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A dynamic hack’n’slash with no class restrictions. Choose your path as 
you level-up and play your character the way you want! Explore this 
shattered and corrupted world to uncover its ancient secrets and hidden 
A dynamic hack’n’slash with no class restrictions. Choose your path as you level-up and play your character the way you want! Explore this shattered and corrupted world to uncover its ancient secrets and hidden truths.
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2018 Roadmap for Wolcen

Posted by SolarFall Games (Creator)

Hello everyone !

The last year has been significantly important for the development and the evolution of Wolcen. From version 0.3.5 to we released a dozen patches and pushes at least as many hotfixes. 2017 was about giving our players substance to start enjoying the content of the game and the core features of Wolcen and we worked hard to update the game twice every month.

2017 also was the one-year-anniversary of the Early Access of Wolcen:

And our first trailer !

Finally, 2017 was the year we also learned and grew.
Although we originally planned to release the game much faster, our ambition for Wolcen increased and we’re now moving forward with the idea of making an even Greater game. With a big G. We know that this will cause some delays, but in the end we want you to feel it was definitely worth waiting.

We learned a lot from our previous year thanks to the feedback of our Community and from the experience we gathered.

But for now, let’s go back a little bit on this 2017 year and remind what happened, before we move on to 2018’s plan.

2017, the year of Birth

2017 saw the introduction of the universe of Wolcen with a new world map and new quests presenting the first area of the game and some elements of the lore. We didn’t add anything more so far to use this testing ground for the core features of the game. We had to choose between the lore content and the core features and since we want players to enjoy the gameplay and experiment different game styles, it felt more important to focus on the implementation of the core features of the game.

Focusing on the Gameplay allowed us to implement lots of new features, even some we didn’t originally planned for 2017 :

  • New map and quests
  • New quest system
  • The Online mode, first step to the multiplayer
  • The dungeon traps
  • The DoT system refactored
  • The Character Sheet revamped
  • We added more than 120 new skills
  • The daily dungeon
  • The bounties
  • The arenas
  • New enemies, bosses and AI behaviors (Skull Crusher, Bandits, Orc Warlock, Grave Keeper…)
  • The Fog of War
  • New weapons, armors and items including uniques
  • New potions and elemental poisons
  • Permanent effects on potions
  • Gems and the Jeweller
  • The active skill tree
  • The Archivist and active skill currency
  • New spells
  • The Signature Skills
  • Sigils (semi-passive spells)
  • Charged spells
  • Improved the targeting system
  • Revamped the Defense and Resistance mechanics
  • The cadaver mechanic (introducing the necromancer)

And last but not least, we made tons of balancing. That’s it for the major stuff on the Gameplay for 2017.

Thanks to our great Community, we were able to add and improve localization of the game for :

  • French (of course !)
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Czech
  • Hungarian
  • Finnish
  • Korean

Wolcen is proudly expanding in the world today thanks to all your support and effort. We’re really really grateful about that.

The audio has also been improved. We added a lot of new sounds from inventory to PST to quest or enemies and some new musics as well. The game now has its theme, as well as some areas in the game. We didn’t implement as much music as we wanted but focused on the sounds to make the gameplay enjoyable.

2017 saw the growth of the team to improve the workflow, speed and quality. The whole world was updated with the 0.5.0, with a lot of new areas, assets, dungeons and more. It seems that everyone was happy with this update, but let me reassure you, a lot more is coming. To give you a brief overview of what have been done:

  • We remade the main menu, it is now a bit more sexy than a black background
  • We remade the tutorial area
  • We reworked Amarth, with higher quality models and textures, as well as a better space organisation to welcome our new NPCs
  • Dhur evolved from a small village to a big city

We added new areas:

  • Evergrave
  • Huntsman vale
  • Hailstone bay
  • Silvercrown
  • Ravengard
  • Ashenrock temple
  • Ashenrock bridge
  • Dungeons
  • Orcs architecture
  • Corruption architecture
  • Black old civilisation architecture
  • Necromancer architecture
  • Pithus architecture
  • House Caves

We also improved the existing ones. With a new world and many improvements in our workflow, 2017 leads the path to a greater 2018 year.

The development of the particles continued, and many changes have been made to improve existing effects, create new ones for new spells, and optimize everything. We also developed a new system to optimize all the environment particles. Particles in 2017 were not made by a particular department, but this is about to change for 2018 ;)

Concept art
Regarding the art concept work, 2017 was about exploring and testing new designs for the foes and factions, a lot of time refining the UI and design the UI for the new features. There also was a lot of efforts made to improve the workflow for future productions such as environments, characters, weapons and mods. Alexandre did an amazing work and agreed to show some exclusive artwork made this past year.


Of course, there is not a single improvement we add without the implication of the animation team. All the various postures, the way your pistols make you look that cool, the characters and enemies movements, the specificities linked to your character looks, all goes through them and their hard work.

2018, the year of Rebirth

We’re putting a lot of hopes in 2018 and made the proper arrangement to make these hopes come true. We are still in the process of planning the additions to the game and calculating the time and efforts needed to achieve our goals, but we plan to sweat a great deal this year. And not only because we’re on the French Riviera.

