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Millenium old game of Boëthian harmony and strategy
Millenium old game of Boëthian harmony and strategy
311 backers pledged $16,209 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

Shipping Update (AKA good news)

As of the afternoon of Monday Aug 27th, all Kickstarter backed Rithmomachia sets have been shipped via the USPS.  We have been shipping in waves and some folks closer to our zip code have already started to receive their sets.  

Apologies for not updating sooner, I did not immediately realize people were commenting on the shipping delay in the comments of previous updates.  I hope people will be as happy to share their enjoyment with the game sets as they were eager to share their trepidations with our being a few weeks late to get everything in the mail.  Now that everything is shipped, we can look forward to future projects with some hard lessons learned about working with vendors on a deadline and the true effort and expense of mass shipping.

For our international backers, there will still be a reasonable wait while your packages are in transit  We shipped via USPS first class mail international, which can take up to 21 business days in transit, depending on your local customs office.  We beg for your patience just a little while longer.  

We produced a small over run of sets.  These will be going up for sale online in the near future as well, if you have any friends who need a set or would like to procure more sets for a gaming group.  Rest assured, all Kickstarter backer sets have already been shipped, so you will be the first kid on your block with Rithmomachia and at a reduced price, as we will be marking them up slightly to make up for a gap in shipping expenses.  

Thank you again for your patronage!

Survey Time!

The books are done (after a small delay), the 25,000 pieces have been sorted, we have boxes for our boxes... now it's time to ship the game to all our fantastic supporters!  The surveys have been sent out, we wanted to wait until the last minute to make sure they are as up-to-date as possible.  Thanks for your patience during this project, and we sincerely hope you will all enjoy Rithmomachia!

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Components update

I promised an update when we started to get game components in to the workshop.  Here we are, about two weeks after the dispersal of backing funds and the first wave of components are coming in.  First I wanted to share some images of the finalized boxes.  The full run of boxes shipped to me via FedEx on Saturday, but due to the holiday here in America we aren't expecting them to arrive for a few more days.  These snapshots come from the box manufactory directly.  The metal stamping looks better than I could have hoped for, I am very pleased with them!

In our next update I'll post some images of the laser cut pieces and rule booklet.  We have gotten in about 1/5th of the total sheets of pieces.  Each sheet takes about 8 hours of laser raster etching and vector cutting, so it has been the most time consuming element.  We expect to have the other sheets by the first week of June, so we are still well on schedule for delivery by July for complete game sets.  

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First post-funding update!

Hi folks!  Just wanted to send a little word to update you on the Rithmomachia project.  No news is good news - there isn't much happening on our end at the moment.  The artwork is in with the fabricators and publisher, the deposits are made, we still appear to be on schedule.  It will still be another 10-12 days before the Amazon payments are made available to us, then we are in full-steam mode to collate and distribute the game sets!  I'll post more updates with photos as the pieces start to come together.  

We are still very humbled and excited by the response to the games funding.  Thanks again!  We look forward to getting these games into your hands, and hope you will treasure and enjoy them with your friends and families.

Final hours!

Just wanted to take a moment to reiterate our thanks.  The overwhelming response to the Rithmomachia project has been a very pleasant surprise!  It has been so great, we had to double our orders to produce the parts.  

This will be the last update while the project is active, however we will continue to post updates as the parts are fabricated and the game sets start to come together.  It looks like we are still on schedule, but of course we will keep everyone apprised of the progress here and post pictures!

It is really encouraging to know there are so many folks out there who are interested in playing Rithmomachia in the 21st century.  Thanks again for your support and we hope to meet many more Rithmomachia players around the world!