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TapTap is a technology to transfer touch between two people. It can also be an activity tracker, a game controller or smart alarm. Read more

Manhattan, NY Wearables
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This project's funding goal was not reached on November 22, 2013.

TapTap is a technology to transfer touch between two people. It can also be an activity tracker, a game controller or smart alarm.

Manhattan, NY Wearables
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About this project

Press coverage


"How TapTap is turning the wearable into a new gesture-based user interface", -GigaOM

"TapTap: a wristband that makes Morse code the language of love”, - VentureBeat

“Stay In Touch With A Loved One With The TapTap Wristband”, - Gadget Review

“The slap bracelet of the 21st century: Now with a hug feature”, - The Washington Post

TapTap connects you and your beloved one as if you never left each other. It is a way to say the most important thing to the most important person. Your beloved is the only one who will feel that you touched your wristband. No matter how far away you are from each other, it feels like you just touched his hand. Two TapTap wristbands are connected only to each other, same as you two are.

It is not a multifunctional cooker, it serves only one purpose – let your partner feel your touch. No one will see it, and all you have to do is tap your wristband.

You will need to setup the device only once – when you first get it.

TapTap is not a social network, there are no “Share” or “Like” buttons, no statistics and no numbers. TapTap account has nothing in common with your relationship status on Facebook. It is a private space for you and your partner, it is unique the same way as you are, and only you two can access it. 

No one will ever count your touches or kisses to offer you a better lipstick. It is your secret language, whether you want to say “I love you”, “I miss you”, “I’m thinking of you”, or “I’m waiting for you”.

Our goal is to create this secret universe which only you two can access. A secret place available for you no matter how far away you are from each other. A place where you can be together, with no words, no strangers, same place as was the room where you first touched each other.


TapTap wristband has a plastic module and a hypoallergenic silicone slap-bracelet. When the bracelet is straight, you can insert the module in it or pull it out. When the bracelet hugs your wrist, the module is locked in. Want to wear a different color? Just pull the module away and put it in another slap bracelet.

What about the module itself?  We designed it to be simple. It is made of hard scratch- and splash-resistant plastic. The silicone spot on top, the TapSpot, is the place you tap your finger on when you want to tell your TapMate that you are thinking about them. Also, if you press the TapSpot a bit longer, it turns the TapTap on and off. We placed a tiny micro USB socket on the side of the module to charge the TapTap.

Like most other slap bracelets, TapTap is adjustable to any wrist size.

3D printed wristband mockup
3D printed wristband mockup
Available colours: black, light blue, orange, grey, yellow, pink
Available colours: black, light blue, orange, grey, yellow, pink

We plan to offer wristbands with additional color and texture options at the production stage. Stay tuned for the updates!

Technical specs

  • Dimensions 1.9x0.7x0.5 in (49x18x12 mm), wristband width 24mm
  • Weight 1 oz (30g)
  • Battery 80 mAh
  • Up to 7 days of use on a single charge
  • Charging time 80 min
  • Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0 Smart (Low Energy)
  • Smartphone compatibility: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and above, any Android Smartphone with bluetooth 2.1 and above

How it works

TapTap App

The TapTap App works with your device - It turns it on and off, switches LED's indication on/off (if you want even more intimacy, TapTap will react only with a vibration) and notify you when TapTap needs to be recharged. The app also has its own cool interface to send and receive taps directly from the phone, which looks like if your partner touched the screen from the inside.

Device API & 3rd party applications

TapTap is meant to be very user-friendly, but of course we would love third-party developers to be able to extend its functionality. The device includes accelerometer and gyroscope, and if you want, other applications could use those features to provide useful and cool functions.

We are currently working on the software development kit for external developers. It will include 2 levels of program interfaces.

- Device side SDK

Device Side SDK allows developers to get real time raw data from all sensors - accelerometer, gyroscope. There are libraries which transform these data into the respective coordinates of human hand relative to his body, as well as the libraries containing information about steps, jumps, gestures etc, will also be available. It will allow people to drop the phone calls just with a slight move of a hand, increase the music volume with an upward swing, play Fruit Ninja, or scratch the virtual vinyl record.

We believe TapTap SDK can be used for step counters, activity and sleep trackers, smart alarms. We will provide integration with RunKeeper and FitBit through open API of those platforms.

The TapTap wristband can also be used as an intuitive input device in games or other entertainment applications. You could use it to control a racing car, smash fruits, play tennis, use DJ app or create music with virtual theremin - whatever your heart desires.

- Cloud side API

Cloud Side API allows web service developers to get the data from the device even without any special software being installed on the device (of course, only when a user agrees to share these data). This can be beneficial for fitness-related or social networks software.

IFTTT plans

We are making a testbed for IFTTT integration. The idea behind IFTTT is the following - you can create your own rule - if something happens, please do the following. Say, you got a like on Facebook and IFTTT could send you a SMS with details. Or if the temperature in your home city drops below the freezing point - post a message on Facebook.

