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The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.
The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.
The World of Steam is a set of Twilight Zone-like episodes set in a Steampunk universe.
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Ship Systems Report - #38 - IT'S OUT!!!


It's out!

We did it!

Go see it!

Shout it loud from the rooftops! Be your very own little newsboy running hither and yon waving the news of The World of Steam in the air. 

Seriously... we need the help getting this thing as far and wide as possible, so go on the page, watch the episode, and LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE it as much as you can!

Here you go:


In steam,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Andrew Day on November 24, 2013

      So, so good. Fantastic story and beautifully presented.

    2. Missing avatar

      RangerRico on November 22, 2013

      Matt and Crew
      That Was Awesome! You all did a fabulous job beautiful work loved it all the visual, the costumes, the music, the story oh my. Eagerly awaiting more of the series. Oh and congratulations to you Matt and your lady on the birth of your son.
      Long May You Run

    3. Shawn Taylor on November 21, 2013

      Thanks to everyone for their help and again to Matt and crew!! The video was not present in either Quicktime or WMP but VLC works great!

    4. Douglas Butler on November 21, 2013

      A wonderful story well told. I am a happy backer!

    5. Nicholas Vaughan on November 21, 2013

      Loved it. Cant wait to see what comes next. Very glad I backed this project.

    6. Peter Jacob on November 21, 2013

      @Matt, the download works just fine. However, the file will not play video in my Windows Media Player, only audio. Prodding WMP reveals a claim that it is missing some codec. Experimentation reveals that it works just fine in my VLC player. So... fyi, I guess.

    7. Missing avatar

      Misty Luther on November 20, 2013

      Watching it right now! Super excited!

    8. Kermode Bear on November 20, 2013

      QuickTime is often problematic on Windows machines. For those who are having issues (audio but no video is common) try using the VideoLAN player. You can download it from here:

      You could also install the official QuickTime stuff from Apple, but it likes to install a lot of extra junk and take stuff over. Try the VideoLan software first.

      I haven't had time to watch the episode yet, but I did check out the first 30 seconds or so. Definitely looking forward to the rest. Congratulations World of Steam team - I really hope that this helps launch a full season of stories. (o:

    9. Matt King Creator on November 20, 2013

      Peter, just right click the link and "save link as" it will allow you to d/l the file.


    10. Peter Jacob on November 20, 2013

      I cannot play the copy I downloaded from your official site. Get audio only and it says I'm missing some unidentified codec. What do I need to download from who to make the video playable?

    11. Roger Moe on November 20, 2013

      Kelsi: I had the same problem with wmp and quicktime, but it worked with vlc.
      Shawn: try right clicking it and choose save file/download as, that woked for me.

    12. Shawn Taylor on November 20, 2013

      Yes but I'm not getting any download progress. I'm using Firefox and the Quicktime plug-in pops up and says connecting to Amazon and there is a "transferring data" message but then it times out and has a question mark on the "Q" symbol for Quicktime.

    13. Kelsi Othoudt on November 20, 2013

      So, I've tried downloading it (at my sisters where I have internet, that way I can watch it later tonight at my place with no internet) and am having some trouble. It downloaded, but all I am getting is the audio, no video at all. Is anyone else having the same problem?

    14. Shawn Taylor on November 20, 2013

      Having issues with the download though. I'm on my second try and nothing seems to be happening. Link just shows the "connecting" status, no actual download in progress.

    15. Shawn Taylor on November 20, 2013

      Awesome! I need to go watch it again!!

    16. J.R. Riedel on November 20, 2013

      Exciting news! I can't wait to watch.

    17. John J. Walsh IV
      on November 20, 2013

      Matt, this is a work beyond anything I imagined. You and the entire crew have created something truly amazing.

    18. Roger van Velzen on November 20, 2013

      Awesome Matt. Congratulations to everyone that worked on it. Been vigorously sharing the youtube link with my friends. But kept the HD download to myself of course :)