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We make marshmallows with 100% sweet magic air. We need a new production kitchen to keep the magic alive.


We've hit our goal which is AMAZING! We can still use your help kickstarting our workshop, though. With the extra funds we can get additional equipment and with extra equipment we'll be able to cook even more marshmallows. That'll also set us up to experiment with new flavors for the coming holiday season. Thanks for your continued support making this happen!


At Wondermade we make incredible marshmallows. Cooking marshmallows takes a lot of heat, a little time and a big passion for pursuing the perfect recipes. We've been at it a year and a half and we still think it's just as incredible to unlock a new flavor like apple cinnamon as it was when we first figured out our Guinness mallows.

We've been using a friend's commercial kitchen but we've been given the boot! That means we need a new space, something we knew we'd need one day but we weren't expecting that day to arrive so soon.

We've just signed a lease on an incredible space. It's in a historic building with exposed bricks and timber beams. It feels spot on for a company devoted to using classic techniques and real ingredients for superior marshmallow making. Here, we'll be able to focus on cooking marshmallow after marshmallow after marshmallow.

To move in we need your help. We've priced out everything we need to get cooking: Cooktops, tables, cooling racks, shelving, ventilation, mixing bowls… the works. Plus we've scoped the labor and supplies it will take to get up to to code.

We need your support to help us get all the gear and the labor it'll take to build out the space. We've got rewards we're really excited about. Unsurprisingly our favorite way to say "Thank you!" is with Wondermade marshmallows. If you pledge a level that includes marshmallows you can pick from:

  • Guinness™
  • Bourbon (made with Maker's Mark)
  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Cranberry
  • Honey Pear
  • S'mores (an exclusive Kickstarter flavor)

Our s'mores marshmallows are half vanilla, half chocolate, rolled in crushed graham crackers. Of course they're great roasted, but with a s'mores mallow you don't need a fire to have the fun.

We've also had our award-winning and internationally acclaimed friends at the Heads of State design us a "joy to the world" postcard and poster, one of which is yours at every pledge level. 

If you're looking for something bigger we even have a private marshmallow-making session available. You can pick just about any flavor of marshmallow you can imagine, we'll figure out a recipe in advance, then we'll help you cook you very own batch of Wondermade marshmallows. It's a great way to wow a date or to have a memorable experience with friends.

Thanks for your support!

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There's really no risk. We've already signed the lease and we've already got the equipment picked out. Last year we cooked a hundred thousand marshmallows and we're ready to cook a million more. We just need to get over this hurdle to make that happen.


  • When the campaign is over we'll send a message through Kickstarter and you can pick your marshmallows then.

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  • We keep our ingredients simple and true. No fake colors, no fake sweeteners or corn syrups. Every Wondermade marshmallow is made with cane sugar, kosher gelatin, water and kosher cream of tartar. Each flavor also contains its unique ingredients. The mallows preservative free and are most delicious for 6 glorious weeks.

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  • They are! We use kosher gelatin and kosher cream of tartar in all of our marshmallows.

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  • No… or at least, not yet. Vegan marshmallows are really (really!) hard to make with consistency and quality. We've had plans and hopes to figure out the perfect method and recipe for vegan mallows for a long time. But we've always run into problems related to our lack of dedicated space. So this new workshop will play a big part in Wondermade vegan marshmallows. With the extra space we'll be able to so some mallow research without having to press pause on cooking for all of our regular orders. And ultimately we hope that soon we'll be able to cook some incredible vegan marshmallows.

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  • We do! Just add $10 to the pledge and we can ship your package. We'll ship first class, which will arrive in about 2 weeks. If you're in a really hot climate we have cold packs BUT we've never tested them for that long a shipment. That's the only wrinkle, but as long as you're around or below 80°F / 26°C you will be completely fine. (And if your temperature is right on the cusp we can either delay shipment or talk about faster shipping methods.)

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  • Yes! If you want to wait until Christmas or someone's birthday, just let us know at the conclusion of the campaign and we can schedule your delivery anytime you'd like. If you're looking at the private cooking session, we can also do that anytime in the next half year.

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    Private marshmallow cooking session for you and a few friends at our new facility — You pick the flavors and we'll produce a dozen boxes filled with marshmallows of your own Wondermaking

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