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Play fantastic thieves in a fantastical city in this new stealth-adventure tabletop roleplaying game.
Play fantastic thieves in a fantastical city in this new stealth-adventure tabletop roleplaying game.
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The Week That Was and the Week That Shall Be


For this next week, please brace your inboxes, because I'm planning an update for each weekday and this one isn't even the Monday update. But first I wanted to report to you on the state of the campaign itself and what lies ahead. I'm excited!

A new volley of Saturnine Codex rewards will become available in about a week. Since I've made them available in the evenings, thus far, the next set will be available in a morning hour, probably on Saturday. I'm vague because I want to leave myself room to respond to ideas from you all.

A new backer level just for retailers is on the way this week, too.

We passed the $25,500 mark, so Rachel Kahn and I get to wade into card designs now. This is a thrill for me! The art direction process for these designs has already been a fun challenge and I'm eager to see Rachel improve on my notions with her skills.

Kind of a Big Deal

The next (and final?)* stretch goal is a big one. I've long wanted to produce a handsome deck of cards — something that looks and handles great. So I'm aiming high. If we can surpass the $35,000 milestone, a custom Dark deck gets printed by the US Playing Card Company! They make terrific cards, some of my favorites, and they've already been great to work with.

Here's what makes this complicated:

Most Kickstarters for original playing-card decks can use the funding goal to handle their ordering process: If the campaign raises enough funds to warrant the minimum printing order, the deck gets made. If not, nothing happens. Because our deck is a stretch goal (I didn't know we'd get this far!), I can't create backer levels for the decks until we raise enough for the decks, because I don't want to promise them to you — and be on the hook for print costs, shipping, and warehousing these decks — only to discover that just a small number of you want them. (If we hit the stretch goal, I'll pay professional shippers to send the decks out.)

Therefore! As the sketches surface over the next couple of weeks and you get a sense of the art and look of the thing, decide if you'd like one of these decks. Then come back and "like" this update to let me know you're interested. When I'm confident that enough of you are interested, or when we reach the $35,000 stretch goal, I'll create new backer levels that offer up decks alongside the existing rewards. I anticipate each deck will run about $10 (including domestic US shipping) and will be available both in new backer levels and as add-ons to existing levels. I'm also hopeful that I can place Dark decks with retailers over time, too.

Dark decks will also eventually be available from DriveThruCards.

So, there you have it. Tomorrow: a bit about the game rules!

Thanks for your time.

*(Strictly speaking, I have a couple of small stretch goals still in reserve. I moved them around to accommodate this new goal for the cards.)

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    1. Will Hindmarch 2-time creator on

      Thanks, Marty!

      Everyone, Marty is one of Dark's earliest play testers. He's been through a gauntlet of design revisions, variations, and even straight up design mistakes during the game's history. His current character, in a fantastical Dark campaign, is renowned for being able to "outrun crossbow bolts." (That is, he has ticked the Accomplished box of the Traverse skill and is spreading rumors about himself.)

    2. Martin Anton Gleason on

      Dark specific decks. Will's got an amazing sense of aesthetics. Clearly, the kickstarter needs a signal boost to ensure the amazing decks!!

    3. Will Hindmarch 2-time creator on

      The digital version of the Saturnine Codex, while it may not be the same layout as the hand-bound version, counts as material unlocked during this Kickstarter campaign and will be made available to all apt backers. I honestly don't know yet if a POD version of that book will be available, though. It depends on several factors I haven't looked closely at yet.

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Drew

      As for the new Saturnine Codices, while I'm sure the physical item is going to be super-amazing, I'd personally be happy with a digital version. Is that likely to be a possibility? Partly because of the high cost + shipping, but also because of the fact that I seem incapable of scheduling myself to be in front of my computer at exactly the right time.

    5. Will Hindmarch 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the intel, Kairam! I'm hopeful that's feasible for us, too.

    6. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      I've received KS decks thru USPS here in Brazil for a very reasonable price ($4.50 e.a.). Hope this is feasible in this case.

    7. Will Hindmarch 2-time creator on

      Oh, yes! International backers will be welcome to the decks. I just don't have a reliable report of what shipping will cost for that yet. I've been watching a fair number of dedicated playing-card Kickstarter campaigns, though, and it seems that the small size and low weight of a deck makes the shipping manageable. I'm looking more closely.

    8. Terry O'Carroll on

      Same question as Jake Cotter, but replace "Canadians" with "Aussies". Given the insane costs of international shipping, and the fact that a deck of cards cannot be sent media mail (IIUC), if the answer is "no", then IMO no biggie. However, if you could get the cards into retailers so I can order through my FLGS then that would be wonderful.

      BTW, keep the updates coming. It isn't spam if it contains new information about something I'm interested in.

    9. Jake Cotter on

      Is there going to be a way for International backers (specifically, Canadians) to get the USPCC cards, or are they going to be U.S. only?

    10. Will Hindmarch 2-time creator on

      Thanks to all of you who have voted already!

      @ David: By all means! I can't fault anyone for waiting until there's art to see before making up their mind. Thanks for weighing in, though; it's helpful to me.

      @ Jules, I can do that. Admittedly, I'm just wary of it because I'll have to do a lot more careful sorting to make sure I get the add-ons right after the campaign closes. I certainly do want to make it as few steps as possible for backers while preserving clarity on this side!

    11. Shervyn von Hoerl

      I'm in for at least one deck.

    12. Jules Halligan

      Could you just have the cards as an add on when you hit the goal?

    13. Missing avatar

      David L Fort on

      I will have to wait until I see some preview art/see what the difference between Dark cards and normal one would be, but I would potentially be down for at least one, and possibly as many as four.

    14. Panther Berg on

      What he said. I'm in and excited about it!

    15. Missing avatar

      Duncan Ellis on

      Well, the cards sounds very nice indeed.

    16. Bryant Durrell

      USPCC cards are way more interesting to me than DriveThru PoD cards. I'm in.

    17. Derek Guder

      I'm just going to like this right now, 'cuz I'm all for nice custom components. Especially if you can make the non-face cards nice and distinctive as well.