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Tales for the Stealing

Posted by Worldspinner LLC (Creator)

The second of five Legendary Hero rewards was claimed on Saturday night. There are going to be some beautiful coins in circulation soon keeping the legends of those characters alive, and I’m going to take special note of the footsteps they leave in the history of many worlds.

Between that and the other backers, you have unlocked the second stretch goal: Tales for the Stealing. Mur has given us a sneak peek of what she's planning. It all starts in

...a town that’s only reachable by sea. Tall crystal cliffs tower above the town on all sides, sharp as knives and impossible to climb up or down, and the harbor is full of boats from the tiniest dinghy to the largest pirate ship. Of course it doesn’t call itself a pirate town, but if you know anything about the crystal coast, you know that you don’t go there unless you have a good weapon and enough gold to buy a round of drinks at Nancy’s Tavern…

The small islands, so close you can see them from Nancy’s deck on a good day, are uninhabited and have no use except to provide a marker. You don’t go near the islands. It’s dangerous. Dangerous because of what, well, no one can ever agree. Depending on who you talk to, the waters are thick with the threats of pirates, or dragons, or ghost ships. Sailors at Nancy’s Tavern will tell you about all three…

When you add this theme to your world, you’ll get to read the rest of the story and share it with your group, and Nancy’s Tavern will become a place your party can visit. In addition, numerous other points of interest will let your adventurers continue the story and find out just what it is that threatens the nearby waters enough to have even the pirates nervous.

Coming up next…

It was a thrill to have Lisa Smedman join our project. Over the years, she’s designed dozens of RPG modules and sourcebooks, primarily for the Ravenloft and Dark Sun worlds, but also for Cyberpunk, Indiana Jones and Star Wars. She has had 20 books published, including novels set in Forgotten Realms and Shadowrun.

When we get to $25k in funding, Lisa’s Arcane Portals theme will be unlocked, adding a whole new category of points of interest to your map: portals. Mysterious. Magical. Bringing the ability to cross vast distances with a single step. They come in many shapes and forms: from rings of enormous, weathered stones that only awaken by the dark of the moon, to gleaming clockwork mechanisms that simply require winding — assuming one can find the the key. Where do these portals lead? Legends hint at ancient tombs filled with vast wealth, exotic alien lands, or even the fountain of youth. The only way to find out is to enter.

Remember, these adventures will be sold separately after the Kickstarter, so if you back at the $40 reward level or higher, you'll be getting a real bonus.  And supporting some great authors, which is a cause we can all get behind!

- Darren

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