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$22,063 pledged of $80,000 goal
$22,063 pledged of $80,000 goal

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Our Newest Kii RING Project Is Now Funding!

We are back with a new project and we'd love for you to check it out! Introducing... The Kii RING - An Effortless Key Ring!

Kii RING™ allows a faster and simpler way to swap out your keys.  

Putting a Key on Requires NO Nails
Putting a Key on Requires NO Nails

With two sizes and four different colors the Kii RING can be used as a way to sort your many keys, separate the keys for the whole family, or give you the last bit of refined class you are looking for.

This new easy way to open the Kii RING provides more possibilities. With our design the Kii RING can now stand in as a mock carabiner. With the perfect amount of ease but strength the Kii RING can be used to secure bags, tie ropes together, or even act as money clip.

Secure Bags and Luggages
Secure Bags and Luggages


Emergency Money Clip
Emergency Money Clip

CLICK HERE to watch the video and check out the new campaign!  

Our reward starts at $7 for two Kii RINGs.  They will save your nails, time and a lot of frustration.  Please check out our campaign and back us today.

Thanks again!!!

WynLABS Team

Thank you!

We'd like to sincerely thank you all so much for your support throughout the WynCASE Kickstarter campaign! We see that many of you are passionate about gaming and the possibles that the technology brings to the mobile gaming industry. Please stay tuned at WynLABS.com to follow the many developments we are working on involving the WynCASE and our patent pending BridgeTOUCH technology.

-The WynLABS Team

Oxygene supports the WynCASE!

Oxygene signs on for full WynCASE control input support!  Be sure to check out http://www.gotnull.com for more info.

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New Photos!

Hello everyone, new images of the WynCASE in Game-mode and Phone-Mode have been posted, be sure to take a look.

Thanks for you continued support, we really need to push through the last few weeks so spread the word!



Hello Kickstarters and Happy Holidays! Below are games that work great with the WynCASE right out of the box. Play many of the most popular arcade, indie, addicting and racing games with more control.  Thank you all for your support and energy towards making the WynCASE a reality.  More to come soon!

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