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A cyberpunk action-adventure roleplaying-game scenario ready to play with built-in player characters and simple game rules.
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Spotlight: Quantazelle

Posted by Will Hindmarch (Creator)

Quantazelle is a codename for the circuit-bending, IDM-spinning musician and DJ I first knew as Liz McLean Knight. I met Liz in the mid-1990s. We went to the same schools, off and on, for a few years. She was up on electronic music and digital hardware back then, too. It was clear she was going places—she didn't seem to want to be things when she "grew up," she wasn't wasting any time waiting around. She was a musician and artist already.

Today she thrives in the places where technology, fashion, and music overlap. She's known by many names because she does many things. Musician? Designer? Entrepreneur? She's got all that covered.

As Quantazelle, she's an innovative musical artist weaving complex sounds, percussive programming, and original sound design into compelling, alluring tracks. She also turns those electronic components she knows so well into unique, original jewelry in the tech-fashion line, Zelle.

As Liz Revision she's built a rep as a cunning digital DJ, known locally and beyond.

She runs the online store, Fractalspin, stocked with technofashionista delights, and is the force behind the indie record label, subVariant, which puts out killer compilations, like Frequencity, and her wonderful albums, like Coaster.

When I wrote Liz, seeking music for this, my first Kickstarter video, I gave her just the barest rundown of the adventure's atmosphere and subject matter and she immediately pointed me at "Unlawful Furniture," the track you hear in the video. I totally thought 'Unlawful Furniture' would work when you mentioned spies," Liz wrote. "[T]hat was the first piece I did where I mentally said "[Okay], let's go minor chords and dark and not be so chipperty dippity." That the lyrics for the song encourage listeners (and thus game players) to do "whatever you want to do" only made it feel more apt.

I had to cut something like two minutes out of the song to fit my video, unfortunately, but Quantazelle has been kind enough to share a full-length version of the track with us, which you can find right here.

Liz continues to amaze me with her many talents, from her business acumen to her musicality to her style—and that's her voice you hear in "Unlawful Furniture." Her future sounds great. Thanks, Liz, for helping Always/Never/Now come alive in the video.

And thank you, backers. Be good.


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