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Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work
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    1. Marcus on

      So a new kickstarter is up and this lightpack has been abandoned before it got the software needed to run properly.

      What tells us their new lightpack isn't going to get abandoned as well?

    2. Missing avatar

      Ramsey Hathout on

      Based on their track record, I wouldn't back another project. (I own 4 Lightpack) - with 3rd party drivers, it works great on windows. Woodenshark was bad at following through with their promises. Have Connection issues on mine, where i have to replug them into my computer to get them to start up sometimes. usually it's only 1 of the bunch that fails.

      Just keep it in mind if you want to back Lightpack 2.

    3. Michael P

      just googled that smart hub, is it a separate box that plugs into your TV? if it is then you just plug into the light pack and it will work, on another note please tell me you did not pay £200 for it......

    4. Michael P

      it wont work with any thing that based on the TV like that, it need to have a HDMI signal going through the box, which it wont if you are using the TV software

    5. Ricky Pajewski on

      This is a question about the Lightpack 2.

      Is there going to be support for Samsung TVs that use the smart huh connection to the TV. Additionally will this support HDMI 2.0a?

    6. Missing avatar

      Daniel D. on

      my plan was to buy a Mac mini and attach it to my TV one day. So the lightpack was lying around all the time till yesterday when my plan changed and I liked to run the lightpack with my retina iMac. Unfortunately I've got issues with the screen grabbing feature. Maybe the software doesn't work with retina displays? I tried the lightpack on Mac OS 10.11.2 on both a retina iMac and a MBPr. Both have problems grabbing the correct border color. I've got Bootcamp on my MBP and the lightpack does work correctly under Win7.

      Since I'm a software developer myself I could modify the software but before delving into your code are there any known issues? I can't say the exact problem but maybe the grabbing has problems with points and pixels and does calculate the colors just from the upper left part of the screen?

    7. Michael P

      When is the next version coming out ? :P

    8. Jen Meow on

      If anybody's looking for one, I posted mine up on eBay. Haven't had time to play with it. :(

    9. Theo Thourson

      Hmm, my lightpack has been working just fine. seems to be up and running.

    10. Missing avatar

      Cam on

      Hey Kim I'll take it off your hands if you still got it

    11. Missing avatar

      Kim Otto on

      Yeah Marcus, it seems so.

      My Lightpack never runs right after delivery. Horrible Software..

      If anyone want my Lightpack (wasn't more than 30 minutes in use). Feel free to contact me.

    12. Marcus on

      So this project died after the hardware was delivered?

      Software works horribly on computers with high resolution on newer versions of Windows. And there is no longer any support pages and all the sites seems to be down.

      Has Wooden Shark given up on this project?

    13. Missing avatar

      Andy D on

      Hi Saul. I posted on here...

      As way for you to communicate. I don't want to put email address out in the open but if you contact me through there we can further discuss

    14. Saul & Katie & Baby Samuel on

      Hey Andy D I would be interested. Do you have somewhere I can contact you? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy D on

      I should have said - "back" not "buy"

      And should mention that I have yet to try mine out as I waiting for the product to be less beta

    16. Missing avatar

      Andy D on

      Well, I guess I can't be too shocked about this. Lesson learned - don't buy pricey electronics stuff that will likely require support after purchase

      I have two light packs - anyone want for $75 in the US?

    17. Missing avatar

      Grzegorz on

      Today IFTTT anounced that they have a hardworking year.
      IFTTT plugin?

    18. GiligainIsland on

      And too. :-)

    19. GiligainIsland on

      Whelp, that didn't last long for to become a 404-page.

    20. Jamie on

      guys this project might be of interest search for "ambitheater" .. It works along a similar idea to lightpack - but feeds off a HDMI input - so it can work off many sources - which interests me as I want this on my blurays and not just my digital video rips something that never quite worked well or simply with a lightpack (trust me I have tried all the setups I can)

    21. Bryan Bortz on

      At this point, I have mine working with OpenELEC. But fear the day when it finally breaks. I assume no support after that day.

    22. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Alfredo... up to now... I don't think so.

    23. Alfredo L Rodriguez on

      Does the lightpack work with the Amazon fire tv?

    24. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva


    25. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva


    26. Missing avatar

      delpiero223 on

      or at least IFTT-Plugin for Prismatik you announced

    27. Missing avatar

      delpiero223 on

      So what happened with the music plugin? :(

    28. Dustin Deckard on

      Hey all - I was excited to come back to these comments and see that Andrew made a support site ( since Woodenshark has been useless. However, there isn't any activity there. I've never gotten Prismatik to work with XBMC without dropping the framerate to 10-12fps. If anyone feels like giving me a hand, let me know - thanks!