So here we are with TapTap and you’ll be able to create two types of rules: 

  • If you make a gesture with TapTap, do something which is possible with IFTTT; 
  • If something happens, make a vibro/LED notification on your TapTap. Each vibration will have the unique Light/vibro pattern in the front, helping you determine that this is notification, not the message from your tapmate.

For example, you’ll be able to shake your hand twice to send an SMS with your location to your partner. Imagine, you are driving home and it’s bit unsafe to make a phonecall without handsfree and it’s even more dangerous to text while you are driving.

other option - you can make a vibro notification when your Belkin WeMo motion sensor tells you something.

other option - you can turn the lights on by making a gesture using Philips Hue Lightbulbs.

Here are the gestures which are currently supported. We don’t want to make many of them to keep gesture recognition and your experience at the reasonable level.

As for IFTTT possibilities, have a look at the actions they support right now:

Currently we are doing the homework to make this happen, beside the technical stuff on our side there is the IFTTT pre-moderation, but we promise to do our best.


In addition to integrating RunKeeper and LoveByte with TapTap we are also working with Shadow - a mobile App for recording and sharing your dreams. Along with smart alarm functionality it features a dream mood light which shows you average dream mood either in your Shadow community or among Shadow users in the neighbourhood.

Shadow is currently running a campaign on the Kickstarter that will end on November 2. We decided to make an additional pledge for Shadow fans so that you could support both of our teams.

How it works - the app and TapTap wakes you up in the middle of the night during the light sleep phase. That's exactly the period, when you can easily remember and record your dream. You can type the dream within the Shadow app or either record it by voice.

Check the Shadow project page for more details!


TapTap package is a set of two wristbands in individual gift boxes. If you are away from your partner, you may order a pair of TapTap wristbands to be delivered on two different addresses - we'll deliver the packages anywhere in the world, and you can begin TapTapping with your sweetheart.

Development story

We have already launched several successful projects together. Maybe you've heard of Lightpack or Trace (we did the PCB engineering and device software), some of our earlier projects. 

TapTap wristband project started a year ago and initially was inspired by Nokia 888 (2005) bendable phone concept, Nokia logo with two hands touching each other and some researches regarding touch and haptic interfaces, like HAPI (2007-2009).

As for today we have three patent filings, PCB and mechanical design, several working prototypes, early versions of iOS, Android and server software. 

Although TapTap is now at the prototype stage, and we have already spent over a year to make it perfect – as simple as an apple pie and as intimate as your first touch.

Here you see the first TapTap ever. It consists of TI MCU development board (big red board), Bluetooth module kit (small blue PCB on the left) and TapTap sensors board (green board on the right).

And here you can see  the second TapTap prototype mounted on its own PCB. It's quite a big device (45x45 mm), but it is a complete functional sample of TapTap hardware. We used it to test out electronic design and to develop TapTap-smartphone connectivity.

And now the third prototype, aka, the Big Square TapTap. The first prototype which is actually wearable. And, yes, we used a third-party strap. 

The "fourth" prototype and first design we loved, but dropped last month in favour of the design you can observe above.

  The "fifth" and actual one design mockups and prototypes

So What Do We Need Money For?

The money we collect will be used for press form production (currently we are using 3D printers for prototype creation), certification (we want TapTap to be environmentally friendly and medically approved), and for the production of the first batch.

In addition to pledging a contribution to our project, you can help us out by sharing this page with friends, joining us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, and sending your feedback and suggestions to

Risks and challenges

TapTap, like any other hardware project, has mechanical, electrical, software and firmware challenges. As mentioned earlier, the batch-production optimized version of the device, as well as the self-assembled devices, have been successfully installed and are already being used by several hundreds users. We don't expect any critical issues related to electronics. However, we will still test the pre-mass production sample device, which will be almost the same as the pilot batch device. If there are any mechanical issues (we've put a lot of work and testing into this, so we don't expect any), we will still have a chance to detect and fix those. As for software and firmware issues, if any, they will be covered & fixed in new releases of software\firmware. We will maintain a bug-tracker open for our precious Pioneers and Developers where they will be able to submit any issues. These issues will be treated with the highest priority, and you will then be able to download a software\firmware update and fix the issue.

Production and shipping in time is another challenge. We are collaborating with an reputable company located in Taiwan, which takes care of the production plan and building the whole supply chain. We also design TapTap hardware and build BOM (bill of materials) according to the capabilities of well-known suppliers. We plan to follow our Gantt-chart you can see in “spending diagram” section. Nevertheless, if we are going out of date we will let you know with project updates containing all issues, their reasons, and how we will fight them. Once the production is over, we will send the devices by batch to the warehouses in the US and Europe for further delivery to our customers. The rest of the batch will be stored in our international warehouse in China for shipments to our non-US/EU customers.

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Funding period

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