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A special thanks to all 906(!) Backers who made the Wooting two a reality!
A special thanks to all 906(!) Backers who made the Wooting two a reality!
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906 backers pledged €136,041 to help bring this project to life.

Need your feedback & order confirmations

Posted by Wooting (Creator)

Hi Backers,

In the last update we talked about Tooling. It’s still in process but it’s getting close to final. I was planning to show a couple pictures of what it looks like, but I haven’t been able to get my hands on the Wooting two tooling itself yet.

Therefore, to get a better idea what I mean with “tooling” and a “mold”, I have a picture of the Wooting one bottom-case mold.

1 part of Wooting one mold
1 part of Wooting one mold

It's one half of the mold, and if you look carefully you can see the feet and cable gutter. You should imagine another half and a super big machine press these together while it injects plastic in it.

Planning-wise everything still looks to be in the Green for a November-December delivery. I'm already looking forward going to China and run the vlog.

In the meanwhile, we had started on the Wooting two packaging and need your feedback!

Packaging design

In last Friday’s livestream we already showed a preview of 2 different packaging samples. Just this week I received them physically in the office and took some pictures. Unfortunately, they did get severely damaged on the way, and there wasn't a great picture environment, so you need to look past the blemish.

But, I need your help to make a team decision. There are 2 color themes for the packaging of which we can’t decide. The classic, white on black, and the new kid on the block, purple on white. We ran a small interest check on twitter and opinions were divided.

Damaged boxes side to side
Damaged boxes side to side

Therefore, we decided, let’s run a poll and let the entire team Wooting decide what it’s going to be. After all, this is the box that will arrive on your doorstep by the end of the year.

You can check the imgur album to see a bunch more pictures before you jump to vote in the poll below.

Head to the strawpoll

And please share your feedback in the comments!

Confirmation emails

Most of you might have noticed that we started sending out confirmation emails for your pledges. We did this to move the Kickstarter pledges into our new official online stores. This will make managing the orders a whole lot easier and flexible than dealing with a 1000-row Excel sheet and wanky Kickstarter surveys.

It’s a pretty cool automated system made by Jeroen, and he did his best to make it as easy as possible to not only confirm the order, but also add additional switches or keycaps to your order! By simply clicking one of the buttons in the email itself.

However, the system has one flaw. If you accidentally added too much or made a mistake adding a product, you can’t remove it. You can just reply the email itself with your intentions and we can adjust it and send over a new confirmation email. No problemo.

If you haven’t received this email yet, then quickly(!) fill in that Kickstarter survey and otherwise, let us know with an email to

Don’t forget to vote on the poll

That’s it for this update! Next update will confirm the box decision, and hopefully we’ll have a bit more news concerning the Wooting two sample.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback. You know where to find us.


Much <3

& Jeroen, Erik and Tino

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      Lo on

      tho the white and purple box looks also nice, I prefer the black and white with slick, black keyboard.
      much <3 too :)