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Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
5,812 backers pledged $500,784 to help bring this project to life.

Multiple Lightpacks demo

Posted by Woodenshark (Creator)
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Hello everyone! 

Today you will see how several Lightpacks work with one computer. Check out the video:

There are several important things you should know when using more than 1 Lightpack:

  • You can connect 2,3,4 or more Lightpacks
  • All Lightpacks are connected via USB. If you want to use a USB hub — just go for it
  • Every Lightpack has its own power adapter
  • Please keep in mind that the LED-modules cable length is 70 cm (28 inches), and the microUSB cable length is 1.8 m (6 ft), when you pledge the Multipack for your 100500-inch TV
  • We have already pushed the updated Prismatik source-codes to the repository
  • We will release software with this feature as soon we will prepare UI, but definitely it will happen before July.
In the next series we’ll cover Lightpack with Android and Lightpack running on top of Raspberry Pi.

Stay tuned! 

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    1. Lars Müller on

      Is it possible to get 2 lightpacks running on the raspberry pi?

    2. Jason Cartwright on

      Just backed the project, I'm in for 2. I have a 52" TV so figured 20 zones would be great for that size. One question I do have relates to the Xbox One. It's likely that it will allow developers to write apps for the platforms. Any chance you guys would write an app for that?

    3. Bram Timmer on

      Do you have any examples of the lightpacks working on multiple monitors? I have a triple monitor setup that I'm curious about in regards to how the color bleeds from one to the next.

    4. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      There are a lot of questions how many Lightpacks specific TV/multidisplay setup requires.
      Please remember that length of cables is 70cm (28'). This is why 1 Lightpack covers up to 50'. But you definitely understand that you can't just put two and two together and get 100' with two Lightpacks.

      In the most frequent cases you need 2 Lightpacks for displays from 50' to 62' and 3 (!) Lightpacks for 62'-80' diagonals. It highly depends on the space between the display and the wall and which sides you want to lighten: sometimes it's recommended to mount two Lightpacks even on 50' screens.

      For multidisplay setups it's even more complicated because depends on that displays orientation. We're surely going to make some simple calculator (or simple formula) for you to count this.

    5. Travis Burke on

      Why are there still questions on the number of lightpacks to use, they have answered this many times. 1 pack will cover up to 46in screen and they recommend more after that.

    6. Simon VanderHeyden on

      I have a 46in TV, and have pledged for one pack. Will that be suitable or do you recommend getting two?

    7. Parzival on

      @Colin it says in the main page that its recommend up to around 50" for one lightpack. I suspect they used the 42" due to that being the size they had on hand, personally I think two is overkill and one would lead to a nicer more subtle effect but its up to you

    8. Taco Oldenburger on

      Great update! The subs really are fine and no problem!
      I like that you guys are giving frequent and video updates. Keep it up!

    9. Colin Ewen on

      Question. You show 2 packs on the 42" TV. I currently have 1 pack for a 46" screen.

      So would I need a second kit?
      And as I'm in the 60 is there an option to add to my amount without giving up the July date ? (otherwise I guess a second account might be the only option.

    10. Missing avatar

      Bruno Eekelaers on

      I find subs not acceptable, next time I demand you release videos of say the top 25 languages in the world ;)

      Great update btw, keep up the good work

    11. Missing avatar

      Damien on

      Looks good, videos with subs are fine! Glad to see this functionality in action. With plans to mount this to a 60" TV, I was worried about the gaps between led strips.

      Question about these capture zones though. I noticed in the video that your zones were of different sizes. I haven't played with the software much, would someone mind telling me if it defaults to an even arrangement around the edges of the screen at first? Or are we required to fiddle with these sizes to fit our screens? Thanks!

    12. Richard Perry on

      Excellent update, I will be using multiple packs, so pleased to see the software support is ready to go. Like everyone else I have no problem with subs.

    13. Peter Ennis on

      I think any sort of update is acceptable either video or subs, even if it has subtitles is good. Good to see the project is kept going. Can't wait to see the next update guys keep up the good work

    14. Nad on

      Subs are fine even here in the UK. I'd like to know he qty of LEDs required per size of TV also, as mentioned above.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Follis on

      No issues with subs. Looking forward to my multipack!

    16. Parzival on

      Nice update, I also do not mind having frequent subbed videos as seeing any progress is appreciated

    17. Daren on

      2 questions:
      1) Does Prismatik supports placement of capture spots across multiple monitors?
      2) Is there any way to keep a pledge on an early backing and get a second one? Right now with a pioneer pledge (though I'm sure flash like pledges will likely also want this) it's cheaper for me to make a second kickstarter account than to upgrade to a two pack kit.

    18. Aleksandr on

      Класное обновление! Хотелось бы увидеть это в работе на iMac 27". Это возможно? Если да, не могли бы вы снять видео как это работает на Mac я думаю многим было бы интерестно.

    19. Missing avatar

      Alain Richer on

      Love the update format. Nice to see the project in action.

      I saw that there was a number of LEDs available that was not in multiples of 10. Does this mean we will be able to use, let's say, 15 LEDs on a screen that is too small to accommodate 20. If this is the case, will we be able to unplug the extra LEDs to remove cable clutter?

    20. Kim Harder Fog on

      Subs is absolutely no problem. Unless you're from a native English speaking country its quite propable you see subs every time you turn on the TV. Keep up the good Work !

    21. Tommy Stephansen on

      Updates are good, and we're used to subs in Norway, so no problem there. So the Prismatik software will support more than 2 lightpacks in sync after all?

    22. ookami85 on

      No issue with the subs here. I'm glad to see this is working and always glad to see any progress as soon as possible.

      @Woodenshark I agree with Felipe. It might be also good to include how many Lightpacks would be needed for full screen as well as three-side configurations.

    23. Felipe Gordillo Corvalán on

      @Woodenshark i think would be extremly useful to have a table that tell us how many lightpacks for each size of screen, for example

      1-24 inches = 1 lightpack
      27-42 inches = 1 or 2
      47-56 inches = 3
      65 and more inches = al least 4

    24. Andy Daly on

      I would much rather have more frequent updates with subtitles, even if they are only small clips, I'm sure I speak for all backers when I say we appreciate seeing any progress, no matter how small. Can I ask, do you have any more information on the LED mounts that I originally suggest, that will angle the LED strips to shines outwards a little more?

    25. Aguirrech on

      keep working on improving lightpack, don't worry for subs

    26. TheIndieArmy on

      I don't mind the subs.

    27. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      @Blake Edge: We're happy you likes it because we were a bit concerned if subtitles were acceptable. This is our question for everyone: do you mind if we continue to make updates this way (short videos+subs)?

    28. Trip on

      Awesome update! I'd love to see how the light packs work with playing games? Will it recognize OSX games like left for dead or diablo3 out of the box?


    29. Missing avatar

      Blake Edge on

      Thanks for the update! Looking forward to more video updates & demos! The videos, even if quickly put together, are alot better than just writing!