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Desk top space is hard to come by. Machook elevates one of your most used accessories (headphones) away from the clutter.

What's a Machook?

Prime desk top real estate is hard to come by.  Machook elevates one of your most used accessories (headphones) away from the clutter.  The Machook headphone holder will be made from ABS plastic right here in the USA.  It is designed to have a matte style finish and will be available in matte black initially, but if there is enough support there will be a few different colors available (Colors TBD by you!).    

Machook Adheres to the top of any 2009 - 2011 model Apple iMac with a 3M adhesive strip. It will also fit Apple Thunderbolt displays and older model iMacs, but there will be a very slight gap at the top corner.  If you choose to remove your Machook, it will not leave a sticky residue.

Who am I?

Hello and thanks for taking some time to read about my project!  My name is Adam Brackney, I am a graphic designer/product designer living in Saint Paul Minnesota.  I am raising funds for the production and tooling of a rapid injection mold in order to crank out some sweet headphone holders.  Even though the Machook is a small, simple product...the tooling for the mold is still really expensive.  I've found a producer here in Minnesota that does great work at a reasonable price...quickly. 

History of the hook.

It all started about a year ago.  I was sitting at my desk trying to dig my headphones out from under a pile of papers, plates, toys and various other things that really shouldn't be on my desk in the first place.  When I was done using them, they were tossed onto that same pile...still on my desk.  Cluttered, would be an understatement.  My desk was a nightmare.  I realized that my headphones were probably the biggest space sucker on my desk.  I could have just unplugged them and set them on a shelf or side table, but they were also my most used accessory.  I needed somewhere to place them that would free up some space, and still be within reach. 

And thus the Machook was born!  The first version was a crudely bent piece of laminated wood.  Then came a slightly more refined version made from a CNC'd hunk of premium Baltic birch plywood.  More recently a 3D printed model was made (which is what you see in the above video and images).  After lots of positive feedback and a few short run batches, I've decided to make a new version from plastic.  While I still love the wood version, there is alot of finishing work involved...and after hand sanding and waxing over 1,000 of these things I need a break! 

So here we are!  I am calling upon the power of the Kickstarter community to help raise the money needed to pay for the tooling of the mold, as well as the first batch of Machooks.With your help, we can make your desk a much happier place!

Did I mention the Machook will be 100% made in the USA!? 

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By ordering your Machook now, you can rest assured it will be delivered on time and perform just as described. Having gone through multiple rounds of revisions and tests of the hook as well as the adhesive, it is now at it's perfect form and function and ready for production.
That said, setbacks are always a possibility! I will keep everyone updated on a regular basis if problems or delays pop up!


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