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Play fantastic thieves in a fantastical city in this new stealth-adventure tabletop roleplaying game.
Play fantastic thieves in a fantastical city in this new stealth-adventure tabletop roleplaying game.
2,078 backers pledged $75,045 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Alex on March 16

      @Steve Brown:

      Will is just going to ignore us until we go away. There are no repercussions for this behavior and he knows it.

      Until a lawsuit gets fired into his mailbox he will be content to just update his Patreon and whatever he actually feels like doing.

    2. Steve Brown on March 16

      Terms of Use for Projects prior to 19/10/14:

      Section on Fundraising and Commerce:
      Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.
      Project Creators may cancel or refund a Backer’s pledge at any time and for any reason, and if they do so, are not required to fulfill the reward.

      I want a refund. Will is just stringing everyone along and has no ability to complete this project. I'm sure he wants to and sometimes believes he can, but he isn't going to.

      I do feel sorry for Will if his depression is real, but reports of him attending Cons and working on other projects makes it a difficult excuse to swallow.

      I think I've been patient enough and if he has an ounce of decency he should refund people that ask for one.

      We all know he doesn't reply to anything posted on or through Kickstarter and he stopped using Twitter because he couldn't ignore direct messages to him. Does anyone have any ideas how we contact him or make our requests and feelings more public?

    3. Missing avatar

      Stefan Drawert on March 15

      In a twisted way, Will needs to be applauded for achieving a stunning feat:

      Right after funding, he entered some strange kind of monologue with himself, setting up deadlines and milestones, launching side projects like communities and web sites, while all the time refusing to be measured by anybody but himself, refusing even the most basic dialogue with the people he got 75k from by making false promises.

      And 4 years later, doing round after round, all the time just by himself, he made this whole project slowly, but surely, fade away...

      First people cared, were upset, were taking sides, pro and contra. But over the years, he wore us down... people started not to care anymore, writing this one off as experience, as lesson, as tragedy, or as travesty.

      But Will - without delivering anything - silences it all, backer by backer, month by month, just by ignoring everybody.

      No fight, no yelling, in the end just... pure ignorance.

      Kickstarter has seen it all - the fights, the love, the misunderstandings, the betrayals, the surprises...
      But this one is unique - it just slowly disappears. There simply is no one to yell at, there is just nothing.

      Kickstarter is not a store with finished products, it is about enabling - that or similar arguments were often used in discussions here and I fully agree.
      But in this very special case I felt cheated, not only by the (IMO) incorrect details on the status quo of the project, but also by all the broken (and never commented on) promises made along the way.

      After all, without wanting to get into a discussion about creative processes and / or depression, we sometimes need to remember what we are talking about:

      A writer's job, not rocket science.
      There is no sculpting/programming/shipping involved - all these nasty little details that made kickstarters fail.

      It's "just" writing.

      Even if sometimes we are not as gifted by creativity as we hoped for, we still promised to deliver.
      If his struggle is between delivering something outstanding, which will take additional years because of creative challenges that he did not knew of in his original pitch, or to deliver something "ok" to satisfy backers - fine!

      Just tell your backers, ask them.
      If they decide to wait - here you go!
      If they rather prefer the unpolished draft - so sad, but hey - they earned it.

      The very least should be honest communication with the people that you owe, in an open and constructive way.

      After 4 years, Will got things so messed up, that he can't really do anything anymore but to ignore and hope that somehow he will get out of this train wreck, preferably unnoticed and unharmed.

      Looking forward to see the next steps of "Project: Fade".

    4. Alex on March 15

      @Noah Doyle: Haha, yeah, he gave himself a pay raise for the Dark books alright.

      I just hope that Rachel Kahn got paid for her card art since shes the only one who's done any work on this project.

    5. Missing avatar

      Noah Doyle on March 14

      "This campaign, if successful, allows me to take time off to finish writing and laying out the text while commissioning the art for the book."

      "Somewhere between $12,000 and $14,000, I got to give myself a pay raise for the Dark books and take some additional time off from freelance work to devote just to them."

