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$5,371 pledged of $15,000 goal
$5,371 pledged of $15,000 goal

Why the cancellation?

We regret that the decision has been made to cancel the Wyrd Con 4 Kickstarter Campaign.

Essentially the reasons came down to the following:

1) Timing: Many people suggested that aiming for a better funding period would help, preferably closer to March/April.

2) Location: Several people have wanted to know exactly where Wyrd Con 4 will run. With the contract still in final negotiations we can't provide the site yet. So this has created to much mystery.

3) Clarity: This was our first Kickstarter, and we realize that the rewards, as well as the amount of communication could have been better. We will double our efforts in finding better ways to provide that clarity when we return, with an improve goal and better purpose here.

4) Delivery Issue: The final straw was a notice from the manufacturer of the sigils that the delivery would likely be late. This caused a scramble behind the scenes and in the end we just couldn't resolve it clearly. As a result instead of sending out things late and creating another Kickstarter with delays, we will instead reboot this when we can provide the rewards on time. 

We aren't done yet, we'll regroup and you'll see us again in a few months.

Until then thank you, and everyone for their support.

We'll hope to see you at Wyrd Con 4.

With Grace,

Ira Ham & The Wyrd Con Team



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    1. Anita Twitchell on

      Definitely keep us updated on when this starts up again. I'll definitely be able to up my pledge if it's in Mar/Apr. :)