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Update #16

Android App Beta is Available!


We've got a few more important updates to share this week..

First of all, the Android Version of Wildflowers of Detroit is finally in the Android store!  This one gave us a bit of headache getting out, hence it coming a full month behind the iPhone version.  If you are an Android user, keep in mind that this is a Beta release, so while it's working well over here, there could be unexpected bugs. If you run into bugs please don't hesitate to report them back to us, and we'll fix them right up.

Next, we're going to be transitioning our updates to our new email list.  We've made a lot of new friends, but not all backed the project originally so we need a forum that can include new folks and also allow the community to give feedback and discuss.  Sign up here:   We'll still update the kickstarter blog for the next few months, but if you want in on the real action get on the email list!

Also we've been noticing datapoints showing up from folks in the D.  Check out some nice pictures from user Kirsten of the Green Alley behind Motor City Brewery!  Let's keep those pictures flowing and fill out the database so we can have a nice look at change across the seasons at the end of the year.

For those interested in the open source part of this project, we now have a wiki up at that gives you more details and has links to our githubs.  We're definitely looking for more collaborates at this time - either in terms of new uses of the software or contributors to building features into the open source projects themselves.  If you AREN'T in Detroit but would like to be involved in fun projects that test the software itself, contact us directly and we can send you some files.

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    Every dollar counts. Everyone who contributes will get their name listed in the credits section the website and in the mobile apps we create.

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    The above + A limited edition zine containing pictures and details of 25 of the most common flowers of Detroit, an effective identification guide for Southeastern Michiganders in the field or an informative micro-fieldbook for national and international friends.

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    All above + Spread the word in style - $50 gets you one Wildflowers of Detroit silkscreened tshirt! Original artwork by Gwen McKay:

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    All above + 3 handmade recycled paper, hand silk screened, seed embedded postcards. Send a special message to your friend, and then they can plant it! Postcards look like this:

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    All above + Receive an embroidered WinterRoot hoodie, letting everyone know that you are part of the team. Left breast reads 'WinterRoot - Vision Tech for Counter Tech' and is embroidered in electric turquoise thread. Check the layout here:

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    Love this idea?!?!!!!?????!!? Take the plunge and donate $1,000 or more and we will implement a sister project based in YOUR town / city / global village. We will provide mobile apps, MMS service, and a custom website including unlimited hosting forever. Help us help you show everyone the value of the wild spaces, nooks and crannies, all around us. (and yes for anyone willing to take it this far, you'll get all the above rewards as well)

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