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Training citizens to tell their humanitarian stories and publishing that content to the world. Because news needs no filter.

Training citizens to tell their humanitarian stories and publishing that content to the world. Because news needs no filter. Read More
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Have you ever read a global news story and thought, "Is this really true?" Wouldn't it be cool if you could pick up the phone and talk to the people behind the headlines? What would he say? If you could hear her story, what would it sound like? 

At World Media Now we train global citizens - working mothers, taxi drivers, cricket-playing teens, out-of-work young men  - in the basics of journalism so they can tell accurate, well-researched, but contextual personal stories about the human condition in their world. Then we publish those stories on our global news website. 

WMN Magazine offers unvarnished, verified, and factual stories - text, podcasts, video, photography -  about the most important humanitarian issues of the day including: environmental concerns, poverty, famine, education, homelessness, religious conflict, sexual exploitation and war.  

Using proprietary curriculum, WMN pairs professional journalists with citizens around the globe to train them in writing, interviewing, source finding, ethics and digital journalism. Each “citizen journalist,” (we recruit them through partnerships with local and global NGO’s) receives a “Newsroom in a Backpack,” - tech tools appropriate to their country’s technical grid to transmit media to our semantic content management system. We’ve started training programs in South Sudan and Nigeria. 

Rather than repeat major news stories, WMN produces the kind of stories that only those living where the news is made can tell.  

And we deliver that news directly to our members in a categorized, customized and organized way. 

Our monthly magazine is free. But we encourage people to join WMN's Community which offers access to our Behind the Story web portal which features access to all the data, research and information our WMN staffers gather when reporting their stories as well as exclusive access to our "Open Newsroom," global conferences with our WMN staff. Monthly membership is only $4 with 75 cents going directly to provide IT and English literacy development for indigenous people. 

Monthly membership fees, along with selected advertising and corporate partnerships, helps us pay our WMN staffers and support our training program. Plus every membership will also support developing IT and English literacy skills for indigenous people. 

Some unique WMN features:

1. All WMN writers will be trained in journalism basics such as ethics, accuracy, fair and unbiased reporting as well as social media, and digital journalism. 

2. All WMN writers are paid for their stories.

3. All WMN writers will receive a "Newsroom in a Bag," - tech tools applicable to their countries which allows them to record, report, store and transmit their stories to our magazine. 

4. The news is fact-checked and verified by professional editors before it is published on our website. 

We believe a free press is essential to a free, secure and engaged society.

We believe news needs no filter. 

We believe ordinary citizens, with training, mentoring and support can add rich, important and much needed intelligence to the global news space. 

We believe our readers are intelligent enough to understand historical context. 

We believe our readers are determined enough to wade through complexity to discover the truth. 

We believe our readers are searching for signs of hope among strife, and while we won't publish all positive stories we will not publish only negative ones either. 

We believe people can be motivated to change the world without being afraid, manipulated or shamed. 

We believe in the dignity of every person we train, employ, cover or engage.  

And finally, we believe our time has come.  


When you support this project you help bring news from ordinary citizens to life. Our mission is to gather news from everywhere, but we are dedicated to uncovering news in places that major news outlets cannot or do not cover.

Reaching our goal on Kickstarter will help us to conduct on-site training projects in South Sudan, Nigeria and Burma as well as training for citizens in more than 19 countries. We will also begin the first phase of our website which allows our WMN global staff to easily submit stories, photos and data to our Behind the Story portal and launch our online monthly magazine. We expect to launch fall 2012. 

Who is behind WMN?

WMN co-founder Ovetta Sampson is a nationally award-winning journalist with 18 years’ experience in writing and editing who has reported from Nigeria, Egypt, Haiti and more than 30 countries. She most recently wrote stories for The Christian Science Monitor, and has had stories published in The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Globe and several national and international publications. For the last eight years she's used her journalism skills to report on humanitarian issues around the world and to train international staffers in communications. 

WMN Global Editor Judy Isacoff

Judy Isacoff’s journalism career has spanned the US, Hong Kong, and the Cayman Islands, plus a year teaching English in Turkey. She is also senior editor for the award-winning Political Handbook of the World with expertise in the countries of Africa and the Middle East.

WMN Lead Instructor/Training Supervisor Leah Kohlenberg

WMN Uses Leah Kohlenberg's Curriculum

Leah Kohlenberg has 12 years’ training experience in the former Soviet Union, starting as a Knight Fellow in Mongolia. She has 20 years’ experience writing, reporting and editing for daily U.S. newspapers, as well as Time magazine in Hong Kong, the Asian Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine. Ms. Kohlenberg developed Nose for News curriculum which WMN uses to train citizen journalists and indigenous communications staff.

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World Media Now: Because News Needs No Filter. 


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