      " I have carefully crafted this campaign to minimize risks and obstacles, learning from my experiences in previous campaigns. Still, any machine with moving pieces sometimes needs troubleshooting. As a veteran of the tabletop-games publishing business, I have the experience necessary to coordinate fixes, troubleshoot errors, and overcome the hurdles between this project and its final completion. If funded, this project pays me for the time necessary to manage and shepherd the project to success, with minimal distractions. It is my sincere aim to have this game available for sale at Gen Con 2014 and this funding makes it possible for me to devote time and resources to that goal."

      Four years, and $75,000 later...

    6. Missing avatar

      Peer on March 3

      At this point I would settle for an unfinished PDF-Download.

    7. Chris Sanderson on March 2

      I need to follow DeathStar backed projects for his witty updates ! Worth every penny

    8. Kevin Dickinson on February 2

      It's amazing how long I can be away from this thing and have it be almost unchanged when I return. Personally I am starting to think that Project Dark and Blades in the Dark met in an alley in Will's mind. There was a brief scuffle, some sobbing, and then Blades in the Dark Walked out unscathed. RIP Project Dark. See you in another 18 months.

    9. Kenny on February 1

      @Planet Deathstar - I don't even care that the game is late or that Will is having issues. I do care that he keeps using mental health as his goto excuse. He could make a monthly post saying, "Sorry, I blew the money on cocaine and hookers, but I'm trying to find the time to get the game done in-between jobs to keep the lights on so it doesn't go Dark," and I'd be way less upset.

      I'm also bothered there has been no transparency of any kind. No peeks of things he's working on. No revised text.... Speaking as someone with anxiety, I'd be way more afraid to wait until it was finished to show it to people than to show things as they're in development.

      I dunno...I mean, I'm sure the guy is struggling and embarrassed, but this albatross is going to keep hanging around his neck until he puts something out.

    10. Planet Deathstar on January 31

      @Jim Groves - I understand where you're coming from. For me, dealing with stuff like this tends toward making light of the situation. I’d rather bring some levity to the comment section than be out-and-out negative. While that can definitely be seen as sarcasm, it’s not really what I’m going for. I think it leans more to being a little absurd and silly than it is “trolling for lelz.”
      I’m not interested in ripping people down, but I do think that sometimes a mostly toothless critique is necessary for growth and introspection, and I try to frame what I post in a way that invites the person I’m critiquing to rise above whatever I’ve written. That’s actually the whole point, really.

      @Jesse (I suppose?) – I didn’t see your comment, but I’m not a hater. There are a couple of reasons for this:
      1) I really want Will to succeed. I write absurd nonsense to engender a sense of urgency, and hopefully to point out that while the game is late, this isn’t really all that bad. I do actually feel that he could complete it *if he put the time in* but I’m not 10,000% convinced that he is actually putting the time in…
      2) I’m a scamp, and therefore harmless.

      @Kenny – Thanks! Depression is awful and I think it’s the laziest possible excuse to use it as a scapegoat here. Your point about Will making others who deal with similar conditions look like con artists feels especially true – “Oh, that person can’t be trusted, they have a form of ANXIETY and/or vague and ill-explained DEPRESSIVE TENDENCIES. GASP.” Ugh. Horrible. He should (and likely does) know better.

      See y’all in a month!

    11. Kenny on January 30

      @Planet Deathstar - Your posts are incredible. They're worth every penny I've paid for this non-existent game.

      Will makes everyone who struggles with depression and anxiety look like con men. I have extreme cases of both and I still get my job done on time.

      So, we all meet back here in a month and talk about the new vague update?

    12. Jim Groves on January 30

      I'm out guys. It's too much. I hope he finishes. If I get a book someday, hooray.

    13. Jim Groves on January 30

      @Planet Deathstar - I appreciate the humor. I can't laugh though. I also don't want to be too sarcastic. A lot of people I respect and would like to work with someday seemingly adore Hindmarch. I don't want to be so sarcastic that I become the bad guy here. These 'nice' people in the Backer Update? I don't even think they realize they're, for all intents and purposes, egging me on.

