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World-Class Guitarist - CD: "Unknown for too long"

Be A Part Of My New CD "Unknown For Too Long"

I have been playing all over the states for over thirty years. Many projects, many bands, countless influences and the love of various genres.

The passion and drive to create and share is what drives me, I'm not focused on fame, I'm focused on expressing something that happens at a deep level inside the soul and making that available to people with the same love for music.

Why am I asking for so little?

Compared to a lot of other artists on this site, I guess it could be perceived as a meager sum...the fact is, it doesn't take a whole lot to have a CD printed and mailed out to your fans (If you are not a major touring act, that is), but little? I wouldn't go that far. The investments of others, no matter how big or small, are invaluable to an artist who also lives the role of a typical adult with everyday responsibilities, both personal and professional. The resources to create a product (even a humble one) can be hard to muster up. That is why I have turned to Kickstarter. The amount of creative energy and projects I have in the workshop would take the budget of a small nation to release in an attractive and professional form.

What will the contributions cover?

The costs in the CD involve the physical printing and packaging/duplication of the final product, as well as licensing and distribution which will allow me to make this music available on such sites as Itunes, Amazon, Etunes, CD Baby and many, many more. The actual recording incurs low overhead since I do all the recording, mixing and mastering with my own professional  equipment and facilities. Not looking for "play money" here, just want to put out this project, and then move on to the next project. Like I said, there is much music in my head and on my hard-drive that I would like, to see the light of day.

What do we (The backers), get?

You will get one or more new, freshly printed and shrink-wrapped CD's, depending on the level of contribution (see details regarding rewards), but mostly, you will have made a new friend (me) and the pleasure of knowing every time you slip that disc into the player and enjoy some of the baddest, moodiest, gut-wrenching-est blues you have ever listenend too, that YOU made it happen.

But that's only if we do this, and make it happen, together.

I'm excited at the prospect of future releases, and anybody that donates will be granted full access to all of my material, both current and future.

A big thank you in advance!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

All this talk about risks and challenges is beyond me. The riskiest act, is not to act at ALL. I will put out music one way or the other. The effort of using this medium that is Kickstarter, if successful, will simply allow me to reach so many more people, and that is the biggest thrill to me. Not fame, not fortune, but sharing my music, which is extremely personal, with people around the world, and to create a connection with other people's minds, thoughts and hearts. People who are not lovers of music or art can never understand this, you and I understand that no words can quite define it. It is like a common breath shared by many, relating us to each other in some beautiful, wordless way.

The challenges, I imagine, would be inspiration, motivation and execution of the project, all of which are formidable barriers to many an artist. I believe my catalog of finished and published works speaks for its self, as well as my experiences and travels in the business.

But I could blow my own horn all day, and I found out early on in this business that few people get anywhere without being able to speak confidently about their craft and their prowess, but without an audience, an artist is just playing for himself, nothing wrong with that, but those of us who thrive on the interactive nature of music find themselves pushed harder, and bettered by the demands of performing for others which ultimately molds an artist's craft to a higher level, making it even more of a pleasure for everybody involved. Everybody wins. :)

So if you are a lover of music, a fan of the blues, or just a guitar maniac, and you like what you hear so far, join me in this, and we'll have an adventure!


  • I started at 13 with an old Kay acoustic guitar, so it's been over 33 years

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  • I have eight B.C. Rich electric guitars, a Yamaha acoustic, a couple of Mesa Boogie amplifiers, Zoom recording equipment, Roland, Mac, M-Audio, Boss, Nady, Shure, MXL, Ebow and all kinds of other toys littering the house, lol

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  • Two,

    Reptilian Brain -2005

    Out Of Darkness -2007

    plus lots of other material since 2003 that has been posted and shared on variious websites, online song-stores and sharing communities.

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