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Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
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Another SG, Localization Survey and Nightmare Approaches

Posted by Wreak Havoc Games (Creator)

Hello Backers,

We have reached the next Stretch Goal thank you all for your support it is greatly appreciated.

Localization Survey

A survey will go out after the campaign asking localization preferences. This will guide us for the production of the localization packs.

Approaches to Submitting Your Nightmare 

Here is example of how a backer tailored his submission by writing it in the context of Ghost Star.

Evil Seed

For Meg Ohtani, life is a ticking clock of both mind and body. Her  mind seeks the rush of danger when time of the essence. It compelled her  to explore this station. But her body also counts down, a biological  clock urging her toward the precious thing she has delayed for her  career: a child. Then she boarded the station and saw the face of her  mentor, Colonel Lightheizer: the father of the man she loved back home.  They had mourned the Colonel and found each other in that grief. Now he  is here, his soul trapped on this very station, reaching out to her. As  she finally allows her mind to think upon his son, her lover, the  floodgates open. She feels a swelling of pride from her former mentor,  and the sense that he would have welcomed her into their family.

The warmth is gone before it can take hold. Instead, she feels a  twisting in her abdomen and looks down to see that she is pregnant. The  child twists and claws inside of her, until it rips itself free, then  the sensation is gone, replaced by a vision of a home on Earth. She sees  herself screaming at someone: her lover, the Colonel’s son. Hiding  behind his legs is a small child, their son. The other Meg screams that  the child isn’t a child at all but an entity, a creature of this station  intent on brutalizing them all for her trespass aboard the station.  Other Meg lunges, stabbing her lover in the gut twice before jamming the  knife through his eye socket and into his brain. 

Shocked into sanity by her own actions, Other Meg falls to her knees  before her son and his dying father, begging for forgiveness, falling  apart, knowing what she has done was born of madness. She takes the  frightened child into her arms, and the little boy whispers in her ear .  . . 

“You were right.”

Then he rips her throat out with his teeth, smiling all the while . . . 

If she can’t overcome the entities that haunt this station, she will  return home broken, if she returns at all, and her family will suffer  for her weakness here. She would be better off dead. She wonders, not  for the first time, what might happen if she turned all of her  discipline, her emotions, her weapons of telepathic war . . . against  herself.

Thank you again for all your support.


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      @WHG, doing well. Sent you guys a private email.

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      Mickael LAUNAY


      Unless I'm mistaken, there was no information about potential localization packs before this post. This seems to be an excellent news ! Can you tell us more about potential languages / contents / price of those packs ?

      Thanks a lot

    3. Wreak Havoc Games 2-time creator on

      How are you Ken!

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      Cool! Nice durable game to play over and over. Although I recommend getting the playmat as well 🙂