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Wonderblend is a giant, 120 pound killing machine made by teenagers. Try to imagine what would happen if lawnmower and a Harley had a baby.

Howdy Kickstarter People!

We are couple of freshman in high school that are interested in amateur engineering and robotics. We are interested in starting a combat robotics team to compete in San Francisco’s junior 120 pound combat robot competition. We have a CAD diagram of our robot design, a price list, and a bill of materials. Although we competed in FIRST earlier this year, neither of us could stand to not build stuff for the rest of the year. So, we just thought we’d make a killer robot. Well, as it turns out, robots are kinda expensive. Who knew? Although we already have a major part of the metalwork done, we still need money for motor controllers, batteries, motors, and a couple of bearings here and there. We can definitely make the robot for one thousand dollars, but it's definitely going to require a little extra cash out of each of our college funds.

Robot Wonderblend is the culmination of our freshman evil mad scientist minds. Basically, the idea is, there’s a giant steel frame covered in an eighth of an inch of solid steel. Protruding from the outside is an enormous spinning blade that slashes and bashes into other robots. It’s a 120 pound lawnmower made from a several horsepower motors and few hundred watts of power. Yes, really.

The robot made from help of the fundraising at Kickstarter would not only allow us to compete in the competition in San Francisco, but also would give us recognition and support us on many other opportunities in robotics and engineering. We personally think that engineering at a young age like this is important for the future generations. Hopefully the help from Kickstarter can move us toward this goal!

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    Thanks for helping out! With the money given from you, we could get a couple feet of wire, or maybe even a couple bolts! Thanks a lot, you.

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    For a $10 pledge, backers will get a nice handwritten thank you, as well as their name on a list of people who helped that would go on our t-shirts, and our 'building of the robot' Youtube video we are in the process of making.

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    For a $20 pledge, backers would get their name on the FREAKIN' ROBOT, as well as all of the rewards above.

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    For a $50 pledge, backers would get the above as well as blinky LED thank you note. It would be awesome. Trust me.

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    Now we're talkin'! If they someone were to donate $200, they would get the rewards above, AND a big note of their design on the robot that would be clearly visible from the stands, as well as a nice, welded thank you note.

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    If some crazy person decided to donate $1000, the first backer would get to choose a new name of the robot, within reason. Yeah, really! They would also get crazy specialized welded and blinkie thank you notes, a big note on the robot, and whatever else I've already said. We'd also love you forever.

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