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Yogventures! is an open world sandbox adventure game featuring characters developed by Simon and Lewis of The Yogscast!
13,647 backers pledged $567,665 to help bring this project to life.

Beta Begins Now!!

Posted by Winterkewl Games LLC (Creator)

Hello Everyone!

We're happy to announce that the beta version of Yogventures has now been released! Finally, everyone that has pledged their support to the game will be able to play it and get a sense for where we're at and help us chart the way to where we're going in the future.

We could not thank each and every one of you for this opportunity. This is only the beginning, this is very much an early beta and we are dedicated to continuing developing Yogventures! for as long as it takes to create the best open world, build, play, share your own adventure game and with your help we are positive that we can!

Please head over to and sign up for an account on their forums. We're going to continue posting updates as often as possible and we are definitely reading all of the threads taking the best ideas and putting them into the game as fast as we can. 

Again, this is only the start of something really great and we can't thank you all enough for this opportunity. You have truly kickstarted Yogventures! You've given it the chance that no one else would and from here we will all work even harder to make it the best it possibly can be. In the end we will all have mighty epic adventures and we at Winterkewl Games and The Yogscast are excited to get started!

Until next time, Thanks everyone, for everything! 


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    1. Missing avatar

      A7GAMER on

      @Gabriel not only you...

      they game is unstable and unplayable. for me I don't care if they are working on the project, improving, getting somewhere.

      they gave a us unplayable game, and some didn't get it. and left it as it is.

    2. Missing avatar

      A7GAMER on

      I like sandbox games... like minecraft

      when I saw there are making a game more realistic i said wow... let's fund this...

      after a while I saw this game! TUG

      then again wow... Funded... TUG is making more progress then Yogventures!
      I swear everytime I leave the game and come back to it... it's a mile from it was...

      what about Yogventures? Still in the same spot

      how many person is working on this Yogventures project? does they has someone pushing them to work... ? or they work whenever they feel like it?

      Time is money ... I earned this money! I gave you my money/time... I expect results !

    3. Timmo Warner on

      @Lion Winterkewl Games are not famous YouTubers.

    4. Missing avatar

      Lion on

      2 years late on delivery and 1 year since any update.

      So it turns out these people are thieves.

      I advise people to go into their youtube channel and make it clear they are thieves if you want them to acknowledge the fact that they owe us a finished product or our money back.

      They are "famous youtubers" so they should have plenty of money to hand out the refunds we all deserve.

    5. vIQleS on

      The only download link I have is for the alpha. I've tried downloading it again and its still the same game. I don't see any evidence of any changes.

      When the fuck do we get something?

      Or any goddamn updates?

    6. James on

      Have it in my humble store account but no download?

    7. Byron on

      Anyone who was questioning download links you should of been emailed them when first released.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joel Tucker on

      I am disappointed in how much I've actually received for backing this project. not only is it over a year overdue, even when it was announced that i should be able to get what i was promised, i was given no download link or any instruction on how to get access to the game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Syine on

      Where do I download??????

    10. Missing avatar

      bleepbloorp on

      A friend of mine has her $15 pledge in her Humble store account, and I don't. How can I fix this?

    11. Missing avatar

      Dracoshroob on

      I pledged 15 and I never got anything for the closed beta

    12. Missing avatar

      Gabriel on

      idk if im the only one with this problem but the game is so laggy its unplayable and the input lag is really high too. id love to play this game but there are no settings to lower graphics and whatnot i set the world to limited so it wouldn't continue to generate and its still extremely slow does anyone have some tips for me? my os is vista 64 amd phenom X3 processor and ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics

    13. Faithfeather on

      for all of those crying about not getting a earlier access, it has been sent to you. Gotta check spam and such :-/ enough whining... geez the people of the internet

    14. Missing avatar

      elemnos on

      I pledged 30$, and there was supposed to be CLOSED beta.. now it says its OPEN beta and this isnt even an alpha... i want a refund.. this isnt worth 30 pesos.

    15. Missing avatar

      amanda on

      I pledged $15 but never got the download for the game sent to my email. Where do I find that?

    16. Linnea on

      I pledged more than $30 how will I be able to give my friend the beta?

    17. Missing avatar

      Emma Hong on

      The only problem I'm having is that well I can't play. LOL. It gets stuck at the loading screen.

    18. Trent Blackburn on

      How do you equip Bombs? I can't knock down these Trees. Also, when will I be getting my second code? (I paid 60)

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Munson on

      Tried sending a PM to MintyMinute as instructed but can't because you must have posted 5 times or more in the forums to send a PM.

      Is there a valid way to get access this game for backers. I'm not posting in forums for no reason.

    20. Adam Truncale on

      I can't log in to the game :(

    21. Missing avatar

      Lion on

      Why does every single link say alpha if this is the beta?

    22. Missing avatar

      Erkul_Silentread on

      Where's my poster already!

    23. Taylor on

      its a little laggy but that's my only complaint i have lowered the res and even tried the other versions but its in beta so its not really a problem

    24. Sam 'Triple S' Shepherd on

      Looking pretty good though since it's in Beta I know it's not gonna be perfect, only issues I had was how intensely the game ran even when in 640x480 with graphics at Fastest so optimisation might be an issue and I didn't know the controls and I was only able to open the side menu things once then couldn't figure out how to do it again