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Eliminate Distractions. Stay focused. Get Wired In.
Eliminate Distractions. Stay focused. Get Wired In.
Eliminate Distractions. Stay focused. Get Wired In.
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    1. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator 2 days ago

      Alex, send us a DM with the info and double check to see if your backer kit survey is closed.

    2. David Leitko 2 days ago

      No sweat, I'm using the Apple USB-C to USB-B adapter, Model A1632 on a 2017 MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

      I second the suggestion to allow the color cycling, perhaps allow the speed to be slowed down and it would be more subtle/soothing and less distracting -- like if it took a minute to cycle.

      I should also mention that if you are going to use the USPS Priority envelopes you should probably reinforce the sides with some packing tape, mine arrived torn wide open.

    3. Elias Jones 2 days ago

      Thanks for the quick reply and for considering adding the option to switch back to shifting colors feature request (it's actually kind of calming if you're taking a break). On the whole, the unit is a really nice addition to my desk. ;)

    4. Alex Mamut 2 days ago

      So I’ve moved since I filled out the shipping form. How do I update the address?

    5. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator 2 days ago

      Edith, We're working through the custom acrylics. Yours should be coming up for shipment soon.

    6. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator 2 days ago

      Frank, we're working on addressing the hot key issues for Windows. Thank you for testing that latest version out for us.

      Scott, I'm sorry. The In The Zone signs were a huge portion of the the standard acrylics that we mentioned were scratched in the latest update. We're hoping to have them end of next week, and hopefully ship them out soon thereafter.

      David, I'm so sorry. I'm hoping to start testing the Mac app with Mojave. I hadn't installed any of the beta software yet. Sounds like it might be time. The USB-C to USB-A adapter shouldn't impact anything. But if you want to send us info about the model of adapter you're using, I would love to test it out personally.

      Elias, we hadn't built that into the app. The continuously changing colors was designed in to let us know when the electronics had been successfully programmed. We felt like the shifting colors were fun, but more distracting than focusing. We'll consider adding it back in as an option in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

    7. Elias Jones 3 days ago

      I got my USB version today. It's actually pretty slick (lots of compliments from coworkers who also want to know what "Working Magic" means). Is there a way to revert back to the default continuously changing colors? Thanks!

    8. David Leitko 4 days ago

      I was pleasantly surprised to receive my USB version sign with custom text today. The hardware works great! I was not able to get the Mac software to connect to the device, though. But I'm running Mojave and going through a USB-C to USB-B adapter, so who knows where the problem lies. Thanks!

    9. Scott McKay 4 days ago

      Still waiting on mine too. Even downgraded to the USB version. Any updates?

    10. Frank 4 days ago

      Thank you for the new version it works. The hot keys don't work. Am just happy to be able to change the colors and thanks again for the fast response.

    11. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator 4 days ago

      Frank, I’m sending you a DM. We’re trying to track down the cause of the issue. I have a new version for you to test.

    12. Frank 4 days ago

      got my sign today the app for windows crashes when i open it. So its stuck in default changing colors all the time mode.

    13. Brett 6 days ago

      Backerkit shows that my item has been in pre-shippment since May 11th.

    14. Missing avatar

      Edith A Robertson on

      Third time lucky?? Any new when I'll get mine??? Would be nice not to be completely ignored!

    15. Adam Christianson on

      Time for another update maybe? Hey guys, whatever happened after the last setback? Looks like from the comments in here some of the USB signs started shipping, but there might still be some QC issues? It’d be nice to let people know where the project is at every couple months or so. What do you think? At least maybe a quarterly update?

    16. on

      I see two recent responses to people who received their signs (damaged)...but could you possibly respond to people who HAVE NOT RECEIVED their signs? There are a bunch of us commenting here as well.

    17. Frank on

      Am still waiting for mine, Its a wired one.

    18. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      Justin, I'd love to help you. Please message us and we can help resolve the issues. We just double checked the download link and it's working now. Can you try to reinstall and let us know if it still doesn't work?

    19. Justin Dunsworth on

      Finally received mine. The sign part is scratched up and the WiredIn PC application doesn't open at all on three tested computers. The application tries to run and sits in the task runner but never opens. Running Windows 10 but tried on a 7 machine and in compatibility mode and nothing runs.

    20. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      Christopher, why didn't you message us directly? I would have happily sent you a replacement.

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cook on

      I just received my sign yesterday. First off I forgot I even ordered this thing because it took years to ship so I was in awe that it actually arrived. It all works but disappointed because the glass wouldn't fit into the base without one of the base tabs breaking. It's obvious not all units are QC checked.

