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Make Wyrd Con 4 a storytelling convention unlike any other!

About Wyrd Con
About Wyrd Con

Wyrd Con is a unique Storytelling conference that looks at all the ways stories can be told in the 21st Century. In this millennium, stories are told through the media be it a book or an online blog. And some stories are so important they find their way to TransMedia. It is here that a story starts its journey across various media platforms. And as this journey evolves the Story evolves as well. It takes on and reflects the elements of each platform used in the telling of the story. And at some point certain stories may come to life in an Augmented Reality Game and shed some light on the listener/readers day-to-day world. And some storytellers want to see their stories come to life and thus a LARP is created so that others can expand the story and make it their own. 

This is Wyrd Con, a place, a time and a gathering, where we weave all these 21st Century ways of storytelling into 3 days and nights of exciting, interactive, educational and thought-provoking experiences running this year from September 12 through September 15. 

In ancient times Wyrd referred to ones Fate or Personal Destiny. In our modern world we have created Wyrd Con as the place where anyone can consider where Fate may lead them or try on a Personal Destiny to see if being the King is really as great as it looks from the outside.

Since 2010, Wyrd Con has proven that it is a fun and educational gathering. We are now at a point where the initial vision for Wyrd Con can be realized with your support. The realm of interactive storytelling is a powerful way to expand our knowledge of our day-to-day world and our understanding that our world view is only limited by our imaginations.

At Wyrd Con we have brought together three communities that usually exist independent of each other. But we have always imagined that weaving together these separate realms of storytelling would make for a unique and awesome experience. And in the past 3 years we have realized that the weaving of these three into one creates an immersion into the true magic of storytelling.

Not unlike the three witches in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Wyrd Con calls in the Three Powers of Interactive Storytelling: Live Action Role Play (LARP); Augmented Reality Gaming (ARG) and TransMedia (TM) and with a few magic words spoken we watch as it all boils and bubbles into an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Wyrd Con is 3 days of total immersion into the depths of your imagination, your willingness to take on your greatest fantasies, and experience different social roles while learning to be a powerful leader and realizing what it means to follow your heart. How you choose to mix it all together is your decision, and that is the fun of Wyrd Con.

As we approach our 4th year we are looking to expand our interactive experience out to the world by streaming not only some talks and panel discussion, as well as taking viewers inside a live action storytelling game in action. Access to this live stream is only available to our Kickstarter Community!

Wyrd Con is a BYOST (bring your own storytelling tools) event for designers and a great way for participants to experience a wide variety of storytelling formats in a short period of time. 

The tool sets focused on at the event include Transmedia, Augmented Reality, Tabletops, and Live Action. 

  • Seize an opportunity to improve your storytelling.
  • Refine and gain new methods of storytelling. Become party of stories and adventures.
  • This is Wyrd Con.
Why a Kickstarter Project?
Why a Kickstarter Project?

The funds from this Kickstarter Project will allows us to stream out many of the Wyrd Con events along with expanding our on-site experience as well. It takes take’s time, creativity and hard work to create a new world for a LARP at Wyrd Con. And with the funding from this campaign we will be able to provide more support to our game designers. Each year our interactive events become more detailed and we want to support that growth with lighting or sound or set designs. Maybe hire a dragon or two and that can be expensive as it requires a Dragon Wrangler on site at all times. Not to mention the permits that the fire department would require from Wyrd Con.

The Wyrd Con’s community of designers and presenters has created amazing worlds during our first three years and each one wants to expand their story or create a whole new story and world in which to live out their story. Each expansion provides a richer experience for everyone. And new designers and presenters step forward join in every year!

We are reaching out to our community (which is worldwide) and we need to reach beyond even this circle. As we move forward we will be available to assist other communities in having an event similar to Wyrd Con in their area.

Two of our Kickstarter rewards at the The Hallowed Portrait Dungeon Master - Remote & The Hallowed Portrait Dungeon Master – On Site  levels include the opportunity for you to step into the story of The Hallowed Portrait Dungeon Master. You can attendee Wyrd Con and be welcomed in as one of the Masters and help to move the story and the monsters throughout the game. And if it isn’t possible for you to physically attend, through this Kickstarter Project we will link you into the live game as one of the Masters from wherever you are on this planet.

At it’s core Wyrd Con is about Storytelling, whether it is inside of a LARP event where you are creating your character’s life, back story and future, or moving through the hotel in your own Augmented Reality world, or interacting with a story that is being told through the art of cross-platform storytelling. Wyrd Con is at its essence the realm of Storytelling and you can observe it, or step in and be a creator, or both. It is up to you.

