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$8,003 pledged of $18,000 goal
$8,003 pledged of $18,000 goal


Warpgate is a fast-paced 2-4 player board game of hand management and area control. As a leader of a unique race of aliens, lead them towards triumph.

Move your fleets of star-ships on a hex-based modular game board, establish colonies and outposts and engage your enemies in battles for the control of prized commodities. Research new technologies and grow your galactic empire.

The player who scores the most points at the end of the game through completing missions, claiming trade routes, researching technologies and earning glory in battles, wins the game!

  • It's quick. You don't need the entire day to move some spaceships around the board. A two player game of Warpgate can be completed in around 40 minutes.
  • It's fast paced. All you have to do on your turn is play one card and resolve one action. Next thing you know - it's your turn again!
  • It's easy to learn. Everything is as streamlined as possible and the rule-book is thin (for a strategy game ;). You'll probably know all the rules by the end of round 2.
  • It's dynamic. No sitting in your own corner of the board. Expect constant fighting, planets captured and re-captured. Combat is quick and simple, yet presents players with interesting options every time.
  • It's replayable. There are 8 alien races with unique abilities, 20 technology cards and randomizable player board to make sure that no game starts the same.
  • No player elimination. Everybody is in it until the end. With secret mission cards every player can try and snatch that last-turn victory!
  • No dice. ;)





Back in June we demoed the prototype of Warpgate at UK Games Expo and some of our guests were kind enough to share their thoughts on the game right after playing it.

2017 is not over yet! Wolffdesigna is going to be at Essen Spiel and Pax Unplugged. Come see us there and try Warpgate yourself! 

Draft rules preview (Work in progress).
Draft rules preview (Work in progress).


Make your own copy!
Make your own copy!


Try it right now!
Try it right now!

Shipping will be charged after the end of the Kickstarter, based on the actual costs incurred to ship. We will collect this via pledge manager after the campaign ends. 


Risks and challenges

This is our second project and we've learned a huge deal while working on Guards of Atlantis. While we always have the best intentions in mind and put in all our efforts to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible, sometimes unexpected delays do happen.

We don't want to repeat the past mistake of underestimating the production timeline. This time around we've set a very safe delivery date to have the game ready by the time of Essen Spiel next year (October 2018).
Provided everything goes as planned, we aim to deliver the game to you earlier.

Warpgate will be produced at Ludofact, the same manufacturer we've worked with on Guards of Atlantis which considerably improves communication which means less delays.

The game is about 90% ready for production. We plan to send the game to print approximately one month after the campaign ends, which gives us enough time to process your feedback, polish the rulebook and complete the remaining artwork.

As was the case with Guards of Atlantis we will post monthly updates after the end of the campaign and until the game is delivered to keep you informed on the progress.

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