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Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
5,812 backers pledged $500,784 to help bring this project to life.

Great Start and New Challenges

Posted by Woodenshark (Creator)

Hello everyone! We are happy to present the first update of the Lightpack project, more will definitely follow. The interest towards the Lightpack project and the feedback we received so far are impressive. We are very grateful to those who supported us and backed the project — you guys are the most important asset we have!


First of all we would like to clarify some points to eliminate any rumours or doubts about how Lightpack works. Look at the picture below (or click to enlarge)!

Lightpack only works when connected to a computer (Windows, Linux, OS X) with Prismatik software running on it or to an Android device (with Prism app we are working on). We also support XBMC-like shells running on top of any of these operating systems. Current version of Lightpack is not designed to capture the picture directly from Cable TV, DVB-receiver, X-BOX or Playstation (read the FAQ to learn why). We’ve got rather geeky back-way and proof of concept how this capturing could be done and will tell you about in one of the following updates.


Your feedback was just amazing and made us put lots of thing on considering cup. We have updated FAQ based on the questions you asked, please read it! It now contains answers for the most popular questions, for example, “Can I use several Lightpacks for one screen?”, “Will I get a device with a country-specific plug?”, “Will Lightpack work for a screen of a certain size?” etc. You can find FAQ at the bottom of the Lightpack project page. If you didn’t get any answer in our FAQ section, just send us a private message, and we’ll make sure you get a reply!

Several Lightpacks on one computer

There were tons of questions of two kind:

  • How about several screens?
  • How about larger (than 50’’) display diagonals?

The actual answer is lying within software and depends on whether two (or more) Lightpacks can be used on one computer so you can mount Lightpacks on each screen or 2 Lightpacks on one larger screen. We are now working on the software upgrade which allows this feature to work. Our next project update will belong to a video  explaining/showing how it works.

New reward — meet Multipack

Following the same request as above (multiple Lightpacks) we have added a new reward called Multipack. It gives you 2 Lightpacks for bigger TV screens or for multiple screens (for example, if you have 2 or more screens next to each other). Remember that even if you already backed, you can upgrade your pledge and get 2 Lightpacks instead of one!

Lightpack for Android (and OUYA of course)

Someone made it public :) Initially we planned to announce this feature to the utmost a bit later or leave it when we would stretch the goal but now there is no reason to hide any more. The prototype of the software which could capture a picture on rooted Android 4+ exists! We tested it on several devices including Nexus 7 (which hardware is almost identical to the Android-based OUYA console). Here Lightpack will be directly connected to the USB-host of the Android device.

Right now we’re trying to get in touch with OUYA for the final tests and making demo for you. As soon as we have it live there will be another great project update. By the way, does anybody here know someone from OUYA team?

Raspberry Pi support

We received several comments where some of you mentioned that Prismatik was based on Qt, and asked whether it could be run on RPi, as RPi and Qt are so close. This sounds logical however technically there are some limitations. To make sure that Prismatik works correctly on RPi we have to remove all OS-dependant elements from source code. This is absolutely realistic but we need some time to do this. In the next updates you will be able to see how Prismatik works on RPi, as this feature is currently in scope of our work.


We’re working hard to make new Lightpack’s features live and here we’ve described which project updates you can expect really-really soon. Stay tuned, they are on its way!

Share the information about the Lightpack project with your friends or post the links to the project wherever you find appropriate — it will help us to reach the goal faster and go for stretched goals. And do not forget Lightpack has its own Facebook and Twitter pages.


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    1. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      Hello! There are a lot of questions how many Lightpacks specific TV/multidisplay setup requires. Let's shed a little light upon!

      Please remember that length of cables is 70cm (28'). This is why 1 Lightpack covers up to 50'. But you definitely understand that you can't just put two and two together and get 100' with two Lightpacks.

      In the most frequent cases you need 2 Lightpacks for displays from 50' to 62' and 3 (!) Lightpacks for 62'-80' diagonals. It highly depends on the space between the display and the wall and which sides you want to lighten: sometimes it's recommended to mount two Lightpacks even on 50' screens.

      For multidisplay setups it's even more complicated because it depends on that displays orientation. We're surely going to make some simple calculator (or simple formula) for you to count this.