      You know unconditional love is a beautiful thing. I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever, but when did self-respect and honoring your word come to mean so little? When did we blatantly start using our disabilities to take advantage of people that we made a commitment to?

      Some dork named Jesse called us "haters." I only just started complaining. I was frustrated in the summer, but in August he made us all a promise to have something in November.

      I don't understand. I don't want my money back (I recognize that some of you do, and my declaration is not intended to detract from that) I guess I want people to be loving but I also want them to be fair. I want them to insist on an honest and detailed accounting of what is going on.

    14. Planet Deathstar on January 30

      @Jim Groves - Doing some quick math:

      30% Complete at Project Inception (total time, unknown, at current rate of progress, assume five years)

      This means that now - four years later Will's just crossed the halfway mark, clocking in at a tremendous 54%! At a linear 6% progress per year, that means we can expect release sometime in 2025; expect additional time for The House Book, Dark|Net, Dark Planet, The Saturnine Codex, and the two adventures listed in the rewards section for each setting.

    15. Jim Groves on January 30

      @ Boris- He was 30% done four years ago. Respectfully, he's had a long time to give a project the time that it deserves.

    16. Planet Deathstar on January 30

      I just noticed a typo in my post. The bit about being afraid and humiliated is supposed to read " Look, I’m going to come across as an ass." I am now wracked with angst, having let you all down, and will not be posting further until I clear this overwhelming existential malaise from my bruised ego and conscience.

    17. Planet Deathstar on January 30

      @Kenny - thanks! I appreciate it!

      @Chris Sanderson - for sure! I've got dozens written, and I'll share them all - gladly, happily! The next one should be along quite soon (April) where I'll show off some exciting art updates that I know you'll love!

      Personally, I've got a few favorite parts of this update:
      - "I'm having conversations with people" : Neat! With whom? What are they saying? What are *you* saying? I’m all ears.

      - "I'm hoping to have real news for you soon" : Ok; but couldn't this update maybe have some real news? What have you been up to lately? Not even game related. Yesterday I had a ham sandwich. (Not really, but this would be better than the massive silence produced by this Kickstarter)

      - "Understandably, you don't want more peeks" : We've received peeks?

      - "Thus I try to keep out of your inboxes" : Do you ever!

      - "I've revised the Skills chapter" : Will, quit stealing stuff I've already created for you as satire. It makes me feel greasy. I don’t want to be an unwitting ghost writer for your updates! How about you show us the Skills chapter since the revision is done?

      - "I am afraid and humiliated" : Look, I’m going to come across as an, but I don't actually care. Saying that both you and I (we, I guess) 'want the thing to be done' and then fall back on this as an excuse is crappy. Chin up, do the work, quit apologizing to a nebulous 'us', get out more updates with actual content, and call it a day. Yes, yes, depression, and I'm being harsh - but my dude, it's been years. Quit treating the entire process as a sum total of all of the days that have passed between now and whatever benchmark you have in your mind, leave all the bs set dressing behind, and just work on the game like tomorrow is the first day that actually counts. Because tomorrow is the first day that actually counts.

      - “Back to it” : Marvelous. Everyone applauds. What’s the plan now? Do you have a plan? Is there a plan? No? So what was this update then? Writing home to let us all know that you’re still alive? Thanks I guess – I mean that goes back to my point about having real news soon and mentioning lunch options, but I’d like a little bit of something concrete.

      And not to be that guy, but how does this update have like thirty likes?

    18. Boris
      on January 30

      Will, I will wait for this RPG 5 more years if needed. From the peeks you send us I know this will be something marvelous, clever and a joy to play. Shape it to perfectness as a diamond.
      I know that only you can do it.

      I have payed for many kickstarter RPG which had great presentation, perfect concept and fast delivery. And then I received something I know I will never play as those good ideas were only somewhere on the border without attention they deserved.
      Dark RPG has Soul and it is worth any time you need for bringing it out.

