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An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table that looks like a normal dining table when not in use.  Now available in two sizes! US & CA shipping
An affordable, practical, fully featured board game table that looks like a normal dining table when not in use.  Now available in two sizes! US & CA shipping
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Pledge Manager Update

Posted by Wooded Realms (Creator)

Hello Realm Folk~

I have a short update for you today.  After a short livestream where I was making final changes to the pledge manager, I found that I was unable to publish the PM without a review from the team at BackerKit.  So the PM will be going up tomorrow (Monday) after I've had a chance to speak with my contact at BackerKit.  Apologies for the slight delay; if you made it to the stream, I hope I was able to answer some questions for you!

In the meantime, I've uploaded the product photos from our shoot in early January.  You can find them here:

The next notification you get from us will be your invitation to start your survey!  See you then!

EDIT:  Oh, and for those asking, the largest box for local pickup will be 62"x42"x6" on the Standard, and 70"x46"x6" for the XL.  Plan accordingly!


SURPRISE! We're Almost There!

Posted by Wooded Realms (Creator)

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Happy New Years! Have A Quick Update!

Posted by Wooded Realms (Creator)

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you are all having a good time these days.  I'm currently in China working with Michael and Dongshifu, ramping up production!

My internet here has been severely limited, but I've finally gotten some access to the 500px galleries and this site, so I wanted to post a quick update while I can.

Here is the new gallery:

And I know many of you are eager to get to the pledge manager, and I'm excited to say that we have finally figured out a way to handle both shipped items and pickup items. Once these details are finalized, we'll open the pledge manager to many of you, with the rest coming later this month.

More details as soon as I can get back online and upload more pictures.  And for those who have messaged me, I'm aware, and I will respond ASAP!

Talk to you guys soon!


PAX Unplugged Update!

Posted by Wooded Realms (Creator)

Hello from Philadelphia!

I was very happy to meet many of you at PAX Unplugged this weekend!  I was also very excited to demo the production tables on the show floor thanks to Roxley games and the wonderful Dice Throne folks!  We didn't get to meet everyone who stopped by the booth, so I wanted to share some details of the tables we had at the show, and provide an update on what's happening this month with your Kickstarter tables.

Some details on the tables  

Our production tables were available for attendees to check out. This included both the Standard and XL table. Both tables featured our final materials, including the Beech hardwood for the tables, the bamboo leaves (with spill guard and gutter), and the suede fabric material for the playmat. These tables did include some caveats. If you attended the show but didn't get to meet with me or Michael, here are the differences:  

  • The tables and accessories did not have the satin finish on the paint  
  • The removable portions of the playfield were not available  
  • The booth did not have power so we could not demo the LEDs  
  • Both tables had some damage from shipping  

That last one is particularly relevant, as we don't want to give the impression that our shipping process is damaging the tables. These production samples were brought over as luggage by Michael, in order to get them into the country before the show. The pieces were wrapped in cardboard and light foam padding; customs picked them out of the incoming baggage and held them for 6 days. 

 We actually got the tables out of customs the day before Thanksgiving, and thanks to our amazing transportation partners, we were able to get everything re-packaged, onto pallets, and shipped to Philadelphia on time. The consequence of that delay is that we did not do a great job of safely packaging the components, nor did we have time to do some of the finishing touches we had planned on above. As a result, the tables on display at PAX Unplugged showed some damage and wear that didn't look great. But we felt it was important to get the tables into view so that our backers could see the tables for themselves.  

Nathan is going to China!  

Another important detail that came out of this experience is that I will be going to China to oversee the final production and sourcing details for everyone's tables. This is the QA part of our commitment that will ensure we deliver high quality tables for everyone! I'll be leaving about a week after we get back from the East Coast, and in China through the holidays, returning in early January. I'll do my best to continue to keep everyone up to date while I'm in China, and during my time there the Pledge Manager will go live.  

In the meantime, we've uploaded a few high resolution pictures to our 500px gallery which you can find here:  

Talk to you all soon!  


2nd Breakfast Weekly Update (Holiday Edition)

Posted by Wooded Realms (Creator)

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