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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Pre-Alpha v0.04 is Released! (DOH!)

A major bug was found by some awesome Backers almost as soon as we launched v0.03 so v0.04 is out way ahead of schedule! 

Everyone should have gotten the links now. Sorry about that everyone, welcome to software development, work's never done. :)

Yogventures Pre-Alpha v0.03 is released! :)

Hi everyone, Pre-Alpha v0.03 is released!

One step closer to getting to the Alpha release. :)

Pre-Alpha v.02 is Released!

Hello Everyone,

We're happy to announce that Yogventures! Pre-Alpha v0.2 has been released to the "Founders" level backers. This update fixes a fair few of the bugs already reported to us by the players. There is a long way to go with the development of this game but we're very happy to have the assistance of the backers to help us identify and prioritize the bugs! This is exactly how we'd hoped the interactions would go, we'll release a version, you the backers test it and report back to us what bugs you find and what you like and dislike about the game, then we go back and keep making changes and improvements until it gets finished!

Again we can't thank you all enough and we're now working hard on fixing bugs and adding Alpha version features. The two main features we want to have finished for Alpha is:
Character Customization and Non-Cube blocks. When we have those two features in and as bug free as possible we'll release Alpha. We can't honestly predict how long that is going to take yet but soon as we have progress to show on both fronts we'll make another update and video. 

In the mean time please enjoy our 8th Video Log for Yogventures Pre-Alpha v0.2! and thanks again for all your help, without the backers NONE of this would be possible, so Thanks!

ONE FINAL NOTE! The download links are in "The Cloud" and sometimes some servers don't update right away, if you download the link and you end up with the same v0.01 then please wait about 1/2 hour and then try the links again. The cloud service tells us that should be enough time to make sure all the servers get up to date files. Sorry / Thanks!

Pre-Alpha is released!

Hello everyone!

We're happy to announce that all of the links to the pre-alpha and above backers have been sent out and so Founders level backers should be able to download and play the game now!

We are really thankful to all of our backers for helping make Yogventures! possible and hope that you will enjoy this very early glimpse into the production of the game. There isn't a lot finished yet, as you are all about to find out! However, hopefully everyone will be able to see the potential of where this game is heading and how much fun it will be when we get all the bugs fixed and features in. That day is a long way off! This is like a 10 min sketch of month long painting, so we fully expect there to be a lot of questions and concerns. However, that's what this process is all about! It's about letting the backers see how this game comes along "Warts and All" we're hoping that you will enjoy this Pre-Alpha but if you don't, then we're hoping having this opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns will help us all make the game that much better! Please send all your thoughts and bugs to us using this form:

Also, If you haven't received your invite and you ARE a backer of $60 or more please send and email to the address below and we'll get it sorted.

So, there you go everyone, Pre-Alpha is out and we're moving forward to the next step, Alpha. To get Alpha out we'll first have to finish the aspects of the engine that need work, mainly the speed and memory of the terrain is far too slow and large respectively. Then when those items are tackled we'll continue on with Character Customization and the rest of the Alpha features. We'll post after the new year when we will hopefully have some new time tables and a new estimated release date based on the feedback and progress we make during this Pre-Alpha Stage.

All that's left is to wish everyone a Happy Holidays! and say once again, Thanks SO much for all your help and support we literally couldn't do any of this without you!

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Project GODUS; A very worthy game on Kickstarter could really use your support!

Hi everyone!

Peter Molyneux and his fellow geniuses at 22cans are running a kickstarter campaign over at:

And to me it looks amazing!! Everyone, please if you have a bit of spare monies and you like awesome god games by the master of the genre! Please please go and give em you support!

I do sincerely apologize to people that I have wronged by this unsolicited spam. . . My intentions were pure I swear! Just trying to help a fellow developer, didn't mean any offence. Again, sincerely I'm very sorry. 

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