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4"x4" modular dungeon and maze tiles, delivered in JPEG or PNG format. Use with a virtual table top, or print your own hard copy!
4"x4" modular dungeon and maze tiles, delivered in JPEG or PNG format. Use with a virtual table top, or print your own hard copy!
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"How can I escape this labyrinth of suffering?"

Modular map tiles are a concept I've been toying with for a long time now.  A while ago, I had the inspiration for an intricate set of modular maze-themed tiles that a game master could use to fill gaps in their dungeon crawls, and just generally torment their players with.  I'd been debating how and if I wanted to release it, and decided that this time around, I was going to try something different - rather than go my usual route of doing another production run of paper craft products, I'd throw this one out there as a set of digital image files, for my backers to do with as they please!

So here it is: my modular maze and dungeon tile set, available here for only $1.  Each image is 4"x4", and comes in three different resolutions: 300 dpi (dots per inch) for printing hard copies, and 70 and 50 DPI for use with Virtual Table Top software packages.  It includes 5 basic dungeon room and hallway tiles, and 7 labyrinth tiles.  These images can be assembled to form larger dungeon and labyrinth maps, and all have a basic stone/granite theme.  Although the images are full-color, if you're printing on a budget, they still look pretty good in black and white/grayscale.

I may eventually try to do a production run of hard-copy labyrinth tile sets; if so, they will probably feature the same graphics, and consist of a set of 48 4"x4" laminated card stock tiles, each with 2-sided full color graphics.  If that's a product you're potentially interested in, this is your chance to get a digital preview for only $1!

Risks and challenges

This will be my first time delivering a digital product via email. Still, it should be pretty straightforward, and I don't foresee any particular difficulties.

I'm still in the process of doing order fulfillment for some of my paper craft products; however, as this is not a physical product, it will not affect the time frames for my current production runs in any way.

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