friends on a guided tour of Disneyland... or California Adventure! As others can attest, I, Xander Smith, KNOW Disneyland – the must-see highlights, the behind-the-scene stories, the can't-miss moments. Well, not to toot my own horn (or admit what a big kid I am), but I'm equally knowledgeable about CA Adventure. If you've never been, you're missing out – and if you've never been with me, then you haven't seen it all! Whichever park you choose, I'll make sure you have an unforgettable experience. [plus Rewards 1-8; $200 + Xander's ticket & meal]

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    10. HOUSE PARTIES! For $500 (plus travel), I will bring the party to you! Gather your friends for an intimate get-together or a massive shindig – in your home or any location you choose – and I will come and perform for you. Let's pick a cover song together that I will play for you, along with songs from my upcoming album. We'll sing, we'll laugh, we'll have a good time for sure! I'm willing to travel all over the globe – you want me? You got me. [plus Rewards 1-8, Disney tour not included]

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    11. CO-WRITE A SONG!
    Do you want to capture a moment in time? Tell your friend/parent/lover how much they mean to you? Is there a cause you feel strongly about, or simply an emotion that you want to express? I will work with you by phone/Skype/email to create a song that is very personal and special for YOU. Then I will record it in the studio and mail you a cd along with hand-written lyrics. I will even perform it on YouTube if you want. Not just a jingle or a ditty, but a genuine song that we both pour our hearts into. [plus Rewards 1-10, INCLUDING Disney & House Party!]

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    0 backers Limited (1 left of 1)

    Because YOU are my ultimate supporter, I will do the unthinkable. At your House Party, in front of your friends and mine, I will let you (SOB) shave the Xander-stache! We can even video the event to put on Youtube! Or maybe you want to create a #TeamShaveTheStache and split this incentive? I regret that I have but one mustache to give. [plus Rewards 1-11, INCLUDING Disney & one House Party!]

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