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A completely unique board game with Amazing minis, scenario-based gameplay. Action, Adventure and Mayhem await!
A completely unique board game with Amazing minis, scenario-based gameplay. Action, Adventure and Mayhem await!
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Fab Friday (Thursday?) Update: Progress!

Posted by Ryan Iler (Creator)

Happy Friday Heroes!

While it is technically Thursday today it sure feels like a Friday to me! Its been a few weeks since the last update and that's because there was nothing new to report. This week I have some news!

Today marks the day that we have all print files (English and German) complete and submitted to Panda! Once they send me digital proofs for the German files (and one last punchboard proof we are ready to launch into full production on the printed materials. This is a LOOOONNG awaited but HUGE milestone! I can't express how happy this makes me. 

The French language cards will be produced at the same time. I am waiting on that translation still. Hopefully these will be ready soon. Fear not though, they won't delay overall production and WILL ship along with the rest of the game for those of you who ordered them.


A few days ago I received a package in the mail from China. Inside were dice samples from the production molds. Here is what they look like:

Glorious Dice!
Glorious Dice!

 Not that the base game dice are the blue and white pair, the rest are part of the Dice and cloth bags add-on. Remember that you can still add the dice to your order if you wish by logging into your BackerKit account and sending a support request to the Backerkit team. They will get you sorted!

Here is an updated production status graphic:

Production Status - Oct 18th
Production Status - Oct 18th

 Some of you are already guessing that fulfillment won't likely happen before the end of the year. This is greatly disappointing to everyone (me most of all), However, the ball is rolling down hill now and momentum is building. You will have your games soon! (relatively speaking of course).

Essen Spiel

Once again Quodd Heroes will have a small presence at Essen Spiel in Germany starting next week. I'm very excited to show off the pre-production copy I showed everyone at Gen Con in August and give people a chance to play the game. Stop by the booth to say hi! I would love to chat with you!

We have a great team at the booth again this year including Ben, Marco, Nadine, Jan and Kerstin. It should be a fantastic time! The best part of conventions is the people and I'm super excited to see new and old friends alike!

I will be posting an update from Essen next week.

Live Stream:

I am hoping to do a Live Stream on Monday afternoon. Stay tuned for details prior to going live.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Love you guys!


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    1. Andy Bradford on

      Great work Ryan. Thanks for the update. The finish line is in site

    2. Goodsound on

      When I look at the status graphic, it always makes me laugh because the initial planning of 5 to 6 weeks for preproduction wouldn’t have been be accurate even if it showed 5 to 6 months. But then, good things take time. Didn’t order the dice, how many times do you roll them during the game? Once each round?

    3. Nadine

      Congratulation to an other milestone Ryan. The dice look amazing and I’m looking forward to see the preproduction copy in Essen.

    4. Missing avatar

      Edward Davison on

      The dice look nice but I think with the theme of the game they would look better with squared corners not the rounded type. More like they were in the graphics on the campaign page

    5. Benjamin Seipert on

      Do we have any sort of updated projection for fulfillment?

    6. Russonc

      @RomyCat ... I checked mine and I did order the dice ..... :~0

    7. RomyCat

      @Russonc, you spoke my mine exactly.

    8. Jan Kučera on

      Info about delay sucks, but I am sure that the waiting will be more than rewarded. Ryan, any info regarding translations? I was few months back notified as volunteer for Czech translation, but since that email, no other activity. Thanks for your response


    9. Dexter Frankenstein

      Those are some pretty good looking dice.

    10. Russonc

      I hope I ordered the extra dice... thanks for the update! This one is firmly in one of the most anticipated games I've got coming in 2019.