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The WQCI is a dynamic partnership recycling waste from one garden, two markets, three bike tours, and four CSA's.
51 backers pledged $2,590 to help bring this project to life.

First Collection of the Season

Hello current and prospective future backers!

We are $120 short of a $500 matching grant target. Building our campaign from $630 to $750 will automatically boost it to $1250! We also find out this week if a similar grant from Citizens Committee will kick in, which would bring our total pledged+donated to $2,250, just a stones throw from our overall goal.

If you or someone you know has considered a pledge for the work trike from Worksman Cycles (right here in Queens), the time to pledge is NOW! We are less than a month away from our deadline, so please, DON'T WAIT.

Last weekend, we had our first anniversary of the initial community-scale collection we piloted last year, the 5boro bike tour fruit peel collection at the Astoria Park rest stop. Last year we collected about about 1/4 of a cu. yd., transportable with a hatchback. This year we collected over 6 times that much, requiring two trips with a flatbed rental from Home Depot. Check out the pictures here.

Next year we aim to transport the waste without fossil fuels, without waiting until all the cyclists clear out, and without waiting until there is so much accumulated that the haul requires a truck.

How, you ask? Pledge to the campaign to become part of the answer.