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20 Year Game Artist creates "holodeck" for skype created by Star Trek & Star Wars FX Alumni allowing you to become anything you wish!

20 Year Game Artist creates "holodeck" for skype created by Star Trek & Star Wars FX Alumni allowing you to become anything you wish! Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on April 27, 2012.

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About this project

Hollywood quality 3D sets projected around you using nothing but a webcam!

What is this?

If you're a parent, a business person, or just want to have fun, this project is for you! Inspired by movies like Who framed Roger Rabbit, Mary Poppins and Minority report the guys at Wish Pictures got tired of waiting for technology that would allow us to interact with a digital world.  Now with Augmented Reality, this is a chance to make a holodeck like experience wherever you are using your web camera! 

Video calls are common place these days and Wish Pictures gives you the chance to be a live performer inside your very own 3D movie with visual effects created by the very artists that worked on the movies you love, like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Star Trek! In other words, be anything or anywhere you wish! Where do you want to go? Who or what do you want to be? Computer graphics have allowed artists like us to bring anything we can dream up to life on the big screen, now with Augmented Reality it's time for you to live in our playground!

Is beauty and the beast where you reside? Concept by Marco Bucci 

Isn't there something like this already? 

Yes and no not at all.. Augmented Reality is an emerging technology and there have been a small handful of filter type web camera applications that use 2D elements. There have even been a few that attempt 3D objects. But let us be clear..we don't want to build a novelty. Current software lack sophisticated face tracking, 3D costuming, and high-end animated visual effects created by actual effect masters. Wish Pictures creates -complete- themes built by industry veterans that take their craft seriously. Try and find a single Augmented reality application that works properly. If the lighting changes in the room, the effects don't work and disappear, the digital effects don't move properly with you and tend to shake. Our software engineers have two Patents that solve these problems that plague Augmented reality.

So, imagine for example, you wanted to be an astronaut.. you'd simply type "astronaut" on and multiple space themes in this category will be listed for your downloading pleasure costing as little as a dollar. These themes will come with a detailed fully animated 3D virtual set, a 3D astronaut helmet which moves with your head, space ship sound effects and visual effects that play into that theme, like the ability to have things float in zero gravity when you touch them. Yes, while Walt Disney didn't invent animation, he did innovate and set the industry bar very high with quality storytelling and amazing artwork. We aim to do the same with our team of visual effect artists that hail from the Virtual ride, TV, feature film and game industry - Most all of them held top Art Director roles on legendary projects!

Is this your cartoon Space hotel? Wish Pictures scene by Russell Koonce

Is this your private jet? Luxury background example art by John Eric

How will it work?

Once this project is launched, you will then go to and download the -free- Wish Pictures application and install it. On the website you'll find a wide range of categories to choose from or you can simply type in a subject search. We will also have the latest featured virtual themes on our front page. When you see what you like, you'll download the theme from the website and it will become available to you in the application during your video call. Each visual and audio effect can be turned off independent of each other. You are in control.

Do you live in a tree among the elves? Wish Pictures concept art by Tim Warnock


We have a few examples on this page, but your imagination is the limit! Will we take your suggestions and wish request? YES! Will we build custom backgrounds for you? YES! But instead of listing hundreds of themes, let's instead give you some fun ideas on how to use this wonderful application.

  • Military could stealth their barracks behind them
  • Businesses can hide there cubical with something more professional
  • Home business folks can have Trumps office or something more practical
  • It's a magic mirror for the little kids (and it's fun for the big kids in us to)
  • Loved ones can have a themed video call (we'll leave it at that..)
  • Grandparents can put a smile on there grandchild's face with cartoon effects
  • Look cooler on your video blogs and youtube channels (donate for a friend in need)

Are you a planetary counsel member? Wish Pictures concept by Joel Payne

Will you have more then environments YES! Character example by Khalid Muharraqi

Who is this Dream Team you speak of?? The Programmers (holds multiple patents in Augmented Reality that everyone will need. Most of the their best work is held in secret vaults in stealth mode, protected by ninja's)

