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Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
Ghost Star is a space adventure game with elements of exploration, character development, strategy and combat against alien entities.
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Nightmares, Stretch Goals and Backer Insight into Ghost Star

Posted by Wreak Havoc Games (Creator)

Hello Backers,

The backer nightmares are rolling in. Here is an example of a submission. 

Dark Vision

This abomination often appears in the form of a helpless child or  familiar friend or loved one. They call out asking for your help, and  proceeding to join you, pretending to be looking for whatever exit or  objective will lead to your escape. The longer you are in contact with  it the more it begins to wear down your sanity. It fills your mind with  flashes of your most terrifying, saddest, or shameful memories,  intermixed with your worst nightmares. It fills you with dread and doubt  all the while beseeching you for help. With enough willpower it’s  possible to see through the illusion. A few have been said to glimpse  its true form, an amorphous shadow with spectral faces screaming within  the black grey smoke, twisted into an expression of torment and agony.  It’s said that those who gaze upon it, soon see their face within the  blackness, falling dead moments later with a bloodcurdling scream.  Though who can say if that’s true. The source is possibly less than  reliable, an old man with Schizophrenia, no stranger to seeing things  himself.  

Jericho couldn’t believe he had finally been commissioned to go up  into the wide expanse of space and now he was gonna freakin die up here  alone and forgotten. Forget that… he was gonna find a way to get this  damn tin can working again and get back to his wife and girls back home.  As he turned the corner toward the engine room he saw his daughter Lily crying and calling out to him “Daddy, help me”. “It ain’t real man,  just keep moving, it ain’t real. As he turned into the next corridor his  other daughter Aubrey called out “I know how to get us home daddy, just  follow me”, pointing back the way he came. Shaking his head side to  side Jericho desperately tried to ignore what he was seeing. Finally, he  was standing in front of the engine room door, and there, right in  front of him, he saw both of his girls pleading with him “Save us daddy!  You won’t abandon us will you? A wave of dizziness washed over him, and  as he opened his eyes, tears streaming down his face, Jericho ran  forward picking up his two little girls, “I got you sweethearts, daddy  would never abandon you!” as he turned and ran back the way he came…

Here are the Stretch Goals so far. We are approaching the $30,000 mark.

A backer named Nathan posted his breakdown of the Ghost Star stats. It is incredibly precise and in depth. I highly recommend you read it. We plan on creating visuals to support the text. We also plan on continuing discussions with Nathan to get further Ghost Star breakdowns. Here is what he posted.

Sector 1: You will always be checking for a first  attack with your Emotional Defenses, which enemies will tend to go  after, while you will need to take them out with Reason (and Empathy in  one case). Damage is 2 in all but 1 case, and the first attack roll  modifier is always 2. Your reward is always 1 to Informed Decision. Each  enemy needs 1 successful strike to defeat. Gravemaster seems to be like  a mini-boss. Each has three rolls to block an exist and three with no  effect.

Sector 2:  You are still checking for first attack with Emotional Defenses, though  sometimes with a modifier of 2 and other times 3. For all but The Witch,  you’ll need to hit once with Reason and Empathy, but If you get hit,  you’ll take 2 damage in one Emotional Defense and 1 in another. Rewards  are again Informed Decision. The Witch, which seems to be a mini-boss,  takes two successful hits of Reason and Empathy and can do 2 damage in  two Emotional Defense categories, but taking her out gets you a Critical  Thinking along with the Informed Decision. Each has 2 or 3 no effect  rolls possible.

Sector  3: Each enemy takes two successful strikes with Reason, Empathy, and  one of your Scales of Discipline skills. First strikes are now  determined by Scale of Discipline instead of an Emotional Defense, this  time with modifiers of 3 or 4. Enemy damage is in two Emotional Defenses  and one Scale of Discipline. The ones with a first attack modifier of 3  will hit you for 1 in a Scale of Discipline and then 1 in an Emotional  Defense and 2 in another Emotional defense. The ones with a first attack  modifier of 4 will hit you for 2 in two areas and 1 in the third,  though I don’t see a pattern other than that each spreads it  differently. Each gives you a reward of Informed Decision and Critical  Thinking. None jump out at me as a boss. Each enemy has only one roll  result that has no effect.

Sector  4: All true bosses. Each deals 2 damage each to 3 different Scales of  Discipline and has a first strike that is either guaranteed or has a 4 -  5 modifier against a Sale of Discipline stat. Each will require one  Reason, one Empathy, and one of your Emotional Defenses to be hit, and  you’ll need to hit them 3 times to defeat them. They’re quite the tough  bastards, especially Zoroaster with his unblockable first attack. If you  hit three boss icons for Chaos before any of the others, heaven help  you.

So, if I were  thinking strategy, it would be to focus on Emotional Defenses early on,  then shift focus to Scales of Discipline. Always make sure you are  stocked with some Reason and Empathy, but spend your Critical Thinking  as needed and be even more free with Informed Decision spending because  you’ll be getting more of it as you defeat enemies and can use it to  increase other depleted stats.

Thank you for your support so far it is much appreciated.


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