We mentioned that Wyrd Con is educational, and it is. Each year we produce a collection of all the presentations and panels from Wyrd Con. These books are well curated and will provide the reader with the latest look at how stories are developed, what goes into creating an interactive cross-platform project and where we, as a creative community, can go from here.

An Academic & Fun Conference!
An Academic & Fun Conference!

Much of our panel and educational programming provides presentations and discussions on how different social scenarios and storytelling environments have multiple psychological effects on the participants, giving insight on how to expand a storyline to other media and market these concepts to generate new opportunities. Education is central to us and allows attendees the ability to better understand, build, and convey their story in the most interactive way possible. 

If you have ever had a desire to build a complex story world that involves extensions into live participatory gaming environments, solve a mystery, fight the enemy, or experience an event that mixes theater, costuming, and dialogue about the changing face of the entertainment industry, Wyrd Con is the place to be. Fans and producers of Anime, History, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and other genres are all a part of the Wyrd Con experience.

The conference provides a fun opportunity to engage in all aspects of the cross-platform storytelling. Wyrd Con strives to not only entertain, but also educate others in Interactive Storytelling. This knowledge can be applied to both professional development and daily life in a variety of ways. Through immersive gaming, we can evolve our understanding of different social roles and entertain ourselves while gaining confidence to grow as a leader. We learn much from participation and the observation of immersive play that enhances the development of our own interactive story worlds.

What goes on at Wyrd Con?
What goes on at Wyrd Con?

•Our first VIP of Wyrd Con 4 is announced! Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden Files series and the Codex Alera series will be telling his storytelling secrets at Wyrd Con 4!

• An Augmented Reality Game created specifically for Wyrd Con 4 based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe. This game will begin in June and extend to the final climax at Wyrd Con. 

• Experts as guest speakers and panelists in interactive storytelling, role-play, transmedia, and the film and game industry (see list below).

• An opportunities to speak face to face with our presenters and panelists.

• Live Events and Games:Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Alternate Reality Games (ARG), Live Simulations, Dungeon Crawls

• Weapon training in battling with foam weapons

• Workshops for making your own props and costumes or even your own language. • Vendors that carry unique items that you can't just find anywhere and can add to that character or event you create.

• Film screenings

• Contests

• Parties!

We've had incredible guest speakers such as:

• Jeff Gomez—President & CEO, Starlight Runner Entertainment (last year's keynote speaker)  

• Micky Neilson—Publishing Lead at Blizzard Entertainment

• David J. Peterson—President of The Language Creation Society Creator of the Dothraki Language for HBO’s Game of Thrones

• Nina Bargiel—Television Writer and Transmedia Producer. You may know her from such projects as MTV2′s “Savage County, Current TV’s “Bar Karma,” Sony/Crackle’s “Woke Up Dead” and EFE/MTV’s “Valemont.” 

• Mike Bonifer--Author, Educator, CEO at GameChangers 

 • Sarah Lynne Bowman—author and researcher of The Functions of Role-Playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems and Explore Identity. 

 • Jay Bushman—Writer & Experience Designer, Fourth Wall Studios. Social Media Story Producer. 

 • Sean Copeland—Historian, Creative Development at Blizzard Entertainment

• Nick DeMartino—Media and technology consultant, former SVP, American Film Institute 

 • Brian Seth Hurst—EO, The Opportunity Management Company 

• Alison Norrington—Transmedia Producer & storyteller, StoryWorld Conference chair, Online Community Manager for TEDxTransmedia, Novelist, PhD researcher 

• Scott Walker—CEO of Braincandy, Inc. Storyteller, world builder, creative catalyst, typing monkey. 

 • James Waugh—Senior Story Developer at Blizzard Entertainment 

• Lance Weiler—Story Architect / Experience Designer 


Steward Badge

The Steward Badge also grants you access to the convention, but is a unique color denoting your awesomeness. Only 51 Steward Badges are available for this convention! Plus the following perks are included in the deal:

1) Invitation to a private event of Starship Valkyrie Captained by the Creator of the Dresden Files, Jim Butcher!

2) Priority Registration for events.

3) Complimentary access to the opening party.

4) Unlimited Access to play in the The Hallowed Portrait

5) A food pass to our buffet dinner Saturday night.

6) A Wyrd Kickstarter Sigil mailed to your door!

7) A copy of the Wyrd Con Academic Program

8) A link to view events online, and a thank you mention in our program and website.

