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Surf thru your day! Stand longer & more comfortably, from office to kitchen. Burn up to 32% more calories on the air-spring Wurf Board!
Surf thru your day! Stand longer & more comfortably, from office to kitchen. Burn up to 32% more calories on the air-spring Wurf Board!
Surf thru your day! Stand longer & more comfortably, from office to kitchen. Burn up to 32% more calories on the air-spring Wurf Board!
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    1. Jes Caron on

      @Mark, thanks for the speedy reply! Mine is deflated (feet touching floor through board) by Friday after airing up on Monday :(. Called and left a message but email works great for me.

      I also want to say that I LOVE my Wurfboard despite this. The product is fantastic!

    2. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Jes Thank you for reaching out to us. Your board should be able to hold its pressure and shape for about 3-4 weeks. The leak you are experiencing is something that we would like to investigate further. Please give us a call at 408.886.6036 or send us a message and let us know how to reach you. Thank you.

    3. Jes Caron on

      Hey there! My board seems to be leaking - how long should we expect it to hold pressure? It has seemed to leak slightly since I received it but the issue is becoming worse over time. :(

    4. Alexei White on

      I never received my Wurf. Any suggestions?

    5. Zach T

      Should you ever stand on the wurf board with your knees locked like standing normally?

    6. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Jady, the slight bulge on the opposite of the valve (beneath the board) is by design. The bulge occurs because the drop stitch must be removed to make room for the valve and this installation method has been proven effective and reliable for decades. This is not going to spread and it does not affect the functionality or the quality of the board. Enjoy Wurfing!

    7. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Romola, we have shipped you a new filler adapter. We apologize for the inconvenience caused you.

    8. Jady Swinkels on

      I am in Australia and got my wurf board and it is very cool and nice under feet but even at half pumped up you can notice the buldge. So if this is normally then everyone would have it - does everyone have this buldge?

    9. Romola Bucks on

      @Paul, received my Wurf board today. I'm in Australia. Was so excited but....
      the fill adapter is missing so I can't inflate it. Really dissapointed. Now what? �

    10. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Paul. Thanks for your patience! We had a slight delay in shipping out boards to International backers. Although some backers in other countries have already had their boards shipped, a few will have to wait a bit longer. We will be reaching out to the individuals this week whose boards are delayed to give them a personal update.

    11. Paul Read on

      When will international backers receive our units?

    12. Missing avatar

      S. Nunn

      I just want to say thank you. You guys rock! The WURF creators sent our WURF early,(sample batch) My husband had knee surgery back in January,he used the Wurf for rehabilitation, the therapists could not believe how fast he healed and gained back his strength! He has been back to work for over a month now,and is going full steam ahead! Now I'm scheduled for a bilateral knee replacement in about two weeks. Knowing that the Wurf has helped him tremendously,puts my mind at ease for my own recovery. Thank you for creating a very well made product! Just thought you all should know. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you!

    13. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @ Zach @Wurfers Its so easy to get excited about standing and Wurf all day! We suggest if you are new to standing start slow though. Start with a firm pressure and then adjust it to the level that you are most comfortable with. If you are new to standing, we suggest that you stand for shorter periods of time. As your feet, legs, core and back strengthen, you can stand longer, do a wider variety of exercises, and change the firmness. Check out our recommendations at

    14. Zach T

      I love it but it makes my feet have a weird sore sensation with time. Is this normal? Like is it my feet working out or does it need to be more firm or squishy.

    15. Jeff on

      Loving it so far! Have never stood so much at my desk! Really makes it so much easier and fun! Good to know about the bulge ;-)

    16. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Wurfers: The slight bulge on the opposite of the valve (beneath the board) is by design. The bulge occurs because the drop stitch must be removed to make room for the valve and this installation method has been proven effective and reliable for decades. This is not going to spread and it does not affect the functionality or the quality of the board. Enjoy Wurfing!

      @Aaron, @Ken, @Zach: Pump up your boards so that they feel firm yet springy underfoot, so you can feel the springiness when you push down with your heel or toes. You can then play with the pressure to find what suits you best.

    17. Vicki Welborn on

      I also have the bulge. Thanks!

    18. Zach T

      I have the bulge too and am wondering
      the same thing as the person below concerning how to know if it's the right amount.

