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A guide to the most essential part of any tabletop RPG, the Tavern. Whether you're here to drink, fight or talk quests it has it all!
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It's become a stereotypical starting point for many campaigns and most (if not all) of us have had some great moments within a Tavern or two in our worlds. Like most players, my first campaign began in a tavern, ours was called The Quill and Tankard; it was a memorable experience for us and the tavern played a big part in our campaign and became a frequently visited location. 

We are big fans of a good tavern and we love that it acts as a melting pot for all manor of creatures and characters to meet, drink and be merry. We designed this guide to make it easier for DMs/GMs to drop a great tavern in any location/situation when necessary. 

This campaign was inspired by kickstarters All in 1 challenge, the campaign will only run for 1 week! It has only 1 reward level! It only costs £1 and its a digital reward (1's and 0's challenge).

The Tavern Companion includes:

  • A list of 25 Tavern names with heaps of flavour text; designed to be dropped into any game, anywhere. Ensuring that no Dm/Gm can get caught off guard by players deciding to swing by a tavern in an uncharted part of the world. 
  • A series of 100 quest hooks and rumours that can be heard within any Tavern. Perfect for sidequesting or distracting unsuspecting PC's away from their main objectives. This can be used as a D100 table of Tavern noise and hubbub or use it to drum up some minor story arcs and side quests. 
  • Ten fully fleshed out rough and ready NPC's complete with flaws and quirky personalities itching to meet your players! This comprises a list of bar staff, bards and patrons to fill your taverns with character!
  • What's a Tavern without a fully stocked bar? We've thrown in a list of fine beverages from hearty dwarves ale to delicate elven wines complete with price lists. The highly trained, self taught innkeepers and bar staff will recommend your players the finest tipple to accompany their next quest. 


Everyone that backs this project will be acknowledged in the credits section of the book, you can also be credited as a 'Contributor' when you purchase any of the add on rewards! (see below) If you don't wish to receive any of the add on rewards but want to pledge more than £1 anyway you will be credited with a 'special thanks' in the book. 

Some Questions

  • Why is it so cheap?

We love to write and produce gaming content, we've written quests and contributed to many other projects but this will be our fist independent publication. 

We want to show people what we can do so we are offering this as an example of what we can provide and to show everyone how passionate we are about our craft! 

If you feel that the reward is worth more than we are asking please feel free to donate more to our cause, it will be greatly appreciated and mean so much to us. If you do decide to pledge more, check out some of the additional rewards you can earn if you do! 

  • What's happening to the profits?

We are a small production company at present with big goals and even bigger dreams, the money pledged with this campaign will be utilised to progress other projects and help improve our business. 

  • What will happen if the project is successfully funded?

A majority of the content is complete: The tavern list, the d100 table, the NPC list and most of the tavern menu. The remainder of the work will be to edit and organise the layout and add in any backer contributions that we receive throughout the campaign. 

Once the Tavern Companion is complete it will be sent directly to you, we are hoping to send the guide at the beginning of June but we have set July as the delivery date as the worst case scenario. 

  • What Size is the Tavern Companion?
The physical size of the PDF will be A4 sized and the document will span around 50-100 pages (dependant on backer submitted content from add on rewards and artwork).

  • Will There be a Physical Copy?
For this campaign the Tavern Companion will only be available as a digital copy, however, in future campaigns we will be offering the physical copy as a reward. We are planning for it to be bound as a hardcover (as pictured in the campaign image). 

Stretch Goals

As its a small project there are only a couple of stretch goals but it could be achieved with your help if you spread the word and share this project!

£750: Ten additional NPCs. Reaching this goal level will mean that we'll throw in an extra ten NPCs for you to talk to, fight with or drink with.

£1000: A separate bar menu for you to print out and give to players during the game!


£1500: Additional artwork will populate the Tavern Companion from our favourite artists! backers will also receive a Tavern related piece of Art for their campaign!

Add on pledge bonuses: 

Fancy seeing your Tavern name in the Tavern guide?

Or how about your characters name as an NPC?

Simply add £1 onto your pledge and you can add your Tavern name or NPC name to the Tavern Companion (add £2 and do both!)

This is a perfect way for anyone to celebrate their groups favourite tavern or perhaps a groups favourite NPC or PC.

Tavern names and NPCs supplied by backers will be added to the existing list, meaning, the more backer contributions to the guide the greater its value!

Tavern Name

Following the completion of this campaign you will be contacted to provide your Tavern name and a short piece of writing on the history of your tavern; why it is important to you and what happens there or what sort of people can be found there. We will then incorporate your favourite Tavern into the book. You will also be credited as a 'Contributor' in the book!

NPC Name

Following the completion of this campaign you will be contacted to provide the name of your chosen NPC. You will then be asked to provide basic information about this character, such as: race, class, appearance, personality traits, flaws. 

If this is a PC in your campaign (or even your PC) let us know! We want to make sure you can really see your character in our book. 

We've had a request for multiple NPC submissions which is more than achievable but we will have to set the maximum number of NPC submissions at 3, however you can now submit 2-3 NPC's for just £2!

The request came from someone that wanted their old group to be hanging out at one of the taverns together! We thought that was awesome! The more story you can provide us with, the better this project will become! 

Additionally, if you have an artwork associated with your character feel free to send it to us and we will incorporate it into the book. You will also be credited as a 'Contributor' in the book!  

You can help support this project and ensuring you get your Tavern Companion by sharing your pledge on twitter! tag us @WisSave and use #Allin1


Risks and challenges

We don't foresee any issues with this project, most of the writing is complete, upon successful funding we will need to complete editing and layout to be able to distribute the project to backers!

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