9) An opportunity to claim one of the seats to Jason Morningstar's private fiasco events.

A link to view specific panels & events

We will be operating a Live Stream of the convention, and showing specific panels & events of the convention in this stream during the show. Anyone who contributes will get access to this stream!

Mention on the Website & Banner of Honor

Your name, or a PG-13 nickname you choose will be posted on the Wyrd Con website & a banner at the upcoming convention.

Special Tag Line

We will print a special tag line (PG-13 please!) of your choice in the convention booklet, tagged with your name or nickname.

A Wyrd Con Sigil.

The sigil is a custom jewelry piece colored specifically for this Kickstarter. As a memento and thank you to contributing to our campaign. You can see earlier versions worn by some of our interviewees in our Kickstarter videos. 

A Hard Copy of the 2012 Academic Program

Purchasing this will have a have a "Publisher Grade, Soft Back, B&W Book with Perfect Binding' produced of the Academic Program and shipped right to your door. We'll may even add a few autographs of thanks in it as well! 

Full Attendee Badge Access 

Access to the Wyrd Con Four Convention September 12-15th 2013. 

Our Kickstarter supporters will have a unique badge and a code to go into our website and select everything you want to participate in during Wyrd Con.

 The Hallowed Portrait Dungeon Master - Remote 

In the evenings of Wyrd Con we will enable a Live Stream of the Portrait Dungeon, and in this environment you will be able to send specific signals to the monsters in a room making them respond accordingly. No matter where you are in the world, your influence will be heard, will you be kind to the victims in the dungeon? Or make your monsters more vicious? During your four hours of madness your name (or nickname you provide) will be displayed at the The Hallowed Portrait Dungeon entrance, and you will be able to text messages to the staff as well as signal to the monsters inside the Portrait Dungeon. We can’t guarantee two way conversation at all times, but you will be able to signal us on your wishes in one of the monster rooms, and you will see the results live online. No matter where you are in the world, if you have the internet and can send us txt messages we will follow! 

 The Hallowed Portrait Dungeon Master – On Site 

For a single person willing to invest, you will become the dungeon master for four hours. You may choose your level of involvement in two ways: 1) Managing a room of monsters and determining how they handle the puzzles. 2) Acting as an assistant Game Master guiding teams through the dungeon. During the convention (likely at the end) we will reveal the secrets to all of the puzzles within the dungeon and share a copy of the event script with you to take home. 

In addition will we toss in a Wyrd Sigil, and a Steward Badge with all those perks as well. 

Fiasco event!

A personal experience of the Storytelling Game FIASCO! Lead by it's creator Jason Morningstar for you and three friends. Also includes four Sigils, and four attendee badges.

Hotel Packages 

Offering three nights at the hotel, plus two badges, and other goodies as described in the reward. You will be able to choose between a king, or two queen beds. All bookings are per the hotels reservations policies.

For early backers we offer the Executive Hotel Pack which gets you access to the executive floor of the hotel. Otherwise this is a standard room in the hotel, plus either a pair of Attendee or Steward badges, depending on the reward you select.

Some hotel badges also offer a seat at a Fiasco game for your enjoyment!

A full set of Wyrd Con Badges

A full set of every badge from Wyrd Con 4. This includes the Attendee, Steward, Minion, and Staff badges. Only 5 such sets will exist, pickup of this set will occur at closing ceremonies of Wyrd Con. 

This also includes a full attendee badge to Wyrd Con 4, so you can attend prior to getting the full set.

Party Package 

We will provide one of the suites of the hotel to you for your own event and work with you to develop a roaring party. Invite who you choose, it’s your event. Want to run a game during it, promote your own thing? Be our guest, it’s your party! 

 Dinner with Jim Butcher 

In addition to two attendee badges, you and a guest will be invited to a private 1:1 dinner (or lunch) with Jim Butcher courtesy of Wyrd Con. Spend the hour asking Jim whatever you wish, and learn the forbidden secrets that has allowed Jim to publish memorable stories for both young and old. A portion of this reward will be given to the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue

 Make Ira run a game 

Rumor has it that the person running and operating Wyrd Con has been developing a new story world for some time. If this is funded he will run an event and bring the story to life. Performing this event will likely initiate the campaign itself, with the first story event beginning at Wyrd Con. The person who wins this event will be able to choose the date of the event during the convention, and if it is private (invitational) or open to the public for attendance.

Absolutely Everything!