    19. Missing avatar

      Ken Neff on

      I received my wurf board on Thursday. Hooray! I've been using it since, and I love it!

      I have two questions, though:

      First, I have the same issue as the person below. There is a bulge on the back of the board, directly below the inflation point. Is that an issue? Is it going to spread?

      Second, how am I supposed to tell if I have it within the recommended 2.5-5 PSI? There's no gauge on the wurf board and no gauge on the pump. With such low pressure, it would be almost impossible to put a normal tire gauge on it, assuming I could even do that, without losing pressure while trying to measure pressure.

    20. Missing avatar

      Aaron Dubois on

      Hello. I received my wurf board today. I inflated it to within the recommended 2.5-5 psi (around 4). There's a weird bulging occurring directly beneath the inflation point (on the opposite side). Is this normal? because it looks like a flaw in production. please advise. I can supply pics if required.

    21. Michael Novelli on

      I received a USPS notification on April 22nd that I had a package coming. I picked it up yesterday and it was just the t-shirts. Are those arriving separately or should I check on my Wurf board order?

    22. Tracey Lovering Sirles on

      I just got a UPS shipment notification! So excited!

    23. Missing avatar

      Ryan Huschka on


      @Vicki Welborn has the exact question I have, regarding the backer orders. In the update you stated, "our first production run of 2,000 boards is now half done, and will be completed by March 18..." which would imply approximately 1,000 boards were shipped. I'm guessing that may NOT be enough to cover ALL the nearly 900 backers (some I'd assume some bought more than one board) given the various sizes in the initial shipment would have to pretty much be spot on with the backer orders placed. Just hoping for some transparency so that more backers don't have to wait - in the dark, no less - for too much longer. Thanks! - Ryan

    24. Vicki Welborn on

      Will the initial production run expected to arrive in the warehouse on the 25th be able to fulfill all of the backer orders, or will some of us need to wait until the second production run?

    25. Elisabeth Zuerker on

      Hey Mark,

      I would like an update and honestly more importantly I would like to know if I can be refunded. This project really had me excited and now I just find it to be a disappointment and would prefer to move on from it. Thanks,

    26. on

      I'm still standing, but not on my Wurf Board. This deserves another update.�Wake me when it's real.

    27. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Sarah Carroll, We apologize for the frustration. We have sent out monthly updates but understand you wanted more. Our first container was shipped & should arrive in our warehouse by April 24th. We will update immediately when they arrive and start shipping. If there is any delay past the 24th, we will let you know. We spent the extra time perfecting the product and hope you love it!

      Please let us know if you any further questions.

    28. Mark Publicover Creator on

      @Matthew Clements and @Charles Holmes, We're still on track to have our first shipment in the warehouse by April 24th so that we can start shipping to our backers from the 25th.
      @Brandon Bak, you, as well as all our backers, will be provided with tracking number as soon as your Wurf Board ships!
      @S. Nunn. Thank you for the great shout out! We're glad that our Wurf Board is serving you well!

    29. Sarah Carroll on

      Just FYI, I'm very disappointed in how this is turning out. Delays are one thing, but your terrible communication is another thing entirely. You have handled this situation very poorly and have left me regretting spending my money on this product. This bad experience (constant delays, poor communication) pretty much guarantees that I will never fund another Kickstarter project. It also doesn't bode well for your long-term viability as a business, no matter how good your product may (or may not) be.

    30. Missing avatar

      Charles Holmes on

      I have received no update in quite a while and am wondering what the shipping status is?? I have my record of payment but have no idea who to contact to find out what's up???!!??!

    31. Brandon Bak on

      Will we be provided with a tracking number for our orders?

    32. Missing avatar

      Matthew Clements on

      Another update request please. Did you hit the timeline you described in your previous update? Were the boards shipped from the factory by sea by March 25th? Any glimmer of hope you can offer your loyal backers? Many thanks.

