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$555 pledged of $1,700 goal
$555 pledged of $1,700 goal

What an Amazing Ride! Let's Go Again!


Hey, Hooligans!

I want to thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing journey! :D It's been really incredible. Yes, I know our project didn't fund, and you would think I'd be bummed, but... you see, it's hard for me to be too discouraged when so many of you came out to be a part of our movement! It's hard to be discouraged when I was able to help 36 other great artists!

It's hard to be discouraged when I know that we had so much success, despite my making SOOOO MANY hilarious mistakes! :D Mistakes that I'll fix on a second run!

Sorry for the cover graphic on this video -- no idea why Facebook keeps doing that with my Logitech webcam. :P


So that's the plan! I'm going to regroup and reboot the project soon. I'm thinking about late April or May, but comment below if you have a different idea. I'm thinking that around that time a lot of people may have their tax returns and be in a better place to back the project.

Since there were only one or two backers for the Hellbent book, I'm dropping it from the reboot. (If you backed for that book, we'll have a separate campaign for it later.) I suspect more people will pledge for the double-feature when it's "volumes 1 & 2" instead of "vol 2 and something completely different".

A few people told me they thought I'd under-priced a few things, so a couple rewards will be adjusted slightly upward (not huge adjustments). I'm also going to sweeten the lower tiers, giving the volume 2 ebook at $1 and the other two previous ebooks (Nerdgasm and the Secret Life of Kliingons) at $4. That means that for the same price as purchasing the books individually, people will be able to get their name in the new book, and get the Kickstarter exclusive wallpaper.

Also, next time people won't be confused and think the project is named "Dick Jokes for Justice." :P

Oh, and something else made me smile, Celina Hernandez pledged $3 in the last hour at the end and brought our total to $555 which is a kind of new-age-thinking bingo. :P And she also brought our total number of backers to exactly 42! BINGO! :D

- Sam


p.s. In the next update, I'll post the preview URL for you all to check out the reboot and provide any feedback before the next launch. I'll make that a backer-only update.

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