    2. Trip on

      In this video;…

      There is a part about 30 seconds in that shows how long the LED strips are that this project uses. Many of these strips can be cut to length with scissors. You may want to think about that for this project. It could save a TON of work on your end.

      I have an LED kit made my Phillips behind my TV right now that uses the same tech. They are 18" long strips and are easily cut to size to avoid gaps.

      Just a thought but this could be very helpful...

    3. Hilmi Shah on

      "Current version of Lightpack is not designed to capture the picture directly from Cable TV, DVB-receiver, X-BOX or Playstation (read the FAQ to learn why). We’ve got rather geeky back-way and proof of concept how this capturing could be done and will tell you about in one of the following updates."

      Hope to hear about this on your next update soon!

    4. Trip on

      Would this also work with the MiiPC (another Kickstarter product)?

    5. m.Locke on

      I'm always a little sad when I see a Linux penguin that isn't being stabbed in the back by Free BSD Daemon

    6. John-Olav Storvold on

      Hi, greetings form Norway. I pledged $70 for the $60 reward. I run two monitors on my computer setup and I thought: "Hey, why not another one." I see your $150+$15 is the only left right now. For me, pledging $80 + $10 on a separate account saves me $5 and I get one in July and one in August instead of two in September. Is this as intended? Pledging more should give you more benefit, right now it seems I lose my early-bird special if I upgrade my pack. Does the "MULTIPACKER" give you more than just two spearate Lightpacks?

    7. Phillip Haydon on

      LAME. I wanted to get 2 packs but when I kick started this there was only single packs (got the $50 pack). So I lose out on that perk.

    8. Brian Hooper on

      I would love to get the chance at a deal on more than just 2 packs,, like 4 or 5 -- would be great to use these for mood lighting applications throughout the house (behind some speakers/behind the bar/etc),, I would definitely consider upping my pledge for more packs! -- I could always look at mixing products to get the results, but it's always nicer to work with fewer.

    9. Juan Carlos Santana on

      Hey, since you are supporting Ouya and android devices with 4 +.. Will it also work with "Gamestick"? it's another kickstarter gaming platform with Android (It requires a Dock to have USB I think but it does have USB)

    10. Mike Credelle on

      Will there be a way for the light pack to detect when the monitor is turned off, or when the monitor is put in standby, so it turns off when the monitor is off? I don't turn my HTPC off because it serves other functions, but I do turn the TV off.

    11. Missing avatar

      Andrei Volkov on

      I'm using a mac book pro with two Thunderbolt displays. Can I apply lightpack only to the thunderbolt displays? Is the software able to handle this kind of setup and enlighten only 2 displays out of 3? Thanks!

    12. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      @ gagan luthra :

      1. Yes.
      2. There is one very important thing we have to clarify: currently Lightpack can not be officially purchased at all. What we have now is only a production prototype. What you see on eBay or anywhere else is produced and sold by someone else. These are the devices built on an earlier versions of Lightpack. as you know, Lightpack is fully open source which means that anyone can copy and produce our device, with some cloners not even changing the original name. All these devices were not produced by Woodenshark, and therefore we are not responsible for their quality, we don't supoprt them etc. If you need an original Lightpack, the best way to get one is to support us on Kickstarter, just because there are no other ways, yet )

    13. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      @Mamba Enigma-Two : Great news! Our head developer will contact you as soon as possible.

    14. Woodenshark 3-time creator on

      @RRRR : LED modules require 12V while you have only 5V in USB.

    15. Gareth on

      Nice info graphic keep up the great work. Any chance for a demo video of it running on a low power atom box running openelec?

    16. Alan Pritchard on

      @ian Gobert
      as far as i know there is an lightpack xbmc plugin available and has been for some time (from my minor research)
      I haven't found a definitive how to as yet as i would imagine there is some linux modules to install first when running xbmc (on linux)

    17. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on

      @aeVanilla It was only up for a day or two at most. I just backed them up a few days ago so it's a bit unfair. They reached their goal now, but I see what you mean by the $10 difference. You did not look at the details carefully. At least you get something more for $10, but for the $30 more deal you get nothing more, but a empty upset feeling that you were to slow-yet people like me & others already donated. We could at least been offered this deal first or a heads up before it started this way everyone gets a fair chance,

    18. Lost Cosmonaut on

      Can you explain how Lightpack will work with XBMC?

