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A big book full of spectacular artwork from the greatest games machines ever to grace the floor of your favourite arcade! Order now from
A big book full of spectacular artwork from the greatest games machines ever to grace the floor of your favourite arcade! Order now from
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Amazing Stretch Goal Number One

Posted by Tim Nicholls (Creator)

Hey there Artcadians! 

I'm so excited about this update :-)

We're pretty close to 100% right now (88% as I'm typing this) and with 11 days still to go, there's a really good chance that we'll get the book funded. I'm humbled by the support for this project and I'll do everything I can to make sure it's something that we're ALL proud to be involved with.

With that in mind, it seems like a good time to announce the first stretch goal. For those new to Kickstarter, a stretch goal is like a 'power up' that adds a cool bonus to the existing rewards, once the total score (ok, pledge amount!) hits a certain number.

So, here's the first Artcade stretch goal:

If the total backing for the project hits £12,000, every copy of the book will come with a specially produced CD copy of The British IBM's acclaimed first album! 

This album has pretty much been the unofficial soundtrack to the whole project, right from the very beginning. Every time I sit down in front of my Mac to do more work restoring the artwork for the book, The British IBM is on 'shuffle/repeat' :-) I find it inspiring, uplifting and it helps me to focus on getting stuff done. You can hear some of the tracks by clicking on the album cover below:

Aidy, David and Paul's unique blend of vintage-computing inspired indie rock is something that I really want to share with you all, and the boys have really committed to the project by offering their music as part of this stretch goal - thank you very, very much gentlemen.

So, click on the link, check out the sample tracks then get out there and recruit a few more backers so that you can get the whole album, on CD (CD is a pretty retro format for music now, right?!) for FREE!

Thanks again to every one of you for supporting me and making this book a reality. You guys are AMAZING!


Ps. Don't think for one minute that this is the only stretch goal - there are things happening that will blow your minds... ;-)

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    1. Tim Nicholls Creator on

      Thanks Andrew - you had me with one foot on the stool there for a while! ;-)

    2. Andrew on

      Hi Tim,

      Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to reply to my feedback (and it is just that - feedback :). What you say makes sense and I am glad to see your thoughts are with adding a bonus for everyone who has backed the book and also keep to the estimated delivery - this is important (unlike some projects that add rewards above certain pledges and then take far too long to deliver it).

      At the end of the day, I'm thrilled to see the project achieve the green light well before the closing date and glad to have jumped on board early and spread the word to as many as I could. I really can't wait to get my copy and revisit the artwork of so many classic games



    3. Tim Nicholls Creator on

      Hi Andrew,

      I do take your point about everyone's musical tastes being very different and the fact that this particular album is something very meaningful to me - it perhaps would have been better if I'd referred to it as just some kind of 'bonus' rather than a stretch goal.

      The reality of the financial situation of the project is perhaps somewhat different to what most people would imagine: When I set up the reward levels, I imagined that most people would go for the £40 'book with your name in it' option, which actually has a small amount of residual in it after all the costs are accounted for. This was going to be my contingency fund for unexpected expenses. I hadn't really considered stretch goals as I wasn't sure how the project would fare on Kickstarter and it seemed a little premature to plan for them!

      The vast majority of backers have actually chosen the £25 'book only' reward level. That option is very close to break-even when printing, delivery, packaging and shipping to the recipient are taken into account. 90% of copies will be shipped overseas from the UK and the additional £5 doesn't even cover half of the shipping cost; the additional amount comes out of the £25 pledged.

      All this means that what, at first glance, looks like an extra £2,000 really isn't.

      When I reached out to The British IBM on Twitter to ask if they'd consider supporting the project by letting me include their music with each book, I'd never spoken to them before and it was a really great surprise that they immediately said yes. They're not taking a penny from the project and when I did finally meet up with them on Saturday at Play Expo, they were very excited about the book (they were one of the early backers).

      Right now, I'm struggling to come up with stretch goals that are achievable without burying the project financially, raising the shipping/packaging costs to unmanageable levels or creating too much additional work for me (and it really is just me!) and therefore putting the December delivery of the book at in jeopardy.

      I hope this explains where the inclusion of the disc came from - I really am sorry that you're disappointed.

      Kind regards,


    4. Andrew on

      I'm a little bit disappointed by this stretch goal to be honest. While I can appreciate you like their music and it's provided inspiration to you as you work away on the project, music tastes vary a lot between people (your backers) meaning a number of people will find it a worthless addition. I'd much rather see the additional funds used to improve/extend the book, or offer bonuses that are arcade related.