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A completely unique board game with Amazing minis, scenario-based gameplay. Action, Adventure and Mayhem await!
A completely unique board game with Amazing minis, scenario-based gameplay. Action, Adventure and Mayhem await!
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Fab Friday Update - Print & Play is here!

Posted by Ryan Iler (Creator)

Hi Heroes!

I hope you have all had a great week! Its been a busy one for me working on new concepts and other non-gaming work. To finish the week off I decided to finally complete the files for a print and play. It contains almost everything in the game. You should be able to play every scenario in the core game except those featuring sheep. 

A few notes regarding the print and play:

  • Files are setup for letter paper. (8.5x11) so take that into account if printing from place where a4 is the standard you may have to tweak settings.
  • The game boards are quite large so each board is spread across two pages. You will have to overlap the two sheets and attach them together to get the full square boards. Board are 9x9 squares and have been shrunk slightly from those that come in the physical game.
  • tokens should be printed on card stock and are intended to be double sided. With pages 1&2 being front and back, etc.

I hope some of you print it and give it a try, please send pics if you do!

here is the dropbox: Quodd Heroes Print and Play files and rules

Print and play character "mini" sample
Print and play character "mini" sample

Advent Calendar Colouring pages:

All week I have been posting new Quodd Heroes colouring pages that Nadine has been creating (some from scratch and some from existing artwork. Here is the dropbox folder that you can find them in and a few sample images:

 Here is the folder that all of the pages can be found:

Production Timeline:

I spoke to Panda about production timelines and here is what they said. They will be sending me a MPC (manufactured proof copy) in early January for approval then will wrap up production and get the game shipped off before the end of January, before the start of Chinese New Year! That means that delivery of the games to backers will begin in Early March. I wish it were sooner but having a pretty solid timeline (barring anything unforeseen) is great for a change!

Have a great weekend!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ivan Pratama on

      Thanks for the update Ryan! the PnP could be a great reference when i paint my miniatures :)
      @david: Yes it's been a long wait, but during those times he gaves us 100 updates, which means he never fail to keep us updated once per week, I backed once a kickstarter and it delayed for almost 2 years with little or no updates and it only had a deck of cards and a sand timer as a component.

    2. Tie on

      very pumped to give this a print!

    3. Sithgar on

      @Ryan is this the timeline for the English version or all language versions?

    4. Russonc

      Thanks for the update! Played a demo of this back at GenCon 50 ... loved it and continue to look forward to getting this on the table! I appreciate your taking the time to do it right rather than quick!

    5. Nadine

      This is an update worth to be the 100th 😁

      Thank you for the feature ;-)
      I can‘t wait to print out my PNP and get on the game.
      Great news on the production, so it could end for me as it started. It will be delivered when I will be probably in Japan, just as for the relaunch of the campagne, when I was there XD

      Nice work, Thank you Ryan.

      I have one Kickstartergame, that started its campagne nearly at the same time as Quodd Heroes, and they don‘t even are in production! There is not just Quodd Heroes belated. I‘m glad Ryan went that way, even if we have to wait. It will worth it. It‘s an awesome game and everytime I see the progress I fall in love again with it.

    6. KJ Porter on

      @Ryan Iler. Thanks! Everything looks so great!

    7. Ryan Iler 2-time creator

      @KJ. Forgot to drop them in there. They are there now in the "boards" folder

    8. KJ Porter on

      This is awesome! Can't wait to print it out. Question though, as I'm looking over the documents, am I missing where the file is with the boards we move on, or is that just the tokens/platforms file?

    9. Ryan Iler 2-time creator

      @David: It definitely has been long... Wish it were otherwise. Its coming though!

    10. Missing avatar

      David on

      This is one of the longest production processes I’ve ever seen since I’m backing on kickstarter. 10 other games which I backed later have already arrived...

    11. Ben Koeling

      Sounds good Ryan! Have a great weekend!

    12. Brian Lewis

      Wooooooo update 100!