    29. brijeshb on

      There is a new site dedicated to support lightpack started by Andrew Brasher after he experience what we all have experienced from poor support by the lightpack team. Please check this:

    30. Missing avatar

      marc on

      @joseph. If you contact Woodenshark they will mail you new strips. I had the same issue with one of mine wherein it was stuck blue. Just got a notification that my replacement was on its way from Hong Kong.

    31. Joseph Chang on

      Not sure if the problem is with HW or SW, but all of my LED strips only shows red. Also, the latest mac app crashes everyday after launch.

    32. Andy Daly on

      Ahh, nevermind

    33. Nick Maynard on

      I only need one

    34. Andy Daly on

      @Nick, I'll sell two?

    35. Nick Maynard on

      Anyone selling a light pack in the UK?

    36. Missing avatar

      David Richards on

      This whole thing just stinks. i have never been able to get mine to work. it just lights up, and thats it. no clear instructions or troubleshooting in the box or on the web. no reply from support either. complete waste of money. DO NOT BUY, if you haven't already done so

    37. Chris Earl on

      I'm an Australian backer and I still haven't received my Australian plug, have they all been sent yet?

    38. Patrick Foley on

      Any changelog for the 5.11.0 version of the software that's up on the site now??

    39. Missing avatar

      Hector Silva

      Has anyone gotten their Lightpack to work with Amazon's Fire TV?

    40. Colin Sng

      @b Wow! Thanks for that! After flashing with that hex file, the little blue led problem is gone. As a bonus, since that time, lightpack doesn't seem to cause my Windows to reboot on startup or hang my bios. Still a little too early to say, I'll test it out for the rest of the week and report back.

    41. Missing avatar

      dion on

      I got my replacement LEDs but no progress on the software issues. Evidently it's fixed on some private repo somewhere, but Woodenshark just swears at me on twitter & ignores my ticket thread so I have no idea when I'll actually see the results.

    42. Missing avatar

      b on

      @Colin Sng: this is the modified firmware with the blue lights turned off.

    43. Colin Sng

      I've been loving my Lightpack the last few months; with Ambibox it's almost lag free, with windowed border-free games there isn't any lag and even Playclaw works somewhat for those games that only do full screen.

      But the one problem that I have is steadily getting worse. Usually from a cold boot, Lightpack would cause Windows 7 to reboot at least once on startup. And on shutdown, all the LEDs go off except for the blue indicator LED on the main unit.

      Currently the work around is to only plug in the Lightpack USB cable after Windows boots and to pull it out after shutdown to turn off the LED.

      Not sure if this is a hardware issue with my Lightpack or it's a firmware issue that is still being worked on. Anyone else encountered this same issue?

    44. Missing avatar

      BCotten on

      2 lightpacks-- will be listing sometime this week---never opened--- daytonfam(at)hotmail(dot)(com) - us seller - will ship intly

    45. David Stalvey on


      Can the software on windows be updated where it switches off the LEDs when the screensaver starts? I leave my HTPC on and the LEDs stay on all the time.

    46. David Stalvey on

      Hello, I was part of the Flash Like kickstarter plan. I have had my lightpack for a little while but have not used it often since I was waiting on my Raspberry Pi to arrive. I used the lightpack for about 2 weeks with only really using it about 2-3 hours a day 5-6 days a week. After that time my SD card on my PI had become corrupted. A few months later I finally get my HTPC setup begin to use it on the same TV. Now i see that there are two of the LED strips that no longer show white and a third that has one entire LED that is out (only 2 of the 3 work). I have uninstalled the software, moved each window configuration to assure that it was reading the correct zones, and swapped the positions on the lightpack connection to assure it wasn't a jack issue. On top of all those issues most of the adhesive strips are beginning to slowly come off the back of my TV. I am not sure if there is a manufacturing issue with these so I am reporting my findings to you. Is there a way to get replacements for these LED strips?

    47. Missing avatar

      b on

      Any update on software improvements? the additional goals that were met?

    48. Missing avatar

      dion on

      I'm appalled at the poor quality of technical support I am getting from Woodenshark. The person responding to my ticket isn't well versed in Linux, and her English skills aren't ship shape either. This means nothing actually gets accomplished or I am instructed to redo a step already found to be invalid/not working.

      To anyone thinking about using this with a dedicated Linux htpc without a full desktop installed: don't. Run away. The -nogui option won't work for you & they seem disinterested in fixing their software.

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