    19. Alex on January 30

      @Chris Doherty: I agree, and at this point would love to sue for a refund, I don’t know enough about American law to know if the AG of Illinois would have jurisdiction over this since the money transfer was handled through Kickstarter.
      From a quick search it appears that other Kickstarter lawsuits have been handled either by the American Federal Trade Commission or the individual states.
      Anyone interested can submit a Consumer Complaint Form with the Illinois Attorney General although I would suspect they may only respond to American complainants.

      @Jim Groves: You've been on point with your criticism today. Remind me to never upset an articulate person.

    20. Jim Groves on January 30

      @Chris - (sigh) I agree with you. I wish I didn't have to, because it makes me feel bad. But it is demeaning. There is a way forward for Will, he needs to take it. Then he can work on recovering, personally and professionally. I'm confident there are good folks in the business that will give him a chance.

      He literally wrote a D&D campaign to be run at a charity event for Chicago Public Radio. This month. Then check out the play tab at the top to see proof of Will's involvement. I have nothing against Public Radio, nor do I begrudge them accepting Will's help. But for pity's sake, we did not even get a backer update. He took 70 thousand dollars from us and is three years late and has not provided any good professional explanation. Why didn't we get that energy? Why didn't we get that love or concern? When did we become the last priority in all his endeavors?

    21. Jim Groves on January 30

      @Stuart - I have gone the opposite direction. I have loved, cheered, hugged, and enabled for years now. I don't and won't categorize myself as a dick, but I feel *I* have enabled this self-destructive pattern long enough. I feel very guilty for being outspoken right now, and Will Hindmarch should not be putting me in this position.

      @LeeAnne- I have had to write two of those emails in the last 8 months and I experienced that same mortification and shame. Depression was a cause and I'm just coming out of it now, thankfully. It's what we do afterwards that matters. It would be a helluva lot different if this project was only just a year late. OMG. "A year late?" You see how desensitized we've become? When this is something we casually accept as normal I'm not sure why any of us, who write for money, adhere to any deadline.

      And while it's easy to pile on Will, I'm starting to blame Kickstarter itself. I have heard Kickstarter's perspective. "You're supporting a process. This is not a pre-order. You're supporting a dream and the reward, if any, is secondary to helping someone realize their vision." Oh for pity's sake. It absolutely is used as a pre-order, with a TBD ship date. They can call it whatever they like, but the way that a thing is used goes a long way to define what it actually is.

    22. Chris Doherty on January 30

      The myth that "creative" projects are any different from any other kind of work you get paid for is just that. Get it in on time, on spec, and under budget. It doesn't matter if you're building a DevOps pipeline or painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

      There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of outright fraud on Will's part. His constant use of the "but but mental health" card is insulting and demeaning to people with mental health issues who nevertheless manage to meet their personal and professional commitments without expecting special treatment. Whether he actually has mental health issues or not, his "anxiety and depression" is a nasty little excuse and it buys him no sympathy.

      He's a fraud, and it's time for the state attorney general to get involved.

    23. Stuart Gairns on January 30

      Updates from this kickstarter started to become almost a sport for me - "What excuse is he going to use now" ;
      But that old me was a dick.
      This is a creative project - once it's done, it's done - if it's done while still unfinished - it will forever be unfinished.
      Take all the time you need to polish it to it's finest sheen ; I mean, we've waited this long already.

    24. LeeAnne Minnick on January 30

      Speaking as someone who just sent an email containing the sentence "Please know that I am mortified to have dropped the ball this hard", know that you're not alone in having committed to a thing and then not been able to produce it within the initial timeline.

      I backed this project because I liked your vision and wordplay. I'm willing to wait for the finished product.

    25. Chris Sanderson on January 30

      @Planet Deathstar .....that was chillingly close to what we just saw.... you Sir must be a mind reader.....

      ....Any chance you could push the bounderies of your powers and predict the next update?

    26. Alex on January 30

      Mmm, yeah. Almost a solid 3 months between updates and STILL nothing but apologies and self deprecation.

      No deliverables of any kind, no time tables. Not even a dog-eared Beta document leftover from a con. I could understand if the unfortunate passing of Will's colleague, Stew Wieck, would derail things some but the only thing Will has done in a YEAR is that loot finder?

