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Mississippi Megalops is an all-night floating Chautauqua! Performances, presentations, art & science all aboard an authentic riverboat!
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69 backers pledged $2,932 to help bring this project to life.

Announcing Megalops Participants (Part 1)

Somewhere on the banks of the Mississippi, between Minneapolis and St. Paul, a motley crew of artists, scientists and storytellers converge. 

They include The Como Avenue Jug Band, Dan Dressler, Pete DriessenJan EstepKatie HargravePeter L. Johnson, Kalen Rainbow Keir, Landland, Christy Newell & Robert Bauer, Pat Nunnally, Ilana Percher, Wang PingBonnie J. Ploger, Prairie Fire Lady Choir, Kate Saturday & Erik Ostrom, David Wiggins, Sarah Wolbert, and Brad Zellar. More will be joining them.

As the sun begins to set, a fire is made and stories are swapped. A question emerges:

When were you last on The River? Not just on it, but in it. Deep inside its waters, its histories and its futures...

They talk late into the night and by morning, they have a plan. They'll trade their little white Megalops for something bigger. They'll need a vessel that fits at least 100 at a time because they're planning to put people back on the river, in it.

More soon.


    1. Creator Works Progress on June 3, 2011

      Hey Carrie!

      We used a kickstarter survey to find out which excursion backers were interested in, but have since heard from one or two people that their spam filter snagged it! We can put you down for 2 tickets (plus baby, who doesn't really need a ticket) on the 8PM. Can you email me with the correct email address to reach you (email hello at and I can send along the necessary info about parking & etc? Thanks so much for supporting our project!


    2. Creator cshan on June 3, 2011

      hi, guys- very excited about tomorrow night...
      question- i contributed $50 ages ago, but haven't heard anything about ticket info.
      we have a 1 and 1/2 year old and would like to go with him on the 8 pm trip.
      can you let me know how to do this?