Updates status
With the team growing and the development reaching a critical point for the future of the game, we plan to apply updates every 2-3 months with major and quality content addition. The pace we had didn’t allow us to optimize the game and reduce significantly the amount of crashes as well as making the proper testing. We want to provide more quality to Wolcen, we heard the need for more optimization, content, and less crashes despite the Alpha status of the game and we want to improve on that. This will lead the next patch to be pushed in March.

Linux version status
Wolcen has proven to be a very challenging game to make and maintain, and we’re all highly motivated to lead it to its release and even more. Despite that passion, we’re facing the real problem of time required by all the corrections and additions we must make to make this game great. Knowing that, having a second version of the game for created content as well as maintenance would present a very high difficulty with our current staff, specially without penalizing the PC version itself. As much as we would like to provide the Alpha and Beta version to Linux users, we must face the fact that this will be more time consuming than productive for the game. Therefore we have decided that the Alpha and Beta version will not be implemented on Linux.

The last month was very productive and we anchored the core elements of the 5 acts storyline. Regarding the way we’re going to tell the story, we want to innovate on the narrative style, and we hope that you will enjoy what we plan. We will also use the social networks to introduce the main characters, villains, and areas, without spoiling too much of course ! Wolcen Studio now has a hero fully dedicated to that side of the development and we’re confident things will move forward much faster thanks to him.

There will be a lot of improvements in the Gameplay as well. Here is a non-exhaustive list of what we plan for this year:

  • Shrines
  • Crafting
  • Multiplayer
  • New act I and more !
  • Minions
  • New PST sections
  • New skills in active skill tree
  • New spells
  • New monsters, bosses, and AI behaviors
  • New NPCs
  • New item types including weapons (bows!), armors and trinkets
  • More new music and sounds
  • Combo improvements
  • Apocalyptic form !

We will also internally work on the future content of the game’s scenario but so far we don’t plan to release it for the Alpha or the Beta to provide a testing environment for spoiler sensitive players.

Animation & FX
Addition to the team will allow us to improve the animations, characters and FX in the game to make it even more epic and enjoyable. We want to keep the same visual quality for Wolcen and even improve it if we can. We also plan to work on the player's characters, both male and female, to improve their looks and behaviors, as well as providing cool options to personalize your experience of the game.

With the development of the scenario, we plan to create a lot of new environments that will support the story of the game and allow players to explore the world of Wolcen, including new areas for the Republic faction and new corrupted zones, as well as other new areas we prefer to keep silent at the moment to avoid spoiling.

We plan to add voices in the game to improve the game experience and the immersion. They will not be implemented until we’ve finalized the content, but they are planned. New musics are also in the pipes.

In conclusion
The 2018 calendar for Wolcen is very fraught with content. We will continue to focus on the gameplay content more than the scenario release. The gameplay elements need much more testing than the story, and we don't want players to refrain from testing because they're worried of being spoiled. We will then focus on the endgame content to allow player to have fun while testing the game and its features. Patches applied less often will allow us to add more content in a more stable environment so our Community can enjoy the game while testing it.
Don't forget your feedbacks will always help us to make the game even better so do not hesitate to provide them to us, it’s really important for us to know how you feel when you play Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem.

Of course, we didn’t cover everything you should know regarding this year, but we will continue to update you on the status of our team, so you will know soon enough :)

Once more, thank you all for your support. This means a LOT to all of us.

The Wolcen Team

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    1. Salvatore on

      That's a total disaster.
      I won't name all the faults in this post. John Doe pointed out them perfectly.
      I'm very very very disappointed in pevelopers and the game now.

    2. Tobias Krummen on

      Thanks for the update, though I can‘t say I‘m happy with it.
      I backed your game especially for the Linux version, as even the title says it will be on Linux.
      As the game is now in early acces for almost a year now, I‘m worried that it will get a Linux version at all in the end, as you haven‘t said anything about it technically-wise.
      Did you already try to create a Linux build? You are using the CryEngine, there aren‘t many games on Linux using it (I know only one atm: Snow. Evolve was rumored, but they stopped the development), so it would be very interesting, if it‘s even possible that Wolcen will have a chance to run on Linux.
      I‘m very patient, but I‘d like to know it the game is capable of running on Linux. If it is, take your time to finish the alpha and beta and take care of the Linux port then. I would be okay with that. But if it isn‘t, please let us know, so we don‘t hold our hopes up unnecessarily.

    3. veritanuda on

      Well at least we know you can say the word Linux without choking. But seriously, how can you possibly say you had the intention on doing Linux version when from the BEGINNING you did not concern yourself with portability. You think you could just fob Linux users off with a wine-wrapped version of a Windows game? Do me a favour.

      I think we have all be really patient with you lot but right now any goodwill you had has just evaporated. You can't even commit to any finished project let alone one that you actually PROMISED to the backers.