      He said he would be working full time on Project:Dark, and getting Industry help, LAST JANUARY (Update #55) and then left us sitting here for 5 months. So he accomplished nothing during that period?

      Anyone else remember Will's promise that the PDF would be ready in October of last year? What became of the “big sprint” on the books from the October update? All his “ruthless editing” while on the road?

      This BS is why I cant take anything Will says at face value anymore. Refund and then bury this thing.

    27. Jesse Parrotti on January 30

      I only backed for a small amount, so I don’t care too much. But I get these email updates once in a while and I have to be honest, this is starting to get weird.

      It seems like an exercise in self deprication. Put this Kickstarter to rest, release what you have done and open source it, and forgive yourself already.

    28. Missing avatar

      Peer on January 25

      Jim, I can absolutly understand your ccncerns - the industry is a small one - and even more I appreciate you speaking out.

    29. Steve Brown on January 25

      Jim, thanks for speaking out as "a freelance author and someone who also suffers from clinical depression". I'm neither of those and honestly when Will has offered his depression/anxiety as an excuse I struggle to argue with that. I want him to side with him, but he should also show us that he knows he's accountable. 3-4 month updates that don't really show any progress and never replying to direct communications doesn't suggest to me that Will is putting every effort into finishing this project and displays a complete lack of accountability.

      I hoped that all the friends he has in the industry would help him out and he made comments to suggest that was happening, but I haven't yet seen any evidence of that.

      Such a frustrating project because what he's shown us looks excellent, but the lack of communication and willful ignoring of direct messages should exclude him from running future projects on Kickstarter, it's against their "rules".

      Let's hope the next update, if there ever is one, shows some significant progress.

    30. Jim Groves on January 25

      Thank you for speaking out. I should not have named dropped Matt Forbeck or Fred Hicks in that manner. Just to clarify, they wrote words to the effect of “I’ll tell them where they can go and how fast to get there,” referring to anyone with a complaint. Characterizing that as a ‘veiled threat’ was kind of overly dramatic on my part. Mea culpa, I’m just really annoyed right now. At the time, a few year’s ago, I actually agreed with the sentiment. This situation has evolved in a bad way since that time.
      I’m speaking out now with a lot of reluctance. Will has a lot of friends with some significant companies (Green Ronin, Pelgrane, Chaosium, Onyx Path) and still enjoys a good friendship important people in the rpg community. Jeez, seems like Ken Hite name-drops him on Facebook every month. I’m feeling like a total creep and I don’t want people to hate me for picking on “lovable old Will.” I don’t have those kind of industry friends. Yet the ‘needle is buried in the red’ with this project and I’m feeling we need to be honest with ourselves here. It’s time for an intervention.
      The campaign is actually four years old as of January 27th, a few days from now. Will gave himself a year to complete the work. Which makes us 3 years past the estimated ship date.

    31. Missing avatar

      Peer on January 25

      Jim, I completly agree with you. I am a game designer myself and I know - trust me I know! - that things dont always run as smoothly as you hoped.
      But this campaign is not like that for two reasons:
      1) The original ccampaign pretty much said that the game is finished and the books just needed to be typed. After the campaign finished we suddenly hear from betatesters and that the playtesting is 80% complete (or less). I wouldnt have backed if that would have been known earlier.
      2) The completle lack of transparency is unlike any other kickstarter campaign. We dont hear anything less vaguie then "Oh, Im still working and it will be finished sometime" - which doesnt seem to be true. He doesnt seem to have any incentive left to actually work on the project, because the money has been collected.

