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The ultimate digital video-tron, coming soon to a wizard box near you.

Join Commander Cube in a journey through the Cube Tube.

Commander^3 is one of many video game projects I have been working on. It is a single-player first-person action/adventure game featuring unique weapons and items, an original soundtrack, physics, and a humorous psychedelic post-modern storyline.

Sorry for the low-res video. I only use free and open-source software for my projects. I assure you the game runs at a full 60FPS at 1280x1024 on my 4 year old rig.

If all goes smoothly, I will have the final version ready to play within the next two months.

When I reach my goal, I will launch a site where you can download this game, among others, for free.

All video games I make will always be free downloads. If you support my work on Kickstarter, I will give you special gifts.

The game will initially be available for Windows. If it takes off, I will also compile it for OSX and Linux.

All game content is 100% original.


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    Remember that awesome idea you had for an end-level boss, but never had the technical know-how to make it happen? I would like to make your dream come true. Pledge 100 dollars, and send me your idea for a boss battle. I will make it happen just as you always imagined.

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