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€10,375 pledged of €10,000 goal
By Agnė Mačiukaitė
€10,375 pledged of €10,000 goal

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    1. Agnė Mačiukaitė Creator on

      Hello, Julia! First, thank you for backing my project! Just few percent left and the project will be 100 percent funded! I couldn't be more than happy!
      We are saying that shipping will be in September, but I really believe that we will make it earlier! :)

    2. Julia Hombi

      Love this project! When is the expected shipment date?

    3. Agnė Mačiukaitė Creator on

      Thank you Isaac and Vesko!
      Vesko, yes, if you add 4 euro extra to your pledge we will send you one more fabric marker!:) Thanks for backing my project!

    4. Vesko Gavrilov

      Nice project! Good luck!
      Can I get more than 1 colour fabric markers? It would make the pillow colourful.

    5. Isaac Childs on

      @Agne, this is an awesome campaign and I love your product. It's nice to see people following their passions. Hope you make it to your goal!

    6. Agnė Mačiukaitė Creator on

      Thanks for backing the project and for your nice feedback! It means a lot for me and my team!

    7. Sarah Bee on

      This looks super. Best of luck!

    8. John Rap

      Great idea, and the video is very good too.

    9. Catalyst LA on

      Cool pillows. Good luck on the rest of the campaign!

    10. Ayala Laufer-Cahana M.D. on

      The perfect gift for my daughter! Best of luck!

    11. Jim Heath on

      Great project! Mylo needs that pillow for his travels! Good luck! ))

    12. Agnė Mačiukaitė Creator on

      Thanks for backing our project, Trimr!

    13. Trimr on

      Love it! Best of Luck!

    14. Agnė Mačiukaitė Creator on

      Hi Katrina,

      Thank you so much for backing our project and this suggestion. We will post a reward with only the Pillow Cover and without a marker for 26 euro. If backers want a pillow cover with a marker they can simply pledge 30 euro plus shipping and we will ask them what amazing color they want at the end of the campaign!

      Thanks again for your suggestion and support!

    15. Katrina Hennessy

      Have you considered a pledge level for just the cover? Many of us will have easy access to pillow/cushion inserts and to fabric markers. It may also simplify your shipping process.

    16. Agnė Mačiukaitė Creator on

      Hello, thank you for your questions!

      Pillow case is washible, we will also add care instructions in the package.
      Any fabric markers can be used. We add one, so if you want more colors on your pillow and you have those special fabric markers - use your creativity and make the best pillow in the world!

      Have a nice and creative day!

    17. Missing avatar

      BlitzzFalke on

      This looks really beautiful. However, I do have two questions:
      Most importantly, I'm a human, and thus somewhat messy. Can the pillow case be washed?
      Can other fabric markers with several colors be used or would you advise against this?
      Thank you