Joel Payne  Principle and Project Creator (Baulders Gate: Dark alliance, Disney Imagineering's Virtual Jungle Cruise, Steve Spielberg's Sky Pirates ride, Star Ship Troopers 3D TV series, Max Steel 3D TV series, Mortal Kombat:SM, Silent Hill, Heroes of Might and Magic 1, Growums, Universal Studios 3D digital backlot library. Owner of

Rod Nakamoto Principle (Over the past 25 years he has held executive positions at a number of the prominent game publishers including Sega of America, Electronic Arts, Hasbro Interactive, Vivendi Universal Games and Namco. Rod has worked on and/or managed premier franchises such as Empire Earth, Nascar 2002/2003, Microprose Simulations,, Wing Commander and a myriad of other high-profile licenses and properties. Earlier in his career Rod founded two companies: Interactive Designs, Inc., which was acquired by Sega of America and Sweet Micro Systems, Inc. where he created one of the first sound/speech cards for the Apple II.)

Russell Koonce Principle and Lead Artist (E.T., Harry Potter, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Peter Pan, True Lies, Chicken Little, Casper, Terminator 3, Space Cowboys, Congo)

Gavin Dell Principle Lead Character design/Animation (Looney Tunes, Looney Tunes Back in Action, The Simpsons, Directed the Family Guy, Pirates of the Caribbean Animated Feature Film and Disney's Hercules TV series, Gears of War 2, Silent Hill: Homecoming, Growums Character Designer)

Brandon MacDougall Lead set artist (Enterprise, Emmy Nominated for Star Trek Voyager. Scary Movie 4 VFX, Memoirs of a Geisha, Lost in Space Pilot)

Khalid Muharraqi Lead Character artist/set artist (3D visualizations of the major architectural developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain like the world trade center and those man made island that look like sea turtles you can see from the international space station..... Need I say more??)

John Eric Lead set artist (Studio Art Director for Vivendi Universal Games, Lord of the Rings, Scarface, Vanhelsing, The Hobbit, Heroes of Might and Magic)

Jason Kaehler Lead set artist (Art Director, Midway, E.A Games, known for StrangleHold, PSI-Ops, Spc-Ops, HBO Boxing)

Marco Bucci Lead Concept artist  (Monkey Island: Special Edition, BackyardigansTV series, Lego commercial, Growums Concept Artist)

Josh Mosley Lead Composer (Currently scoring the feature film based on the hit video game Mass Effects! Also known for Growums)

Are you from Sleepy Hollow? Concept by Joel Payne

How We Will Use The Funds?

We need the funds to build the application that will deliver the content to you and with your help our efforts will also provide for the online store that will house all of the visual effects to choose from. 

Are you a modern day Aladin? from the portfolio of Khalid Muharraqi

Where will this go in future versions?

No doubt this will be a project that blurs the line between fantasy and reality and is a giant leap forward by allowing the viewer to be inside the fantasy worlds we love. As the project evolves, we hope to bring unique storytelling features, games and other fun experiences to this new form of entertainment. The possibilities are astonishing! With Augmented Reality glasses on the market next year it's just a matter of time before the virtual world is everywhere you look. 

Are you Willy Wonka? Wish Pictures theme by Joel Payne


We hope to take our game, virtual reality, feature film, TV experience and pioneer a new category of entertainment. We'd like to think that you're the type of person that would have kickstarted a young Steve Job as he secretly worked in his garage dreaming up a company called Apple Computers. This is one of those moments, to be a part of the start of a brave new world of possibilities. We have the plan, we have the dream team and our guys really believe in the power of the people. We're putting our hopes in your hands and this is your chance to be a part of history. For anyone interested in the inner workings of the visual effects industry, either professionally or as a fan, this project will be a landmark in exploring the art of creativity. For people that just love fulfilling wishes, this is an opportunity to help bring one to fruition... and... well... because we want you to live happily ever after inside this castle below...

Concept by Marco Bucci

**Video Credits

Music by Joshua R. Mosley,  Lighting/Direction, Mehran Torgoley and Concept, Script, Editing, Visual Effects by Joel Christopher Payne


  • Once the software is complete, you'll download it from and install it. Clicking on the add theme button in the application will launch an online library of virtual environments to choose from. Purchase the theme and it will auto install for you. Then when you're using your webcamera the virtual environment and effects will appear on and behind you.

