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A completely unique board game with Amazing minis, scenario-based gameplay. Action, Adventure and Mayhem await!
A completely unique board game with Amazing minis, scenario-based gameplay. Action, Adventure and Mayhem await!
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Fab Friday (Wednesday?!) Update: News

Posted by Ryan Iler (Creator)

Hi Heroes,

Sorry for the delay in updates. Things have been hectic around here the past few weeks with work (including Quodd Heroes) and life with back to school for my kids etc. September is always a crazy time!

For Quodd Heroes things are are moving along behind the scenes nicely. I have final colour samples from the molds for the first player coin and I think they look great:


 And here is the back of the coin

I also received the new cloth bags and I think they are MUCH better. I have opted for screen printing and I think you will agree that they look a lot better than the previous samples I showed:

Cloth Bags
Cloth Bags

Final dice samples have still not arrived nor have the revised models for Mayor and Rok. I'm assured that these are incoming... Will keep you posted.

I just received (Yesterday) the final digital proofs for the English print files and they look fantastic. German files are basically finished according to the German team, they're going through final edits. 

I will be giving the go-ahead on the English print files tomorrow with hopefully the final German files to follow shortly (later this week I hope).

For the French language cards I will have news soon. Fear not though, they will be ready in time for print production in the next couple of weeks. I have been communicating with some French companies that may be interested in publishing/licensing so that has held up the translation process. I will be making a call on what to do about this, this week and will get the French cards moving once that decision is made.

Here is the updated production status graphic:

Look for a stream announcement soon. I will be resuming regular streams this upcoming week but may do a surprise stream later this week if time allows.

What does all this mean for delivery timelines? I will get a specific answer for you from Panda tomorrow and have it in an update on Friday. We don't want more delays but ultimately I only get one real shot at this and I want the game to be as great as I can make it! 

Essen Spiel:

As I have mentioned previously Quodd Heroes will be at Spiel in Essen next month and I've very exciting to be demoing and showing off the components to all of the backers (and everyone else) who attends. Please stop by booth: 6B116 which is in hall 6. It should be a fantastic event once again and I can't wait to see all of you!

Cheers and thanks!


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    1. Jose Morales on

      greta news that everything is coming along.
      Bags look very good now, I'mm still on the defending side regarding the sheep but it does look cool.

    2. Heath

      The coin looks great, and you're right the bags are a huge improvement!

    3. Russonc

      Thanks as always for the update! Keep on making it Great!!

    4. Khaleesi on

      Loving the look of it all and the cloth bags are much better!!
      I am happy to wait knowing that it will be the best game it an be, Ryan your attention to detail will make this game better even than I originally thought it was going to be. Thank you!!

    5. Missing avatar


      Hey Ryan! Looking forward to see you at Essen. I will come by to say thank you for youre hard work in person

    6. Nadine

      Wow, so much has been accomplished already, just as those things behind the scenes. I really hope for the french backers that there could be a publisher solution to help you on that.
      The bags and the coin look really nice. I hope to see a lot of those finished at Essen.
      As always you really do an awesome job.

      For the livestreams, please annonce it one day in advance. So the people could organize themselfs to keep this time free for it. So you will have more people online watching the stream live and could chat with you.

      I’m looking forward to see you all in Essen :-)