    19. Jamie on

      The first multipack was double the early bird price, I think they did well giving the first guys to back an opportunity to get two at the same low price per unit as the early bird. They obviously have a limit to how many they want to see at that price - but they effectively did another 1000 units @ $60 each. Even now though 2 units is cheaper @ $150 the 2x the single 'standard' $80 price.
      Toughen up people. (yes I missed out on the multipacks too)

    20. Missing avatar

      aeVanilla on

      Excited for the RPi support. I currently have an RPi (B) running OpenELEC XBMC on my 80". I can't wait for this!

      @Saul... Like most Kickstarter projects, the $120 is an early backer price. There were 500 of them... should have gotten one earlier. Same difference between the $50, $60, and $80 prices. Also $150 for 2 with $15 shipping... you're still saving compared to the regular price of $80 each with $10 shipping.

    21. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on

      Going to have to agree with others that this was a bit selfish having the $120 multipack shipped for cheaper and earlier. Now the $150 is shipped a month later + $30 more. I already backed you guys up and I let others know about how neat this is & how cool you guys are. If you bring the $150 price back to $120 and not trying to take more than you should BECAUSE your already near your goal. This is a bad move and will be remembered.

    22. Trip on

      Any word on whether this will work for PLEX out of the box on a Mac? SimaVision claims it does.

      I'm backing both, but am only going to get one...

      Please advise. Cheers

    23. Missing avatar

      Jaysie on

      A shame the multipack sold out so fast at the discounted rate. As an earlier backer, it would be cheaper to purchase an additional full-priced one then upgrade to the higher multipack price :/

    24. lokiracer on

      I kind of wish you had allowed those of us that where early backers and asked about multi-packs to be the allowed to be the first to purchase them. As it is, I have to give up my early pledge price and spend more money to get a multi-pack.

    25. gagan luthra on

      Question about screens larger than 50" -
      1. your recommendation is to buy a multi-pack (2 pack) for larger screens
      2. you have a similar package on ebay with "90x RGB LEDs" for larger screens up to 80"…

      Should I be buying #2 from ebay instead of the multipack? I will save money and will have to deal with a single controller instead of 2. Thanks for your advice!

    26. Christian Loleng on

      Just wondering if the monitor's aspect ratio has any significance. I currently would like to try this on my ultrawide monitor of 21:9. Would this awesome device work with setups of multiple displays?

    27. Mamba Enigma-Two on

      Hello all,

      I am the maintainer and developer of the Atmolight-Plugin, which runs on Enigma2 satellit receiver. The plugin supports the Atmolight device, as well as the Karatelight and amBX device. Lately, I am working on supporting the Sedulight device. The plugin pretty much performs on the same level as the Boblight on a PC. It uses the dual core CPU of several sat receivers and updates the LEDs up to 100 Hz. This provides for a very fluent dimming and changing of colors. The plugin runs on serveral thousand receivers, user count is growing nicely. I have backed the Lightpack project with $90 in order to receive the hardware of Lightpack in August. Can't wait to add support for Lightpack. Thumbs up for you guys!


      mamba0815 ( and

    28. Missing avatar

      Justin Aiken on

      How about a multi-multipack!?

    29. Eli Allen on

      Will it work with Windows media center while playing back protected content? (i.e. HD HBO recorded on a cablecard tuner with a cable card playing back inside WMC)

    30. RicBret

      Would the following configuration work?
      - MacBook Pro Reina display model
      - Home theatre system with Apple TV device with 50" plasma screen

      Basically sharing the screen of the MBPR to the home theatre plasma screen, with the Lightpack installed on that screen.

    31. Nate Swetland on

      I am excited about the multipack! It's too bad that you had such a small amount for the discounted updated pledge, and that it was twice the price of the PIONEER level... now its an extra $15 just to get two?? Still excited, though!

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Beuschel on

      I don't know anyone on the OUYA team, per se, but I did back that project so I messaged them about helping you guys make OUYA support a reality.

    33. R on

      Any reasons why it's not powering directly from an extra USB port or two? :)

    34. Avinash Arora on


      I am going to have a triple monitor setup that uses two lightpacks. And I'm going to have my living room TV use a lightpack (or two)

      and I'm going to have my bedroom use one.

      And I'm going to glue one permanently to my eyeballs so everything in the whole world is lightpack'd.