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Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
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Halfway Point!

Posted by Wreak Havoc Games (Creator)

Well we are at the halfway point of the campaign and are closing in on the next Stretch Goal I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all again for your support. The next SG is a handy Quick Reference Rule Card.

Notable Communications

Many reviewers have reached out us asking to do a better job on our game play videos and to do reviews. They admit it can't happen during the campaign but we are going to send them all copies when we get them. The emails have been quite funny they are a fun crowd.

BGG also reached out asking why the hell we aren't advertising on BGG! They admitted they don't know normally reach out to publishers but Ghost Star is such as obvious fit they sent us a message. We are looking at their promotional offerings right now. Logo

For testing we used the logo for the in-combat icon and we forgot to remove it. It has been removed from the 20 Colonel cards, the board interface and the page has been updated. We have let Kickstarter know about the situation, I'm sure they are happy to hear from us again.

Backer Nightmares

There have been questions about how we are going to use nightmares submitted by backers. When writing the stories for each enemy, the first thing we look for is the core idea. Sometimes the idea is very simple like "the walls closing in around you" or sometimes the story can be esoteric, but leads to a scene that terrifying without context. Here is a backer nightmare that was submitted that is the latter.

“This is bad.” Those were the only words that came to mind as I had taken stock of my situation. My little, broken down freighter was in sad shape. While in hyperspace, I saw that the radio had gone down. That was bad enough that I detoured my trip to the nearest base for repairs. Upon reentry into normal space, something went wrong. My FTL drive had a problem which rendered it inoperable. I had no idea what was wrong with that drive, but it was going to take a bunch of work.

I navigated to the station. It was a small one, barely registered on my charts and I didn’t even see a name. It didn’t matter to me at that point, though. Only that I had a place to dock. As I approached, something did not seem right. There was not enough traffic for a base, even a small one. It felt like I was the only ship approaching it and I did not see any leaving it. Even the station itself did not seem as lit up as it should be. Normally, stations like this have several lights visible to approaching ships. There were some on, but little more than would be on in an emergency situation; emergency lighting.

I picked a dock and pulled up. The automated docking systems were thankfully working. I could dock without them sure, but my nerves were frayed as it was. I felt the telltale jolt of the completed docking procedure. With an apology and explanation ready, I opened the exterior door and exited my ship and closed it behind me.

I took a breath to speak, explaining to the person manning the docking area, but to my horror, I realized there was no point. On the monitors I saw one blinking word: Evacuate. And I am stranded here.

Before I could even fully process my situation, I started to see people walking around the docking area. No. Not quite right. I could almost see through these people. They started to run. They I could see the fear on the apparitions’ faces. Some were screaming, though no sound came from their mouths.

Two words entered my mind, though the thought was not my own. It could only be from the spirits haunting this place. The ones that I was watching run from some...thing.

“Help us.”

The final stories we end up writing may only be based on a submitted nightmare and some may be close to what was submitted. Either way the backer who submitted the nightmare will get credit. When I read the submission above, the last scene where ghost like apparitions start to scatter gave me chills. That scene is a perfect set up for something very grim. The scene could also be something that actually happened on the station, a glimpse into the past. When it all comes together in a final story, the reader is bathed in fear and the nuances leave the reader even more uncomfortable. When you submit your nightmare do not over think it. Just type it in and send it. Don't worry, we know how to pull the best parts out.

Thanks again,


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