If you dive in all the way We will give you absoltelty everything we can with the package. Includes:

  • Two Steward Badges
  • Lunch with Jim Butcher for you and a guest
  • Drinks with the Wyrd Con staff Wednesday night for two
  • Two seats at Jason Morningstar's Fiasco events
  • A tour of our Haunted Portrait event for two
  • Two opening party and Saturday food passes
  • A Hotel Room for 4 nights (Wednesday - Sunday)
  • A full set of the badges used for the conference
  • Two Copies of Academic Program
  • Four Sigils!!
Stretch Goals
Stretch Goals

What good is a Kickstarter without goals that will take us to the limit??

$12,521 Goal: At the end of the Kickstarter, we will record the Chairman being attacked by rubber ducks for the enjoyment of the internet.

$15,151 Goal: When we hit this mark we expand the free coffee and beverages at the convention with greater variety for everyone.

$20,002 Goal: You can learn all about our 20k Goal in Backer Report #9. Click here to read more!

100 Backers: We will mount a camera on the Chairmans head, give him a head start, and send the zombie hordes after him for your amusement.

250 Backers: If over two hundred fifty people support this Kickstarter then we will double the amount of bean bags at the conference creating more social spaces, and chillout spots at the event!

350 Backers: ???

  • What is the date and location of Wyrd Con 4?

Wyrd Con 4 is set to run on September 12th - 15nd, 2013 at the Hilton Costa Mesa, in Southern California. About 10 minutes from the John Wayne Airport (Airport Code SNA).

  • I want multiple Sigils, is that possible?

Yes! Add an addition $20 to your contribution for Sigil you would like. Please remind us in the comments field of the closing survey when the time comes!

  • Why is the first sigil/book $24 but the extras are a different price?

The first cost covers basic shipping anywhere in the US.

  • Why are the rewards such unusual prices?

Because regular numbers are boring and variety is the spice of life!

  • What is The Hallowed Portrait?

The Hallowed Portrait is an interactive dungeon built in the style of a coin operated arcade game. Within you will experience puzzles, traps, battles, and trickery. You get as far as you can, and if you die you go back to the beginning. To continue just 'insert a new coin' and fight onward, with everything you learned the last time! This years theme is The Hallowed Portrait based upon the literary works of E. A. Poe.

  • Where can I download the Wyrd Con Academic Programs?

Right here.

  • Where can I go to book a hotel room to the convention?

Why, right here!

  • Who is Jim Butcher?

Learn more about Jim and his fine work at

  • For the dinners with staff or Jim, what exactly is included?

We will cover the cost of the meal, per person, at the convention hotel for the main course, appetizer, dessert and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The greatest challenge with running a convention is coordination and communication. Bringing together the guests, events, and activities that makes it a worthwhile endevour. We are entering in to this Kickstarter with the experience of three years on our backs already established. In addition to that, the staff of the convention have experience in many conventions from local gaming conventions (with a few hundred people), to the World Science Fiction Convention (with many thousands of people).

Wyrd Con started itself from the operations of running a Live Action organization for many years and formed when the world of Live Action, Transmedia, and Augmented Realty combined. It has built a large support community that stands behind it, and these individuals act as the volunteers and staff that make the backbone of Wyrd Con so possible.

By day, Wyrd Con's founder Ira Ham is employed by a rather large corporation and keeps things running there, but by night he maintains Wyrd Con's events activities and seeks to take it beyond the stars.


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    Your name placed on a banner, and on the website at Wyrd Con.

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    Your special tag line of 140 characters of less placed in the convention program. Add $10 to any tier to also gain this perk.

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    Only because someone begged. Ira will run an event in the new style he is developing at Wyrd Con despite his promise to never run an event at the convention while he leads it. It may kill him, let's find out. Includes 15 attendee badges and 15 sigils.

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    We will get your party started! We'll book one of the suites for you to host and run your very own party at Wyrd Con. We'll toss in some catering and beverages to get things started. I'm sure you need to invite your friends too, so we'll provide 15 attendee badges and sigils as well!

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    Dinner with Jim Butcher: You and guest can have dinner with Jim Butcher, author of the Dresden files series, a VIP at this years Wyrd Con 4. See reward details for more information.

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    Get it all! Lunch with Jim Butcher for you and a guest, two seats at Jason Morningstar's fiasco, Two Steward Badges, A tour for two of our Haunted Portrait event, Two opening party and Saturday dinner passes, every convention badge, a Hotel Room for 4 nights, drinks with the convention staff, Two Copies of the Academic Program, and Two Sigils!

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