      If you want to save face and some credibility you should just fess up and admit you had no intention if making a Linux game and you just got caught up in all the hype about gaming on Linux to get more attention. Then you should start swallowing your pride and refund all of us who wanted a Linux game.

    4. Missing avatar

      SteveW on

      Please let us know how we can request a refund, due to the failure to follow through with the Linux version.

    5. Jan Kador

      totally agree with John Doe !

    6. Missing avatar

      John Doe on

      - At last you come out with the truth about the missing linux version

      - No word about release of version“1.0“
      - What‘s the eta of the linux version? On the same day as Windows version 1.0? One year later? Two years later? Maybe never?
      - One more thing about the linux version that bugs me. You must have known about „too much work for alpha and beta“ at least a year ago, but didn‘t find the time to tell your backers. Disappointing!
      - How about your funds. You say that you want to make a greater game then you originally thought, but how much longer will your resources last or are your developpers/programers/... working for free? The game should be released a long time ago.
      - You never asked your funders if they wanted the game you promised (being delivered in time) or a greater game and wait till heaven-knows-when.
      - No word about refunds for your linux customers. This is the least you should state in your post (if I‘m honest and by your track record so far, I will never get an answer to that, but you can always surprise me)

      All in all this is (for me, everyone else might disagree) most disappointing project I backed with the worst communication from the creators!

    7. Missing avatar

      Assadi on

      Very nice.Thank you for all.

    8. Missing avatar

      Kalin Dimitrov on

      "WintermuteX" When do you expect the game to be released ? Do you agree to not use any beta before full release ? Do you agree that developers made serious PR mistake and misleading linux customers and take advantage of their good will ?
      No one knows when full fledged game will be released as I saed dota 2 is still in beta after so many years (called dota 2 reborn beta). I'm developer for many years, I was developed many multiplatform application and the excuses that they give to linux users look like bullshits to me. Developers have to apologize to that customers and give them estimation when they can have what they paid for.

    9. Missing avatar

      WintermuteX on

      Stay calm, they said the ALPHA and BETA wouldn't be available for Linux, the final game would.

    10. Missing avatar

      valsacar on

      Oh, what a surprise. Just as we said, you promised Linux, took our money, and then turned around and said Linux is too hard because we didn't actually plan for making it.

    11. Belisarius

      Looking forward to the game especially having seen the info on the site and fired up the current version. Looks better than i was hoping for. The linux users of course will be disappointed but if i read it right there will still be a Linux version, just not an alpha or beta .. so you still get the game.

    12. Missing avatar

      Roux Patrick-Edouard on

      This is sad. I backed this game to support you as a local french developer and for the Linux support.

      Now you are telling me Linux would be too time consuming? Off course, you didn't put any effort at the start.

      So now what? Since you are french, I believe you could take some interns and assign them with for mission giving you a better CI platform that abstract you from doing any platform specific build or what so ever. And then help you bring your game to Linux.

      I would have been psyched to do such internship when I was student; and interns are really ship in France...

      I mean, you just had to invest a little in order to get this running before your customization above the engine becomes a nightmare to port.. And I believe a lot of people would have helped, fro, the community to Valve.

    13. Rob Crowther

      > having a second version of the game for created content as well as maintenance would present a very high difficulty with our current staff

      If doing a Linux release requires a whole 'second version' then you're doing it wrong. There's no reason why, outside of the game engine itself, the code wouldn't be 99% identical unless you've been using Windows-only third-party libraries all along.

      > Therefore we have decided that the Alpha and Beta version will not be implemented on Linux.

      Please let us know the process you have decided upon for giving a refund to Linux users who have pledged for Alpha and Beta access.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kalin Dimitrov on

      First thanks for update
      Second If you want your game to live longer consider make moding tools. For example diablo 2 has tons of mods which extend his life significantly. This also can help you to develop better tools for your game designers.
      Third I think you must give some apologize to linux customers and also some estimation when they can use what they bought . To understand me dota 2 is still in beta. Also if I'm not mistaken you never mentioned that there will be no beta for other platforms which can be huge decision factor on purchase

    15. Missing avatar

      Stratus - Obsidian Order Penguin Herder on

      My question is, since it is evident that you really have no intent to provide a linux version for the various business reasons you provided, is there a facility for refund for those of us who are unable to use your game.

      This is not a condemnation of your decision but rather a realistic outlook. If you ever do get around to making a linux version it would seem that the game will have been out for ages to the point that I probably could find the game on steam sale for $5. To wit, it feels as though you offered me a vaporware product. Do you have a realistic time line for a linux version? 18 months? 24? Will modern hardware even be required to play this game if you do fulfil your commitment?

    16. SolarFall Games Creator on

      We will update the Trello Roadmap as soon as possible for more visibility on the development and progression :) But so far there is no precise ETA for the full release.

    17. Missing avatar

      Logan McKenzie on

      Ive been excited for this game since backing during the kickstarter, and last year and the year ahead lot to both be full of updates and expansion, my only question is do you have any sort of updated timeline towards full release? Happy new year and I look forward to the year ahead!