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What are we to do to keep alive? Merely surviving is not enough. We wish to THRIVE. To become our dreams. It truth it is our only hope.
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    1. Creator Kyle on May 20, 2011

      Hey guys! My family doesn't want to sign up for Kickstarter, so all the donations "I" make are actually theirs. Just an FYI

    2. Creator Ryan Wren Barret on May 18, 2011


      It is I, the creator of the kickstarter video, Milo Hayden. I wrote the script, drew out storyboards, directed the shoot, and co-dressed the set.

      The video was shot by my friend, Christian Saxton, a talented cinematographer from the Seattle area who moved down to Portland (he also co-dressed the set).

      The lighting was by Christians room-mate Chris Goodman. It's all light with candles and these crazy expensive incandescent edison bulbs. Nothing fancy.

      Extra assistance was provided by Kat Aurick. She helped make some props (the pages on the desk) and was a general behind-the-scenes help. She's a FANTASTIC set builder/carpenter, if you ever need one.

      The video was shot with a DSLR."

      Thanks Milo for providing info about the shoot! Yay artists collaborating!

    3. Creator on May 18, 2011

      Great video! Who put it together?

      DSLR I presume? I'd love to know what the lighting was.