      Definitely the worst kickstarter project I have ever backed. Makes me think twice about ever backing a kickstarter ever again. Ill just wait for a production purchase in the future.

    22. Teresa S-j on

      At this point, I would like to ask for a refund.

    23. Brett on

      Looks like a few of us still check in...

    24. on

      Backer #171 here. I've completed every BackerKit survey within minutes of receiving it. I've updated/confirmed every request I've ever received instantly. I've switched to whatever model is said to be the one that ships sooner. Basically I've done whatever possible to get this device that I paid for years ago.

      But still NO update on shipping or anything.

      I have progressed through the full range of emotions over the years and I think it's time I just give up. Every time I come back here to check for an update or some actual information I find myself just getting frustrated all over again.

    25. Max Slinger on

      USB sign – No shipping notification. Any ideas? My status is "Shipping Processing". Thanks!

    26. Missing avatar

      Edith A Robertson on

      Me again - I asked on 31st May - and still asking - any news on my order????

    27. Frank on

      am still waiting for my tracking number or any confirmation it shipped

    28. Elias Jones on

      Hi guys – I received a shipping notification on 5/12 (Tracking #: 9405511699000773479136). USPS still lists it as: "Your package is on its way to a USPS facility." Any update?

    29. Missing avatar

      Edith A Robertson on

      Anything happening with my order?

    30. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      Absolutely! If any backer is local, I would love to meet up and hand deliver their sign. Just send me a DM.

    31. Brett on

      Awesome, thanks. I can come pick it up if you want to save on shipping;)

    32. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      The USB orders with an updated address in Backerkit are being packaged into envelopes to be shipped out. If you're one of those backers, you should see an email notifying you that they've shipped soon. We're excited for you to receive them.

    33. Brett on

      What's the latest word?

    34. Missing avatar

      K on

      What a mess.

    35. Brett on

      Agreed, where is the update... they got my hopes up...

    36. KG Mosley on

      Survey closed a month ago and no additional updates on shipping?!?!?

    37. on

      Even the survey portion of this project is a disaster. I received my backerkit survey WEEKS ago and completed it immediately. Now just this morning I receive a notification saying it's I go through it again just the same and get yet another confirmation that it's complete.

      Worth noting that I entered custom text in the 'Add-on' section yet my confirmation states 'no add-ons selected'. Why on earth would custom text be considered an add-on when it's part of the product itself?!

      I will not be surprised at all if I receive my sign in another year and it says "WIRED IN" as opposed to the text I specified.

      Just wake me when this is over.

    38. Frank on

      I did-int see a matte black in the options when I was doing the survey.

    39. Brian Kircher on

      Missed the deadline for surveys and it's locked down. I'd simply like to select the Matte Black and choose custom text for the second (addtl) sign I paid for. Any way to do this?

    40. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      Another important reminder: If you didn’t receive a survey email, you can recover your survey at this link:

    41. Missing avatar

      Peter Chu on

      @creator: I backed the 1 Bluetooth with custom text.

      I thought you are only delivering the USB version and the Bluetooth will be later. But how come I am getting the survey now as well?

      Should I just take the USB and get the refund in difference? Is that an option?

    42. Brett on

      I am also stuck in the survey on question 2, it will not recognize my answer.

    43. Alex Mamut on

      When I backed the project I got the custom text on my sign yet when I fill out the survey I can not choose custom text. It's making me add custom text as an additional package, for extra money, at the end. Why isn't custom text included in my backing?

      My package:
      FULLY WIRED IN - 1 Current Pilot Version (Shipping Immediately), 1 Bluetooth Wired In Sign with Custom Text (Shipping November), Wired In T-Shirt & Stickers so you can make sure everyone knows you are Wired In. (2 signs total)

    44. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      If you have specific questions about the survey send us direct messages on Kickstarter and we can do our best to answer them or get BackerKit support involved.

    45. Missing avatar

      Michelle on

      stuck on the same step as Edith...

    46. Missing avatar

      Edith A Robertson on

      I am completely confused by the survey. I want custom text, but what is "custom vector image"? Skipped question as had already selected custom text - but questionnaire won't allow me to go further in survey. What do I need to do?

    47. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      We are working on the surveys, getting the black/silver options and the change from Bluetooth to USB was more work that we expected. The surveys will go out very soon.

    48. Frank on

      when will the surveys going out?

    49. Josh Howland, Caleb Hicks, Andrew Madsen Creator on

      We finally have all our parts delivered. It took a couple weeks longer than we expected. We should have an update and survey going out later this week. Thank you so much for your support and patience.

    50. Matthew Schnee on

      I haven't seen the final survey, expected by Christmas yet. I've moved twice since I originally backed and I'd like to make sure that information is up to date ;)

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