    Last updated:
  • No. Augmented reality allows us to replace anything the web camera sees.

    Last updated:
  • No, we will have 3D real-time virtual costumes and visual effects that will appear on you and move with you. We also want to bring characters into the project so for example you might want to have a caged alien pacing back and forth in the room behind you. This creature will be fully animated and 3D

    Last updated:
  • Yes, you will be able to record and share video of you inside your virtual playland

    Last updated:
  • Additional release platforms for the game (Mac, Linux, iOS, Android). The higher it goes the better the project gets!

    Last updated:
  • Yes. see the 1K reward tier.

    Last updated:
  • We want to create a complete simulation, this means if you're in a forest, we want to hear the trees blowing and the birds chirping. You will be able to control the volume or complete turn off this feature.

    Last updated:
  • We have to raise the funds first. Once we do we will be reviewing resumes. Submit at

    Last updated:
  • The series will be released through Kickstater project updates. Kickstarter updates appear here on the project page. Make sure you use a reliable email address and check your spam settings so you don't miss any updates!

    Last updated:
  • First stage of the tech would simply take a picture of the background without you in it, then the AR would know the difference between you and the background. If we raised more capital, we want to use the two patents our software team holds to do real-time background tracking in which case we'll write code that defines any human body on the screen. This would allow the backgrounds to move if the camera was to move. So for example, if you had an Ipad in your hand you could turn 360 degrees and see a complete 3D environment behind you in any direction!

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  1. Select this reward

    Pledge $15 or more
    About $15 USD

    10 backers

    I BELIEVE IN MAGIC PACKAGE: The finished App in all of its awesome glory free on PC, exclusive access to the Beta, access to the behind the scenes video series, and 4 free virtual sets for your web camera entertainment.

    Estimated delivery:
  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $30 or more
    About $30 USD

    7 backers

    VIRTUAL SWAG PACKAGE: Since you're making fantasy real.. 5 additional virtual themes for your skyping fun, a private link for suggesting possible wish themes and all previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery:
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $60 or more
    About $60 USD

    2 backers

    VIRTUAL HERO PACKAGE:Access to the HD video "making of" series showing how the 3D worlds are created by our visual effects team. PDF version of the Art Book (filled with full color pages of art, original photos, developer bios, interviews about past project they worked on and all previous reward tiers!

    Estimated delivery:
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more
    About $100 USD

    9 backers Limited (891 left of 900)

    I WISH FOR MORE WISHES: Free Lifetime access to all VR 3D set themes for use in your Wish Pictures App. and all previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery:
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $250 or more
    About $250 USD

    0 backers Limited (100 left of 100)

    I WISH I HAD SOMETHING SPECIAL PACKAGE: Signed exclusive poster by Joel Payne (suitable for framing) First look at newly created VR Worlds before anyone else! A special credit in the application and all previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery:
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $500 or more
    About $500 USD

    1 backer

    PIMP MY FUTURE PACKAGE: A approved custom virtual 3D costume element for example a special hat or mask, designed from your special request, and all previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery:
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more
    About $1,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (100 left of 100)

    I WISH I LIVED IN VIRTUAL HEAVEN PACKAGE: An original custom virtual 3D set of your choosing for example: perhaps you want your own underwater hotel room? A moon base? A special princess room? Your wish will be granted by a legendary film effects artist!

    Estimated delivery:
  8. Select this reward

    Pledge $5,000 or more
    About $5,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (10 left of 10)

    I WISH THE FUTURE HAPPENED FASTER PACKAGE: Larger original canvas giclee print signed by our artists of art used in the final project, and all previous reward tiers

    Estimated delivery:
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $10,000
    About $10,000 USD

    0 backers Limited (5 left of 5)

    YOUR WISH IS OUR COMMAND PACKAGE: Your own custom virtual world exclusive to you, Red Carpet power lunch with the developers at Universal Studios Hollywood "Smart Stage" with a special DVD video of you in your own Virtual set! (you are responsible for your own transportation to the event) a permanent special producer credit for life in the app in all future versions of the application and all previous reward tiers.

    Estimated delivery:

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