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Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
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Another SG, Graphic Nightmare Icon and Gatekeeper Symbols

Posted by Wreak Havoc Games (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We have reached another SG. Escape Mode adds an extension to the game where after you defeat the Gatekeeper, you now must find your way out. The rules for Escape Mode will be added to the rule book. I know, defeating the Gatekeeper is hard enough, but if you find yourself up to the challenge, Escape Mode will really test your resource management skills.

The next SG is premium stock for the Ghost Star box.

The Backer Book of Nightmares is a Kickstarter Exclusive and will never be publicly published. But it does contain some graphic content. We have decided to create an icon that warns readers when a nightmare may be too graphic for some. The icon will be large so there is no mistaking the following story has what we consider "mature" content.

Gatekeeper Symbols

We have had over 1000 downloads of the Ghost Star Print and Play. With so many people playing the game we received some feedback. One particular piece of feedback we felt needed some serious looking into. When some players sat at the average distance from the board they felt the Gatekeeper Symbols were hard to identify. We have not received that feedback till now. It may be because we are familiar with the icons, so we had no issue identifying them. But even during blind testing the issue did not surface. While looking at the icons again, we noticed the black icon on orange was making the icon hard to identify. We decided to put the black icon on yellow and put the orange in the background. Then the design flaw slapped us in the face. Because the cards can be played in two different upright positions, the icons needed work upside down as well. The icons we had were not only inherently hard to identify, they were not somewhat symmetrical so they were even harder to identify when they were upside down. This is a major design flaw and we have been working to fix it. Below are the new icons. They are much easier to identify and they all work upside down. I sincerely apologize for this. One of the reasons we released the PnP was for this kind of feedback. Thankfully you guys caught it and we were able to fix the problem.

We are updating the PnP, Rule Book and all appropriate vehicles to include these improved icons. Thank you so much for your support and understanding so far. We look forward to any other feedback on how may be able to improve Ghost Star. If you have feedback on the new icons please message us and let us know.

Thanks again,


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    1. Wreak Havoc Games 2-time creator on

      Hey Mike,
      Yes so after correcting them they also look better. Thanks to the dependable print and play and people who take the time to put it together and play. What a great community!

    2. Missing avatar


      The new icons look great imo