    33. Missing avatar

      S. Nunn

      First a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the creators of the Wurf board! I could just kiss you all right now! We got a big surprise today!We are so grateful to be considered for receiving one from your small batch that you brought back. Thank you so much , it looks like our old Hobie skateboards from back in the day.Only bigger of course. The quality of the materials are top of the line. It was very simple to inflate and only took a moment to do so. My husband said it is nicer than the foam they use at physical therapy.Most importantly He's smiling and so happy to be able to throw in the towel literally!(he's been using a rolled up towel that is ducked taped,to do his therapy at home). We love the fact that the pressure can be adjusted ,suits how much of a challenge those muscles around the knee are going to get. You guys have no idea how much this is gonna help him recover faster. He will be starting back to work as soon as the growing season kicks in and the Wurf definitely targets the muscles that stabilize the knee. For me,I might just be able to avoid another knee surgery all together! Wouldn't that be something.This thing is absolutely Fantastic and we both are truly impressed by your product and company values. You guys rock! To all the backers, you will love it, this company is for real and by the looks of our board, the quality and feel,it's even better in person!

    34. Missing avatar

      Olyvia velasquez on

      Hi! Looking for an update as well. Hoping I backed a legit product?

    35. Keith Bronstrup

      @Denise, if you haven't gotten your Wurf board yet, you might try messaging them directly.

      I also suffer from plantar fasciitis (in both feet) do I know how painful standing can be and I've found that the Wurf board helps A LOT with that.

      It's helped a little with my back pain, as well; now it only hurts for a little while when I first wake up, or if I sit for too long. It should be great for your knee, though, as the subtle balance adjustments you'll make standing on it will serve as low-impact movement and help tone those muscles.

      I have noticed, though, that my ankles get very sore very quickly on the Wurf board. Like, within a few minutes. But, the soreness goes away just as quickly once I sit, so I think it's just a matter of those muscles being underdeveloped due to lifestyle changes brought about by my back issues. There's no swelling or bruising and it doesn't affect my ability to stand or walk, and it does seem to be less severe with every passing day. Just a word of warning to those of us who don't do a lot of moving around on our feet, you can probably expect the same for at least a while with the Wurf board.

      I still love it, though!

    36. Missing avatar

      Janice on

      Good afternoon, since I don't have an email to send my request as mentioned in your shipping update. I am also going to post my request for one of the boards you brought back. I am currently awaiting the MRI to determine if I have a labrum tear or impingement, this is making sitting in my work chair painful and it's nearly impossible to stand for any period of time.

    37. Missing avatar

      Matt Zalubowski on

      While I appreciate the news, this is yet another disappointing update. The trend continues. At this rate I anticipate another delay message in 30 to 45 days. I am beginning to question whether these are ever going to be shipped.

    38. Denise Kitagawa on

      Not sure if this is the right channel to get a message through, but I'd sure appreciate receiving one of those Wurf Boards you brought back with you. I'm currently rehabbing my right foot due to plantar faciitiis and my left knee due to an ACL injury that happened at taekwondo last week. Working hard on physio, but I'll take any extra help I can get. And if there's another channel I should use for this message, just LMK. Tx!

    39. Missing avatar

      Maria Kuntz on

      Thank you for the update! I made a second donation for an additional wurf board through the promo that you ran the last 3 days - can you verify that I will receive two ( I think one small, one medium) when the shipments happen? I never received any communication regarding this promo offer. Thx:)

    40. Jessica Anne on

      It's going on a month since the last update. When can we expect shipments to go out? More frequent updates would be appreciated even if just to say that no progress has been made at all. It's better than keeping us in the dark.

    41. Missing avatar

      Christine Yost on

      Since we're now halfway through March, are the Wurf Boards still on track to be shipped this month? I'm disappointed with the lack of updates for this project.

    42. Eric O'Brien on

      It's been a couple of weeks since the last update that said they would be shipping in "March". Please provide an update.

    43. Dustin Bowersett on

      Have the Wurf boards began shipping yet?

    44. Missing avatar

      Bradley Prasuhn on

      Can we get an update on a shipping date?

    45. Jeff on

      I feel like I should be wurfing at my desk by now?

    46. Missing avatar

      Olyvia velasquez on

      Also looking for an update please!

    47. Sarah Solomon on

      Excited to get my Wurf Board. Any update on when they will ship? Thank you!

    48. Elisabeth Zuerker on

      Just looking for an update. Thanks.

    49. Missing avatar

      Christine Yost on

      Yes, please send updates! I was wondering where my Wurf Board was at...

    50. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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