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Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
5,812 backers pledged $500,784 to help bring this project to life.

Lightpack and OUYA

Hello everyone!

We prove that we keep our promises. Definitely, Lightpack is a project which is better to see, than to talk of. So here is our video-update with some talking (don’t forget to activate english subtitles by clicking the “Captions” button in Youtube player).

And if anyone feels not enough with this, we have an extra for you: a long video, starring two Lightpacks, OUYA and the TV only.

We’ve revised the architecture of the capturing app and now the app performs much more stable than before. By the way, early this week we passed all our groundwork to the allied team, which specializes in the mobile applications development. Team’s main goal is set to make an easy-to-use Android application within the given time, and we will make sure they reach it.

Updates on RPi and China are to follow. Stay tuned!


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    1. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      @Massimo The black bands issue is being solved at the moment. It will be or solution on automatic level, or solved with profiles, or with presets. We are going to test out all the possible solutions first.

    2. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      @Andy Daly The capturing on the video works at 3-5 fps. You are right, it's much less than in the desktop Prismatik. But keep in mind, that it was a prototype in the video and it's currently being produced right at the moment, and it will be optimized.

    3. Missing avatar

      Corpse Nibbler on

      Question; I pledged for the multipack with the intention of giving a friend one of the lightpacks, is it essentially just two lightpacks together?

    4. Thomas Erickson on

      Thanks for the update. It's a little of subject, but is there a video of the Lightpack running off of XBMC? If you have one what's the link? I know how Boblight looks. Just thought it might be a little different.

      Thanks again.

    5. mike smith on

      Won't using an aspect ratio that involves black bands at the top/bottom detract from the appearance of the backlighting?

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Gebhard on

      Thanks again for the update and the videos! Keep it up! Can't wait to get mine and set it to my ouya :D

    7. Trip on

      Thanks for the info! It's much appreciated.

      I hope those settings are out-of-the-box ready though.

    8. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      @Massimo @Court: You can set the capture zone for various aspect ratios and save them in presets with Prismatik. So the answer is yes--it should reproduce the right colors excluding the black bars once you get the capture area set correctly for the movie you're watching.

      I do hope that Prismatik will come with presets for the "standard" movie aspect ratios like 1.33, 1.78, 1.85, 2.35, 2.40, etc. If not, I'm pretty sure it should be easy for someone to create them and to share them.

    9. Trip on

      Yes, what about the black bars on the top and the bottom of the screen?

    10. Missing avatar

      Massimo Pizzuti on

      even if not related to today's update, wanted to ask....
      usually watching movies you have black bands on top and bottom of the screen, this is normal as the asperct ratio of movie doesn't always match 16:9.
      how will this affect video playing on android devices? will lightpack correctly reproduce colors excluding the black part of the screen?

    11. Andy Daly on

      @Woodenshark - What kind of frame rate are you getting for the lightpack on the Ouya? It doesn't look quite as responsive as it does when used with a normal PC, probably because the Ouya has less processing power? Would it be possible to make a video demo showing two lightpacks running on a normal PC, playing the same video you played in your very first introduction video, the one that opens with Futurama? Just so we can have a direct comparison of 1 lightpack versus 2 lightpacks playing the same video on the same hardware. Thanks

    12. Missing avatar

      Chris Hawkins on

      Steffen - I guess you could use a USB Y splitter to do this, assuming only 1 device is outputting at a time it should work...

    13. Taco Oldenburger on

      Looks great guys! Responsive and good. Thanks for the update. Keep up the good work!

    14. Myles Shannon on

      I saw a previous demo using an iPhone and an app called TouchOSC, which is used for MIDI networking, to control Prismatik. It's on their youtube page.

    15. Steffen on

      OUYA demo is awesome.

      One question: Having a HTPC running OpenElec with XBMC and a Ouya. Any chance to use the Lightpack with both devices without changing the USB connector between the two devices?

    16. Trip on

      Awesome, but what about an iOS app?