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A big book full of spectacular artwork from the greatest games machines ever to grace the floor of your favourite arcade! Order now from
A big book full of spectacular artwork from the greatest games machines ever to grace the floor of your favourite arcade! Order now from
514 backers pledged £22,055 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Olivier Guinart

      It's a beauty, can't wait! Congratulations Tim!

    2. Tim Nicholls Creator on

      @David Campbell - thanks for the kind words. I don't have an exact shipping date yet, but the production work is finished and the books are being packed and shipped to the Bitmap storage facility now. We're definitely on target for April backer deliveries and they will DEFINITELY be the first to ship. As soon as I know an exact date, I'll share it with everyone.

    3. David Campbell on

      Hi Tim- congrats on finally reaching the end of the journey and having something physical to show for your efforts.

      Any idea when these will be shipped?

      I hope backers will be receiving their books before the book goes on general sale? :)

    4. Tim Nicholls Creator on

      @Carlos C. You mean about the the t-shirts? They're sitting in my attic ready to go. Right now, Sam is trying to work out if they can be shipped in the same package as the book, or if they'll have be shipped separately. We're hoping that the book, CD and shirt can go out to backers in a single package.

    5. Carlos C. on

      Funstock is allowing preorders for £24.99, no t-shirt I guess. Do we know something about ours? Thanks.

    6. Mayhem on

      @Bill DiMarco - see my link at the bottom of the comments.

    7. Bill DiMarco on

      Unlike this Kickstarter, this YouTube link is dead. I'm still very proud to be a part of this project and I'm still foaming at the mouth for my copy!

    8. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      That's what I love in Kickstater campaigns, despite problems during the journey the strongest believers will make it through and deliver their promises.
      Congratulations to everyone involved! This book is one of a kind!

    9. Tim Nicholls Creator on

      Thanks to everyone for the kind words and the support, both now and during this rollercoaster ride we've all been on together. It's been a crazy, emotional, testing time, but we've made it.

      Literally: we have made it :-)

      It's a book!

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Koop on

      Looks awesome, good work all around!

    11. Wade Angelo on

      Sweeeeeeeeet! Well worth the wait! Very excited to get this sucker in my hot little hands.

      Congratulations Tim

    12. Missing avatar

      Harri Granholm on

      Whoa awesome! Happy to see a happy end :-) I didn't realise it's actually 324 pages, that is nice!! <3

    13. Missing avatar

      Lance Bohy

      Looks simply amazing! Well done! It's been a helluva ride but I'm very happy to see you made it through. Congratulations.

    14. Sebastian Lambinon on

      That's come out glorious, mate! Looking forward to getting my greasy fingers on it - just like the GYL guy ;-)

    15. Roxanna K on

      It's about time you got that in your hands! All the annoyances and struggles aside, I'm genuinely happy for you. You achieved your goal and you are right to be proud. I'm actually pretty proud of you right now, too. It's so nice to know your dream is now tangible and in your hands. Nice isn't even the right word. It's rewarding to see you happy after so much struggle. Seeing your dream come true is wonderful. I thought for sure I wouldn't be this happy for you. I was wrong. It's a pretty great day.

      Congrats, Tim. Enjoy this and go celebrate =)

    16. Missing avatar

      Steve Baines on

      Looks super-nice!

    17. Iain Rockliffe

      Soon :) looking good

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Rickels on

      Congratulations! Looks really nice. Hope you can relax when all this is over :)

    19. Warren L

      And they said it'd never happen! I was never worried [shakes fist at doubtful 'they' :) ] but it's great that the end is clearly in sight.

    20. Richard Davey

      Congratulations Tim, what a journey this has been! Can't wait for the final book to arrive.

    21. Tim Nicholls Creator on

      Hopefully, I've fixed the YouTube link - thanks for heads up!

    22. Lee Gregory on

      Well done guys... looking great

    23. Ricky Earl on

      That youtube link doesnt work but i dont mind, the pictures look fabulous! Congratulations on the final product, you must be over the moon. I can't wait to receive mine.