    32. Jim Groves on January 24

      I have finally gone from a steadfast support to someone who feels disrespected and offended by Mr. Hindmarch. I write this as a freelance author and someone who also suffers from clinical depression. It's now three years past his estimated ship date when the project was supposed to be close to completion when the project was launched. He doesn't communicate. He doesn't respond. He patently invests his time and energy elsewhere besides honoring his obligations here. Under different circumstances I wouldn't completely condemn having other professional interests but this has now become extraordinary in a bad way.
      Mr. Hindmarch apparently attends conventions regularly. He recently wrote a campaign style game for D&D at a charity function called Level Eater 8.88 to raise money to support public radio in Chicago. He was an author on another Kickstarter project, the Prince Valiant RPG.
      [In fairness, the Prince Valiant RPG might have been when he was talking to Stewart Wieck about getting assistance to complete Project Dark, and I wouldn't be mentioning it if that had happened. My point is not to tarnish Mr. Wieck's good name, but apparently Will was able to receive and reply to business correspondence, sign contracts, and complete that work.]
      I'm still remembering Matt Forbeck and Fred Hicks making veiled threats against people who had anything bad to say about Will. You can literally find those comments on this campaign. What was that like two years ago?
      I am very sorry I had anything to do with this campaign because its brought out something negative in myself that I never wanted. I'm in for a $100, but that doesn't bother me as much that Mr. Hindmarch has caused me to become an angry person, after I wanted to help him realize his dream and get a fun game in the process.
      I think some of us need to starting asking him to be accountable for himself, even with his disability. 75,000 is easily double a yearly income for some people and he launched the campaign claiming most of the work was done.
      I suspect we're not hearing anything because the money is gone.

    33. Kenny on January 23

      @Planet Deathstar - that was *amazing*. Definitely the best thing to come out of this project yet!

    34. Planet Deathstar on January 23

      @Steve and @Alex - thanks guys. The sad thing is I check this kickstarter page at least once a week out of some misguided sense of "maybe there really will be an update - I just missed it" or something.

      I absolutely agree that Will should just release what he's got by now - even if it ends up being like thirty pages. I have a funny feeling that he hasn't got much farther than his initial release from several years ago, but I remember running a few friends through the scenario and having a ton of fun with the game. He wouldn't honestly need to add much content beyond that other than fleshing out character creation and the DM's turn. Mechanically, I felt the game was like 90% there, which is why it's current state and Will's total reticence to release anything is so weird.

      I get that he’s deeply anxious, but I’d think that tearing off the band-aid might be a better idea than just endlessly delaying things. @Steve, your point to Will keeping himself to a strict weekly update would be a good idea and would likely benefit his work, but at this point I think there’s no chance of that happening.

    35. Steve Brown on January 19

      @Planet Deathstar: brilliant! Although I think it also needed a "because this has taken so long to produce I'm looking at work I did years ago and like every artist I question it's value. I've grown since then and decided to rewrite/re-layout/rehash. This will of course not impact the delivery date which has long since passed. Any future delivery date will of course always remain in the future".

      On a more serious note, I do wonder how much time has been lost because Will is taking so long to complete this he is looking at work he wrote years ago and seeing it's flaws. He needs to stop rewriting the game and get it out there. He should save his new ideas and changes of heart for a second edition. He has to stick to a vision and get this out of the door.

      Also, I think it only a courtesy for our patience that he let us know what's going on even if it's nothing. Forcing himself to update us every week might keep him honest and encourage him to work on the game. Whilst he tells us how much it means to him, etc, the evidence suggests he's not working on the game as much as he should be doing, or effective work at least. If he'd only done an hour a day for the last 3 years that would still be over 1000 hours of writing and development time. Is that not enough?

      Still my biggest gripe is his attitude about not replying to backers and going incommunicado. That's just rude and a massive dodge of his responsibilities.

    36. Alex on January 18

      @Planet Deathstar: Pretty accurate. Maybe it needs some more Sméagol-style apologies though?

    37. Planet Deathstar on January 17

      @Steve - here's my best attempt at what our next update will be:

      It's dark as I thumb through a nearly completed rule-book, which, unfortunately I'm unable to share with you at this point. I'll try to be brief as your time is valuable. I know I've let you all down (trust me, I know) and I feel terrible about this. In an effort to put more time into the game, I've completely retreated from all forms of social media. This has had the adverse effect of making my time working on the game even less visible, as well as making it nearly impossible to get in touch with – believe me, abandoning Project: Dark is the last thing on my mind. I 100% will complete this game if it kills me (and it might!)

