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Worldspinner™ makes it easy to create richly detailed maps of your own fantasy world in minutes.
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Here be Dragons!

Posted by Worldspinner LLC (Creator)

We just unlocked our first stretch goal… and Bill Webb is going to be bringing Dragons! to Worldspinner. Thanks, Lonnie, for pushing it over the edge -- and thanks to everyone who has backed so far! If you're backing for $40 or more you will be getting this premium content for free. (Everyone else will still be able to get it after we launch, but not for free.  That's why it's called premium content!)

Coming up Next

The themes in Worldspinner are being written by experienced game designers like Bill, and also by talented fantasy authors who haven’t previously written for RPGs. We are excited about bringing some wonderful new storytellers into the roleplaying universe.

Our next stretch goal is a theme titled Tales for the Stealing, by Mur Lafferty.  Mur is the Campbell and Parsec award winning author of Heaven, Hell, and The Shambling Guide to New York, and Editor at Large at Escape Artists.  You may have heard her at work on the podcasts Geek Fu Action Grip, I Should be Writing, and Escape Pod.  If you haven't, you should check them out.  I personally have been listening for years, and was delighted when Mur took the leap and was one of the first writers to sign up for our project.

Have you’ve ever read a book that’s filled your mind with a vividly imagined place, and wanted to play a game there? Tales for the Stealing opens with a short story that you can share with your gaming group, then adds places from the story to your map, and plots to continue from that storyline into your game.

Of course, stretch goals only happen if enough people back the project.  If each of you could make just a single forum or blog post to help spread the word, it would make a tremendous difference. Tell everyone what excites you about Worldspinner and let them know to check it out with a link back to the Kickstarter:

Of course if you're not excited about Worldspinner, I'd like to know that too... but why don't you drop me a personal message first?  I'd love to hear what's on your mind as well.

- Darren

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