      Art production continues apace. The stuff I’m seeing – well – let’s just say I wish I could show you. In a word, it’s incredible. I’d put it up on, but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag yet. Instead, I think it would be best if I surprised you all with a finished product that you deserve.

      I’ve encountered a few delays lately, nothing that should prolong development, but it’s had the unfortunate effect of derailing several thousand words of content – the rule book I mentioned earlier was a metaphor, symbolizing what the game could (or indeed) will be. Because of this, I won’t be able to release anything concrete, but by my next update (June-ish I think) I should have something exciting to share with you all.

      Again, thank you for your incredible and somehow limitless patience. The work now is in it’s final, last, nearly complete stages and should be ready in no time, which is to say quite soon. Perhaps within days even? Possibly longer? Who can say. I know I certainly won’t (can’t?)


    38. Steve Brown on January 17

      An update would be nice. It's been two months. Are we asking too much?

    39. Alex on January 11

      Thanks, Steve. Didnt realize it was a repost of an earlier video.

    40. Steve Brown on January 11

      Alex, that video is already on YouTube:…
      Originally, posted in Apr 2015.

      Oh how time flies!

      Nothing new here :-(

      Does anyone know who Ronnie Steele is and his possible connection?

    41. Alex on January 10

      For anyone interested, last month Will participated in a 3 hour play session of Project:Dark.

      To the best of my knowledge Will never notified us (his Backers) about this stream so I guess random people on the internet are being given more information about this game than us at this point. Maybe he didnt think we would be interested.

      The stream also has a few Hindmarch fibs in it. Max Temkin says that this is a "Recently completed" Kickstarter and Will just nods along with it never mind that fact that funding was successful in January of 2014. Also, Will says that there are links for the Project:Dark beta on but there aren't. He wouldn't commit to a release date when asked but I guess that shouldn't surprise anyone.

      I am super jealous that he gets to talk to Patric Rothfuss though. I would have just started babbling questions about the Kingkiller Chronicle like an idiot.

    42. Chris Sanderson on January 9

      It is dark , the years are passing, and I see assassins in the shadows, so I type this quick update for you.....


      Thank you.....

    43. Insomnicron on January 4

      Well here we are at the start of another year... no update, no movement... same ol' Will.

      I take some small comfort in the fact that if you google his name the first hit is a warning about the behavior of his projects.

      And again, it's not that there ARE delays; delays happen all the time, it's part of life and definitely a part of KS, it's that the delays are always explained the same way and followed with how this will be fixed... then nothing happens for months and months, then the same explanations and promises arise.

      I just wish there was a way to remove this from my backed project list on KS so I don't have to see it or think about it any more... boxes left unchecked for the better part of 4 years really make me itch.

    44. Missing avatar

      Stefan Drawert on December 27

      What a pathetic joke of a kickstarter. So sad.

    45. Alex on December 3

      @Kenny This is the time of year where Will gets extra flaky so I wouldn't be surprised if we don't hear from him again until February. Take a look at the updates from the last two winter periods.

    46. Kenny on December 3

      I wonder what this month's excuse will be? It's about that time....

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark B. on November 21

      Hey Alex:

      As frustrating as it is to have been waiting on this thing for almost half a decade, depression / anxiety don't work in whatever way you seem to suggest they do based on your comment.

      I absolutely appreciate and understand folks here who are airing their grievances about their delays with this project (I've been one), but cracking ignorant and/or snarky comments about mental illness that border on accusations of malingering do literally nothing to help this situation. Folks have been haranguing him for years now about this thing and it hasn't seemed to do anything to speed up the process. You think putting scare quotes around depression and anxiety is gonna do the trick?

      As much as I agree that Mr. Hindmarch has not taken any responsibility for how his issues have impacted this project given massive delays, and that his "updates" have basically been a series of broken promises largely been devoid of any real meaningful substance for the most part, potshots like that one are strictly a net negative.

    48. Alex on November 20

      Will participated in some panels at PAX Unplugged this weekend.

      Guess that "depression and anxiety" only flares up when Will remembers this project exists.

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